Pirates Notes: Jaso and Locke First Impressions, McCutchen Stealing More?

BRADENTON, Fl. – Over the offseason, Pirate fans have been quite concerned over two essential areas in the lineup: starting pitching and first base. Wednesday afternoon’s Spring Training game at McKechnie Field didn’t do much to calm those fears, as both Jeff Locke and John Jaso struggled at each of their positions.

Locke, who has been working on a simplified delivery, found himself in trouble from the get-go, allowing the first four batters to reach — single, double, single, and HBP. Locke gave up six hard hit balls total in the first, with two doubles and two singles. The wind was blowing pretty hard out to right field; however, he gave up some very hard hit balls.

Locke was able to get out of the second by only allowing a walk in the inning.

When asked about his performance with regards to the new delivery, Jeff Locke did not hesitate to remind everyone that it is only Spring Training and the first time with the new approach.

“I love it,” Locke said of his delivery. “I know that the results say a different thing, but I feel so much better on the mound. I feel like I can throw the ball on both sides of the plate. We had some pitches that were left up today, but that’s going to happen.”

Locke worked primarily with his fastball today, adding in a few change ups and a curveball in the dirt.

“Everything felt really good,” Locke added. “I really do like the delivery, but it’s one of those things that you have to look past the results. You have to look past all of that stuff.”

Manager Clint Hurdle was encouraged by Locke’s demeanor on the mound, even when things didn’t seem to be going his way.

“I just like the way he kept making pitches,” Hurdle said. “You didn’t see any negative body language. That’s one of the things we talk about as a group. The one thing you can always dominate are your emotions and just make the pitch. If you don’t make the pitch, you don’t make it. What’s your next opportunity and your next pitch to make? He was more up than down in the zone in the first inning, and he was better in the second inning. I liked the way he kept his focus, though, in the first.”

In John Jaso’s case, his troubles came in the field. In the first, Locke chose correctly on a pickoff attempt and caught the runner stealing, only for Jaso’s throw to second to end up in left field after short hopping the bag. Jaso also made an unassisted play to the bag interesting by hesitating with his choice to toss to Locke covering or take it himself. Jaso ended up beating the runner to the bag by half a step.

In the top of the second, Locke induced a double play ball to second, only to have Pedro Florimon’s throw from the bag go underneath Jaso’s glove at first. The ball didn’t appear to be in the dirt; rather, it just looked like Jaso misjudged the throw.

These two innings definitely show that Jaso has a lot of work to do this spring to get ready for Opening Day on April 3rd. You can chalk up some of these mistakes as nerves and newness, as long as they don’t continue as March rolls along. As I watched his footwork around the bag on throws to first, he looked comfortable as long as the ball was well in the air.

“It’s good to be out there,” Jaso said after the game. “I had a few mishaps, but the confidence is still there. It was the first Spring Training game, and we’ve got a lot more to go through before the season starts. It’s just a few new things to see out there when the game is actually happening, and you actually have runners moving around the bases. It’s great to play defense again.”

Jaso says that the more repetition he can get at first, the better off he will be.

“You gotta do your reps and everything,” Jaso said. “Seeing how things work with runners going, processing the play out on the field as it’s happening like backing up people, it’s processing all of that stuff. If you play a few games, then everything just begins to happen. Catching was just nice and easy for me, because I’ve been doing it for a long time. I just need reps [at first base]. I’m just going to work hard and have fun.”


Going into this Spring Training, Clint Hurdle and the Pirates made it well-known that they wanted to prepare better in March for games in April.  In 2014, their record was 9-16 in April, and in 2015, they were 12-10 in April but were 18-22 on May 20th.

This spring, they wanted to try to ramp things up as early as possible to hopefully avoid those hiccups that they have become accustomed to early in the season. One very evident way that they are doing that is by being more aggressive on the base paths in these early spring games. Typically, you wouldn’t see MLB starters, let alone All-Stars, trying to steal a base early in Spring Training. That was not the case for Andrew McCutchen in the first inning of their game this afternoon, as he attempted and was caught stealing on an attempt at second.

McCutchen was joined by Josh Bell (stolen base) and Alen Hanson (caught stealing on a ball-in-the-dirt delayed attempt) as players who took off before the lineup rolled over once.

When asked if the team is making an effort to utilize the running game early in the spring, Clint Hurdle agreed that they want to get out and running early.

