PITTSBURGH – Cole Figueroa had the following tweet of his locker set up at PNC Park, which obviously means he has made the team, winning the final bench spot. The move hasn’t been officially announced, with the Pirates finalizing everything tomorrow.

Rob Biertempfel reported earlier today that he was hearing Figueroa had won the final spot. What this means is that Jason Rogers will have to be optioned to Triple-A, and Pedro Florimon will have to be designated for assignment. Along with Florimon, the Pirates will have to clear two more 40-man roster spots for Matt Joyce and Cory Luebke. They will finalize their roster tomorrow morning, with a noon deadline.

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  1. So, when Kang is activated, who is the first to go? I would think it will be Figueroa, although he may actually be better than Rodriguez. But the Pirates have money tied up in Rodriguez, so he is not likely to be let go – even if he hits less than .200 all season.

  2. NH was just piecing together the final few players as he went along with more flexibility than usual and maybe less of a final plan than he should have had. SRod was a waste of money, but again NH was confident that he could do better.

  3. So, who gets DFA’d upon Kang’s return: Cole, Srod, Morse? I would hope Srod, but that’s a lot of money to eat.

  4. Supposedly the other cuts will be Holdzcom and Goebert – makes sense. Worry the the Cards will pounce on Floriman and he hits .280 and plays great defense at SS for them…
    Think they want Rogers to get regular ABs – Figueroa will be hard pressed to get more than 5 PAs per week.

  5. As I noted below, I think Rogers is more of long play… what Fig’s success shows more is maybe spending $2.5 mill on SRod wasn’t such a great idea…

        • If you’re short-sighted that’s the viewpoint. I agree with the folks taking the longer view.

        • As I said above, if they don’t add Freese then Rogers is starting at 3B today. It’s the GM’s job to create alternatives at every position, and at the time the trade was made Kang’s recovery was unknown and the acquisition of Freese was unlikely at best. So I am okay with the trade. Now if Supak turns out to be a stud then the trade looks a lot worse. But it will be four or five years until we know that. I am more unhappy with them signing Srod

        • Broxton only made the Brewers because there outfield is a disaster. He is a AAAA player at best. The fact he made the team bodes well for the Bucs crushing on that bunch this year. I get the feeling the Bucs soured on Supek so the way I see it. The worst this trade can be for us is a draw. If Rodgers gives us anything I think it will be a win.

      • Hitting wise, I agree. But, Rogers doesn’t offer much defensively and isn’t as versatile as Rodriguez.

  6. Live about 35 miles up river from PNC Park. Wife woke me at 3 AM to watch the blizzard outside. Already warmed up to 25 degrees as I post.

  7. Rogers is probably a better player than Figueroa, but he is redundant to what the Pirates already have. More of a depth option to Morse from the right side. Looks like Jaso will get more playing time anyway considering he will bat from the left side against righties. Seems like a lot of major league ready talent. I’d rather see an impact player though than just playing it safe with depth.

    • I think this is one of those situations where Rogers has the option and some potential so it is better for him to be getting AB and staying sharp rather than rotting on the bench. Figueroa is versatile and has 3800 AB in the minors. He reads as an awesome PH the way he controls the strike zone. We will see.

  8. Wow, Rogers to AAA – what a bad trade, but then we knew that the day it was announced. I do expect he will get at least one opportunity to get to Pittsburgh this year, as injuries do occur and guys like Rodriguez and Figueroa will hopefully not be in Pittsburgh all season.
    Boscan….why does the team keep him in the organization?
    Today, five errors and a passed ball (by Stewart of course)…defense looks shaky, but it was an exhibition game and at 2-3 of the errors were made by guys who will be in Indy….
    Tomorrow, the real thing begins….Go Bucs!

    • I’m sure Rogers will get to Pittsburgh at times this year – and likely will be on the roster from Day 1 next year. He’s under Pirates control for six more years. Otoh Morse will be gone after this year – if not before – and likely Freese as well.

      I wasn’t a big fan of the trade – but Supak is really the only issue. Some people suddenly got excited when Broxton had a few good spring games – but note that he ended up hitting .224 for the spring with an OPS of .600 and an amazing 20 K’s in 49 AB’s. Was successful on .667 of his steal attempts. Over time Rogers will be the more useful of the two – Broxton would have been nothing more than a solid AAA player for the Bucs over the next few years.

      • Mark me down as one of the ones who was excited for him 🙂

        Happy to see Keon seems to have made the roster. I think he’ll be fine in a reserve role.

      • I liked Broxton too. The speed was great. He make the Milwaukee team. Time will tell but the trade looks bad right now.

          • With a high SO rate but great speed Keon could be an Omar Moreno type starting CF, but the SO rate makes him a poor PH. So which starting OF would he replace in PIT? None. He could be a designated runner, Ala KC. But the Bucs don’t go for that unfortunately. Given that they are stacked in the minors now was a good time to trade Keon for what they could get.

      • The trade was an obvious bad one from the start, and a gross overpay for a career minor leaguer who performed well for 2-3 months in Milwaukee last season. Rogers doesn’t offer any value defensively, and has had minimal success at the major league level. As I said at the time, I wouldn’t have traded Broxton straight up for Rogers, but NH thought it necessary to also through in Supak. The Brewers must be giddy….The people who continue to defend that trade and the FO for making it, are probably the same people who continued to assert that Morton was a good pitcher and that Ike Davis was the answer to our first base woes 2 years ago.
        I also disagree with your assertion that Rogers will do much in Pittsburgh in the future…Jaso is here, and Bell will soon be here (hopefully by June 1). In the next year or two, Osuna will be a potential candidate for first base or the outfield. Rogers has a very small window of time in which he can be anything more than a pinch-hitter in Pittsburgh. Broxton may not turn into a star player, but I would much rather have his youth, speed, defensive ability, and athleticism as the 4th outfielder, who could play any of the three positions and play them all well.

      • If you see his comments for long you’ll see he has an irrational hate for one if of the best back up catchers in MLB.

        • Hate? Really? Get a grip. Just because I point out the obvious (like actual statistics, like errors and percentage of throwing out base stealers) that dispels the myth that Stewart is a great defensive catcher?

    • Be a little more long game oriented…. Rogers looks like he could be pretty good… Morse is done after this year… and the chance of him making it through the season without pulling a hammy or quad very low… They may want him some protection for Bell against LHs going forward… Let’s see where we are in a year.

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