David Todd Podcast: When Will Taillon and Glasnow Be Ready?

After watching today’s Mitch Keller start in West Virginia, I did my weekly segment on the David Todd Show on ESPN 970 in Pittsburgh. We discussed Keller’s outing and his season this year. We also discussed Tyler Glasnow and Jameson Taillon, including a look at whether they would be up right now if it wasn’t for Super Two. We also discussed Chad Kuhl, Yeudy Garcia, Stetson Allie, and Kevin Newman.

The full podcast can be heard below, with a lot of focus on the big two pitchers in Indianapolis:

  • HartHighPirate
    April 28, 2016 1:18 am

    Why should the Pirates wait for Super Two on Glasnow. I know they lose one year down the line before TG becomes a free agent. But that said down the line Pirates will be negotiating a new TV contract with current 10 year contract ending 2019. Time is money but further said with the prospects for a new, higher TV contract (comparable to competing teams (STL, CHC, CIN etc.) won’t signing TG and retaining him on a free agent contract make sense rather him signing with another team FA?

    I hope this make sense. Time is money. As Pirate salaries now have passed $100 million I assume by 2019 total salaries could be two/three times that figure.

    Your answer could undoubtedly say June soon will be 30 days and he should continue to develop at Indy. But in the meantime Pirate pitching has gone to hell as tonight’s game giving up after 7-0. 8-0 with Polanco’s HR. Pirates win 9-8 in 12th inning save by Melancon.

    • They don’t lose a year down the line, he gains a year of arbitration, making him more expensive over the course of his contract. They would have lost a partial year if he made the Opening Day roster because you need six full seasons to reach free agency. An extra year of arbitration for a high-profile player adds a lot of money, because it’s not just one year that becomes more expensive. Each of the last four years do.

      It’s a moot point as of right now because he isn’t Major League ready. He has exactly one start where he has had strong command of three pitches. He has to show that at least a couple more times before you can say he looks ready. His last start was just a step in the right direction.

      As of right now, I haven’t seen a player at Indy who looks like he is being held back. They all have things to work on.

      • But that doesn’t fit the narrative John! Each player that has been brought up after super 2 has proven they had more to work on. I want all these guys to force their way onto the roster with their performance while the guys in the bigs make it tough on management to replace them. I see that coming with Bell.

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          April 29, 2016 12:04 am

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    • IMO, Taillon will be ready sooner than Glasnow. But to your larger point, by the time the Bucs new TV contract is in place – which isn’t for another 3 years – the entire landscape of TV contracts may have changed. I wouldn’t be too confident that the Bucs will be breaking the bank with the next Root/AT&T deal given the continuing rise in cable cutting.

    • Nope.

  • I’m sure both will magically be ready shortly after the Super 2 deadline

    • It’s entirely possible that neither is ready when the deadline passes, but that doesn’t mean they won’t come up anyway. There aren’t too many cases of prospects being 100% ready when they get called up, compared to the ones that come up and still learn on the job. Look at the main super 2 cases for the Pirates recently. Alvarez, Cole, Polanco all still had stuff to work on. Marte didn’t come up until the end of July, well after the deadline passed.

      • Yeah; the first time one of them loses a key game because they didn’t focus on holding a runner on, everyone will be screaming as to why the Bucs brought them up so early

        • Kevin Obringer
          April 28, 2016 10:05 am

          A great thing to hear as we wrap up the first month of Bucco Baseball to have our two best pitchers off to a solid start. Which begs the questions…why you so salty?

    • Taillon 64 pitches through 5 innings.