“When we have the opportunity and the personnel out there, as well as some situations with different counts and some other guys like Josh Bell today, we’re looking for some action,” said Hurdle after the game.

Andrew McCutchen, in particular, is one of those players that they are trying to get more action with on the bases.

“The only way you’re going to learn is by going,” said McCutchen. “You can’t go into Spring Training and never go, then once the season starts, you just turn it on. I’m going to work on my jumps, and when I get the opportunity this spring, that’s what I’m going to do. That’s what I’m trying to do. Just get my work in. Get a little more comfortable out there. I know my numbers have been down over the past couple of years due to a lot of things, but that’s the game plan.”

Situations such as batting order and injuries have slowed down McCutchen’s running game over the past couple of years (more than 30 attempts every year before 2014, 21 attempts in 2014, then only 16 attempts in 2015), but he feels like he is finally healthy and ready to attempt more stolen bases this year.

“I began my career hitting in the one hole, so of course that changes the situation,” said McCutchen. “I get in the three hole, and opportunities are a little different. A lot of situations change and dictate whether you go or not. There were a few things that held me back. One year I was doing well then shut down by the rib injury. There’s a lot of different things that happened, but I’m back, feeling pretty good, and I’ve just got to go out there and do it. The only way I’m going to get better is to keep doing it.”

Clint Hurdle said that he “was very encouraged that he got up and running right away today.”

“He’s another guy we can look to for more action on the bases.”


By Tim Williams

**I was over at Pirate City this morning for the second day of workouts. I don’t have as much as yesterday in terms of notes and photos, since most of my day was spent getting interviews (Ke’Bryan Hayes, Connor Joe), taking video for articles we have coming out this week, and not having access to the bullpen sessions. For the latter situation, they had a lot of guys throwing today, and none of them were in the front bullpen (the back bullpen doesn’t have media access). So it was more of a work day. I did get this video of 2015 second round pick Kevin Kramer in the cages.

I also got a few photos for the site, including this photo of Kramer and 2015 first round pick Kevin Newman practicing turning a double play.

Kevin Newman Kevin Kramer

There is one note of relevance, and that’s an update on Cole Tucker. He’s still not making throws to first base, but seems to be hitting well in the cages, even from the left side, and continues taking grounders. Here was a nice shot from today:

Cole Tucker 3216

I’ll have the rest of today’s content throughout the week when we release articles, and hopefully there will be more notes from tomorrow’s practice.

**Here is the lineup for tomorrow’s game against the Blue Jays. Doc Emrick will be on the radio broadcast tomorrow.

#Pirates lineup for tomorrow’s game against the Blue Jays.

A photo posted by Pirates Prospects (@piratesprospects) on

**Daniel Bard was one of the extra pitchers who came over from minor league camp today, and was used for the final out in the ninth inning, getting a pop out to second base. Bard has no shot to make the club, since he didn’t receive an invite to big league camp. However, he might be an interesting guy to follow throughout the season, especially if the Pirates can get him back to being anything close to what he was several years ago.

“He’s a guy we were able to do some work with at mini-camp, and he’s continued to work on things to work his way back,” Clint Hurdle said after the game. “For those of us who have seen him pitch five or six years ago, the game was short for the Red Sox back then when he was on his game. He’s got some challenges in front of him. He’s in a very good place mentally. We’ve had him up earlier in the game, so we’ll continue to look for some opportunities to get him in and create some traction. That might be one of the nice wins we walked away with at the end of the day today – getting him in, getting an out, and moving him forward.”

This was the second day in a row that Bard was called over to big league camp. That’s not a good sign for most guys, as it means they’re not getting regular work at minor league camp. In this case, I wouldn’t be surprised if Bard continues to get more work when he’s called over to McKechnie from Pirate City.




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Looks like the Bucs are preparing Rogers to start the season at 3B if Kang isn’t ready to go. I hope Rogers doesn’t just end up on the bench when Kang returns. He’s reportedly a competent first baseman and we traded a lot for him. Would like to see the Bucs give him a shot if his spring performance warrants it. It’s amazing to me that a major league club’s first option at 1B would be a guy who has never played the position. And although Rogers has about 110 games under his belt at 3B (many more at 1B) they are putting him at 3B. Seems topsy-turvy to me.

michael t

If Jaso keeps booting balls at the rate of one per inning you will see Rogers over there within two weeks……or Morneau should get a call.


