The Pirates Prospects App is Now Available For Apple Devices on the App Store

About a month ago, we released our Android app, with hopes that the iOS version would be right around the corner. Unfortunately, Apple is much more strict about the apps that go on their service. Specifically, they have restrictions for subscription sites.

We had to build a completely different app for Apple devices, removing any links to our subscription plans in order to get it approved. The alternative was that we would have to pay 30% of our subscriptions to Apple for anyone who signed up through the app, even though they were signing up for the site, and not the app itself. We couldn’t even direct people away from the app to subscribe, as that would have led to a rejection.

Fortunately, we build a version that was finally approved, and the app is now available on the App store. It’s got all of the great features of the Android app, with the lone exception being that you won’t find links to subscribe on the app. But if you’re subscribed already, you’d just enter your information to access the content. And if you aren’t subscribed yet, you can do that here.

Here are the features on the app:

**The app has the ability to receive push notifications on your device any time we post a new article. You can customize these to either receive notifications for all articles, or just articles on the topics you choose (EX: Transactions, News and Rumors, First Pitch).

**You can favorite articles and read them later, even offline.

**The app uses Disqus, making it very easy to comment on articles from the app.

**A very fast platform which loads articles instantly.

**Easy to navigate categories and menus, along with a chronological listing of articles and when they were posted.

The app is free to download, although you must have a site account to access the content. If you don’t have a site account, you can sign up for a free one here (you’ll still need a subscription to access most of the content, and you can sign up for a subscription here).

If you have any issues with the app, please e-mail me at and I’ll help you out.