I’d rather it be Hansen at second and Harrison at third. I think that is closer to what they would do if Kang isn’t ready. Then if Morse keeps clubbing the ball like he has been doing, maybe he can play first and then bring up Josh Bell in June.

michael t

Frank Coonelly’s interviews insult the intelligence of any Pirate fan with a knowledge of the payroll, MLB revenues, free agents, and his own past public statements. I realize we are in the presidential political cycle where misleading sound bites are all the rage, but some of the drivel that he spews out is hard to take. Like a politician, it seems crafted to be quoted for distribution to the adoring masses.
I think it is great they won 98 games last year. However, I hope we never hear one word about the “Golden State” plan of resting starters no matter how important the game. My fear is we may not even come close this year, and a title was there to be taken last year.
The fact is the Pirates did not do the best they could under their financial model to field the best team possible this year. Winning 98 last year does not earn them a year off.

Tim Wynn

Did you expect them to win 98 games last year?

Better yet did you expect them to win 94, 88 and 98 respectively? I didn’t .

Do you expect them to win 90+ this year? I don’t, but I won’t be surprised if they do.

michael t

And your point is………? The 98 win club has been partially dismantled and the payroll is 23rd in the league.

Tim Wynn

I don’t know what their payroll ranking was over the past 3 and frankly I don’t care.

Teams are partially dismantled frequently. What’s your point other than Nutting is cheap, a tag that was adhered to him during the last three seasons.

michael t

You seem to have completely missed the point….the CEO of the Pirates publicly stated that the Pirates are doing their best to field a winner this year. That is not true….and it fits a constant pattern of BS and doublespeak from him.

Tim Wynn

When he bought the team and brought in FC and NH, that it was his and their objective to field a championship caliber ball club. I’m not surprised that he says it annually.

I guess I’ll just wait to allow the season to play out. If they end up sucking, I won’t throw in the towel.

Will you be happy if they suck? If so, why?

michael t

Take a break…I’ve been a fan through three home baseball parks. You are getting into the zone of a crank.

Luke S

Why people listen to Frank at all is the truly silly part.

Yes, Frank gives stock answers. Its his job, particularly since he’s poor at speaking off the cuff and no one wants him just spouting off. Save yourself the indignation and just ignore him totally. Its boring that he gives stock answers, but it’d be embarrassing as a franchise for him to also go “you got me, we whiffed on a few guys and who knows from here on out”.

Frank is Frank, pretending he isnt there works wonders. He usually obliges by acting invisible 90% of the year.

michael t

I guess its the suit, the title, the make up and the platitudes that are hard to ignore. Maybe he is great in the board room with Bob, and I should just tune him out or enjoy him as a form of comic relief. You may be on to something Luke. I will try to seek entertainment and mirth from his performances. Stop getting upset…just laugh. I like it.

Luke S

I guarantee everything he says is scripted and its for a purpose. He’s the last guy you want speaking on behalf of the organization due to his awful ability to speak well on complex situations.

Im sure he’s fine at key parts of his job, but that guy and a camera is a nightmare for the organization if he aint scripted.

michael t

He reminds me of a presidential press secretary or a SVP of HR announcing a restructuring….stick to the message and get through the briefing.


There is a simple solution to your problem. Go follow another team.

Zachary F

According to Frank Coonelly, the Pirates are “doing everything [they] can to put a winning team on the field.” After a 98 win season, the Pirates accomplished their goals by: (1) shipping off Morton for a bag of baseballs, (2) solidifying the back end of their rotation with Locke and Vogelsong—highly sought after targets in their local men’s beer leagues, and (3) bringing in a catcher to play first base. Despite the importance of the position, I can understand the Pirates not wanting to enter into a reasonable extension with Cervelli considering all of the FA cash they spent in the off-season to upgrade this roster.

The Pirates propaganda machine is fully operational….


Uh, do you mean the same Charlie Morton everyone watched get hammered from June through September last season ? The same Charlie Morton every one just like you bitched and moaned about constantly ?

Zachary F

Obviously, Chuck was very inconsistent during his tenure with the Pirates. However, it would be nice to a have another major league arm, like Morton, to compete for the 4/5 starter role. Its not like Nutting used that 7 million elsewhere….

Scott K

Well considering every Spring since this management team was put in place we’ve read comments similar in nature to yours, yet somehow they’ve become one of the winningest teams in MLB while still having a loaded farm system, I’d say there’s a disconnect between your view and reality.

But that’s just my opinion.

Zachary F

The current rotation is the worst rotation they have had in years.

Luke S

Current rotation has the ability to be the worst they have had in years, for sure.

But lets at least wait a month of actual games before we state that as fact. Fair to be upset with the offseason, fair to question if the back end can hold up, but “worst rotation” has been said too often based on knee jerk reactions.

We too often have this same discussion with different names thrown in. This may flame out and it wouldnt shock anyone, but we arent there yet.


Do you really think the response to Zach’s comment would be any different if he inserted “projects to be” instead of “is”?

And again, all these pitchers are most certainly not equivalent. The GM himself has said as much.

Isn’t there room for any more nuanced conversation than “these guys suck/are cheap” and “that’s stupid, they just won 98 games, just wait”?

Luke S

Yup, and we dont get it from comments like “this is the worst rotation in years” and phrases like “Pirates propaganda machine.”

We absolutely can and should have more nuanced discussions about this, but you cant start it like he did and expect anything but flame throwing from both sides extreme. 98 wins is just as boring as half of what he said.

Zachary F

So now my comments are “boring” and you are the one complaining about flame throwing…

Luke S

I think the type of comments like the ones you made do nothing to actually discuss the issue and end up serving the purpose of starting a fight as opposed to a discussion. If you want to be offended, your call thats not my intent. But it is boring to see the same stuff get argued over and over.

People say that stuff enough that it is boring, because all it does is end in a flamewar. Crap like “propaganda machine” or “98 wins and you complain?” are different ends of a spectrum where the rational part of the discussion almost always ends. We can argue about this offseason, Vogelsong, S Rod, and what the plan was without all that propaganda and payroll crap.

We can have a great argument with differing views about why/how the offseason didnt go how you or i or another person wanted, but once we start seeing the “typical cheap Pirates” or “just trust them” it spirals out.

Zachary F

I am not offended, just messing around. I just can’t understand how a rational fan can support Nutting’s ownership of this team. Just imagine if we would have signed Volquez to the 2 year/ $20mm deal he got in FA before last season. We probably win the division. Instead, we had Morton and Locke pitch every 4th and 5th day and got off to a slow start.

Huntington and Hurdle have done wonderful jobs operating within Nutting’s bargain-basement budget.

Luke S

We already had this discussion on here about a billion times, and you prove my point of how this is pointless. Its not about discussing the offseason, but about how the offseason=sale the team. This clearly isnt about anything but discussing Nutting is cheap. Thats what DK’s site if for.

Scott Kliesen

How do you know? Not a one of them has pitches a game yet because it’s only March 3rd!

Take this however you want, but I trust NH’s opinion more than yours.

Eric Marshall

Nicely said Scott. Almost every move this front office has made has been panned by the same people. you name it… Liriano, AJ, JA etc… the we can and should do more and nutting won’t spend to put a competitive team onto the field crowd will never be satisfied.

Eric Marshall

is that you DK? Looks like the whining never stops even with successful seasons and very competitive roster and minor leagues.

Zachary F

Are you referring to Dejan? Am I not allowed to be critical of a dumpster fire off-season just because the Pirates were successful in the regular season the last 2 seasons?

The Pirates—based mainly on financial considerations—straight-up punted the 2016 season in favor of 2017. Please tell me that you are not that obtuse.

Locke and Vogelsong will be the catalyst behind the Pirates slow start this year. If we make the playoffs, it will be in spite of Nutting.

Tell Franky and Bobo I said hello next time you are skiing together at the Springs.


Hey, there’s no guarantee they are going to even spend any money in 2017. I think you are being too optimistic.

Eric Marshall

Each year the story stays the same. Cry, complain and moan… Is anyone happy with Vogelsong as 5? I know i am not but let’s see how he does before we say the season is doomed. Locke is not a great pitcher but he is not a bad 4th or 5th starter. Again, you are probably part of the crowd that believe the Pirates should have 5 #1 or #2 starters. Sorry to break it to you but they do have limitations and I am extremely excited to see the guys break out and into the majors this year. Will they be better than 98… that would sure be hard to do even if they spend 200M on payroll this year.


Honest question…have you guys considered the shelf life of this argument?

The Pittsburgh Pirates will not continually put up 90-win teams. Nobody will. This is a fact.

When folks started (rightfully) complaining earlier in the offseason, the response was “just wait, they know what they’re doing, there’s still time left”. Then nothing happened, and that reasoning failed.

What is so wrong with discussing something on it’s individual merit? How freaking boring would this be if all we did was slap each other on the back and say “good job, just wait” no matter what? Are there no bounds to this?

Eric Marshall

Funny you talk about shelf life. The Nutting doesn’t spend and the management team doesn’t do enough lost it’s shelf life two years ago but yet you continue to run it out there all day everyday and twice on friday’s.



You most certainly have not read me say that *once*, let alone all the time. All my comments are right there in my profile, have at it. I’ll wait.

Tim Wynn

The point is that the “Nutting didnt do enough ” crowd has and will continue to peddle that narrative for years to come with no expiration date on it, but you criticize people who believe that the FO has earned it’s stripes and gives them the benefit of the doubt.


You just showed up a week ago and have some weird, awkward hard on for me.

You have absolutely no idea who I am or what I think. You don’t know that I’ve vigorously defended the Huntington Front Office from the start. You weren’t around in the “pro vs anti” days to see that I’m clearly on Huntington’s side. You didn’t see me defend the Burnett, Liriano, Volquez, and Martin acquisitions based on legitimate reasons that were discussed at the time.

So grow up and move along, because I have zero to learn from you and this little infatuation of yours is approaching stalker territory. Quit responding to me unless you enjoy talking to a wall.

Eric Marshall

Appreciate the response NMR. Much of what you say is thought provoking. But let’s not pretend that Tim Wynn is not the first, second, third, fourth… yada, yada, yada… person to say you deride, belittle and talk down to people who don’t agree with your opinion. My comment above was more general and shouldn’t have been just generally directed towards you 100%. The feeling i have been getting from you this offseason though has been “the front office didn’t do enough, nutting could have spent more or done better and they made several mistakes. That pretty much aligns to what i said but that hasn’t always been the case with you.


Yeah, I own that and apologize to guys like you who I truly do enjoy conversing with. This platform isn’t one conducive to tone and nuance, and I admittedly don’t have the patience to add some when needed. I’ve said it many times before, but these conversations would have many more laughs and many less arguments if we were sitting around a bar sharing beers.

If I come off as short or dismissive *without be provoked* then I promise it isn’t intentional. I truly get value out of disagreements and have learned far more than I otherwise would’ve in this manner. Regardless, I can appreciate that some folks may not agree and hope they never take any of this personally.

As for this offseason specifically, you’re absolutely correct. If the goal was to win the Division as was immediately stated after once again being relegated to the Wild Card game, they most certainly could’ve done more without “selling the farm” or “handcuffing future budgets”. That being said, I’ve also praised them for adapting by targeting bullpen options once it became clear their rotation would be inadequate, and for allowing plenty of room to break in many prospects at once instead of spreading the potential pain out over many seasons. I find it patronizing to praise something I don’t agree with, but that doesn’t mean I believe I’m always correct.

Tim Wynn

I know who you are and what you say.
If you took the time to read my responses to you, which I’m sure you have, you would have noticed that I said that make some very valid points.
My problem with you is that you deride and belittle those who have a different opinion from you. There’s absolutely no reason to be a douchebag when disagreeing with someone, regardless of your frustration levels .

I’m sure you won’t learn anything from me or others because you think you’re intellectually superior. Newsflash , you’re not.

Why don’t you seek some introspection. It’ll benefit you in all aspects of your life.

Tim Wynn

There’s way more of the “Pirates ownership/management didn’t do enough” club, slapping each other on the back, then there are in the “let the season play out” club.

No one is talking about them winning 90+ every year. This is a fact.
The fact that they’ve won 90+ 2 out of the 3 years can not be dismissed either, and that being a byproduct of the FO not doing all it can.

Tim Wynn

Basically we’ve heard from Pirate fans over the last 3 seasons that the front office hasn’t done enough , based off those same financial considerations, but in spite of Nutting they’ve made the playoffs each of those seasons.


But his point was fair, if not belabored.

Why? Why does Coonelly need to blow smoke up people’s asses when it’s plainly obvious that the Pirates most certainly did not do everything the can to put a winning team on the field in 2016?

I’ve personally tuned him out long ago, but find it hilarious to criticize someone else for acknowledging the obvious.

Tim Wynn

It’s hilarious that you’re unable to respectfully disagree with others without being a douchebag.

Scott K

Here’s where we can agree to disagree, there’s more than one way to field a winning club. The Pirates and others have proven it can be done, and done for a prolonged period of time, without signing the FA’s the “experts” in the media and chat rooms think they should.


Scott, I’m not talking “experts” in the media or chat rooms.

I’m talking common sense.

Come on, man, you *know* they have not done everything they can to put a wining team on the field this year. You know they could’ve done better than Vogelsong. You know they could’ve added more depth.

You also know they’re most certainly smart enough to realize that, and have legitimate reasons for making the choices they have. Which is my point…what’s so wrong with being honest?

Own the decisions that you’ve made, plain and simple.

Scott Kliesen

Ok, that’s fair, but we don’t know who they tried to acquire, or what processes they used to determine why they chose the players they did.

On a more macro level, I have no issue w Pirates business model of having success on the field and on the balance sheet. Not all fans share this sentiment.

Eric Marshall

Unless you have been in the discussions and know the teams concerns none of this is common sense. What if better options didn’t want to come to Pittsburgh because they knew they would have limited seasons knowing Tallion and Glasnow would be up and the future? Would i have liked a better option… absolutely. Am i going to cry and complain to no end over and over and over again… no i don’t think so. The big league club has exceeded just about everyones in season expectations over the past three years. I believe they have earned the benefit of the doubt at least until the season starts and performance starts to roll in.


Scott himself, who I deeply respect, has said that they could do better! Yes, this *absolutely* is common sense.

They absolutely had the budget for improvements. They absolutely had the prospects to trade for improvements.

They made legitimate decisions for *not* doing either, so what’s wrong with that? Why treat us like idiots who’ll believe anything they say?

Tim Wynn

Perhaps what they were offered for said prospects wasn’t acceptable for the PBC.


I see Locke is in mid-season form.

michael t

Yes, but he is really comfortable with his new delivery.


Very disappointed that this site has yet to tell me who showed up in the best shape of his life…all of this incredible spring training coverage means nothing to me without that 🙂

Mark Lambros

Locke in June/July (mid-season)
3.15 ERA
Lets hope you’re right!!

IC Bob

Has Jaso always had dreadlocks


I saw in an article which I accessed on Reddit in the ‘R/Buccos’ subreddit, that said he was shaved-headed when he played in the minors. It’s a very informative read. Here’s the address –


This was written by a former teammate of John Jaso’s in the Minor Leagues with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.


I didn’t realize that they were dreads at first. I thought he was going for the greasy Kid Rock look


New for this year

IC Bob

I have a feeling Mike Morse might play more then we initially thought in April and May


He’s hit the ball hard so far, the ‘extra base hit’ kind of hard. Maybe fighting for a job will make him that much more hungry and excel like he always had to do back when he was on the Expos as a back-up bench guy. He just kept hitting and hitting so they couldn’t take him out of the line-up. That’s how he got good in the first place.

IC Bob

Looks like Locke is in midseason form locked in and ready to go North and pitch like he always does


Any comments on how Feliz and Nicasio pitched? I saw the box score but I’m curious as to what someone at the two games thought.

Marty W

Feliz sat 94 and touched 96 in his inning of work in Lakeland. Allowed a couple of hard hit balls that were caught and had one strikeout. So not bad for the first time out. Keep in mind that velocities aren’t at maximum early in the spring.




I keep forgetting about Feliz.

Bruce Humbert

And one of my favorite prospects who got traded for no good reason – Jacoby Jones did what he will do for the Tigers as a super utility guy – played SS – played LF – struck out – hit a HR…

BMTIBB my ____


Meanwhile, for the first 50 games he’ll be watching on tv like the rest of us.


The daily “Bruce Humbert repeats himself in every comment section” never fails to entertain. You should really put in an application to trademark BMTIBB, but you know it might not be worth it as you are the sole person who uses it….


Actually I use it as well 🙂

Adam Y

Did they give the Tigers Jones and not get anyone back?? I could’ve sworn that was the Soria trade. Now that I think about it, how did we even get Jones in our system? Did he just start playing for us for the love of the game? Surely it wasn’t the supposed BMTIBB that scouted, drafted and developed him.

Tim Wynn

At what point will you give credit to the BMTIB ? Do you prefer the results of their predecessors during the 20 year losing streak? Granted they were part of it for a few years, but they had a plan and turned the ship around.


Where did Bards FB sit?

John Dreker

He literally threw one pitch

Bill W

No I don’t like the fact that Jaso is making simple mistakes! Locke’s been here for three years come on and get your work in and move on! Don’t learn how to pitch. Yes my patience is limited but get with the program. You guys should dlready know how to catch and throw.


I am impatient too, I can empathize.
One nice thing is that Josh Bell has looked pretty good at first base from what I’ve seen. He made a nice scoop on a low throw the other day.
I’m hoping Bell comes up in June and takes over forever, and John Jaso can be a bench guy or get traded. Josh looks like he’ll be a good ball player. The bat is there, and that dude is big!


It’s the 1st preseason game!!!

Arik Florimonte

So, you want Locke to be satisfied with what he was last year, or do you want him to try to get better? News flash: this is what trying to get better looks like on March 2.

Bill W

Yes I guess we can expect AA performance from a 3rd year pro. Oh wait where is AJ? ‘This is what ST looks like ‘. ‘My head was so far up AJ’s arse that I forgot what daylight was’. Common pitch!

Luke S

AJ had a 4.86 ERA at the end of spring training last year. What in the hell are we talking about after day 2?

Can we just enjoy that games are actually happening without freaking out yet? Save our energy for the entire regular season.

Eric Marshall

people like Bill W will bitch, moan and complain about everything. On one hand they love what Searage does to help pitchers, on the other “what the hell, why are you looking like a AA pitcher is your first go of spring training with a new stride after work with Searage”. What a friggin joke.

Bruce Humbert

Jasso is so irrelevant because we traded for Ike Davis a couple of years ago and he was the solution to the First Base problem – oh wait – sorry – he is not on the roster – never mind!

Tim Wynn

So wouldn’t Jaso be relevant since Davis is gone? I’m not following your line of thinking.


Don’t even try to follow his line. Even if you could, it means nothing.

Eric Marshall

More DK work by the constant complain, dark cloud Bruce Humbert. Would advise you just tume him out.

Tim Wynn

Complaining aside, I don’t get how he says a player on our current roster is irrelevant, but somehow a move made 3 years ago is.

michael t

Tim….he was attempting a joke. Take a deep breath. Exhale. Focus.


Patience. Guess it’s not your thing.

Bill W

No not when you are competing for a playoff contending team! Play your position that you are getting paid for and produce. No excuses! Dammit!

Brian Bernard

You mean like the BoSox and Hanley at 1b?


This comment is beyond ironic.


For the standard responses 🙂
1) Its only Spring Training
2) Small Sample Size
3) They are working on things

Miss any? Feel free to add 🙂

Bruce Humbert

Not enough fans buy tickets so we can’t increase payroll
TV contract sucks so we can’t increase payroll
Free agent salaries are so friggin high we can’t increase payroll
Need to pay down debt so we can’t increase payroll
We pay worthless players $2.5M so we can’t increase payroll
I could go on – but you get the point…


we actually pay worthless players 3 million, not 2.5 million. 🙂


What about Garrett Cole????


Cole gets what he is supposed to get based on collective bargaining. Not answering beyond that because its a stupid and irrelevant topic

Scott K

I get the point, you obviously care about Nutting’s wallet more than Nutting’s team. For Nutting’s team won 98 games last year and has yet to play one this year.

Bill W

The sun was in my eyes! Yes I’m tired of excuses. I just want a first baseman who can play the f’in position.


The Pirates drew 2.5 million, per MLB Network.



Bruce Humbert

And as Sonny and Cher said many years ago…
“The Beat Goes On”

36 years and counting…


Or like ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage said
[I’m just tryin to lighten things up, I don’t know if Tim allows people to post things like this, so I apologize in advance].



Is this Bruce Humbert? Thee Bruce Humbert?


You’re getting stale….At least come up with some new Trolling material.

Tim Wynn

Just think what the Cubs are saying

107 years and counting.

-They have the TV contract
-They have the bodies to fill seats
-They increase payroll when ever they decide.
-They’ve overpaid for worthless players.

107 years and counting. What we have ain’t too bad.

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