Elias Diaz is Throwing Again at Pirate City

BRADENTON – Elias Diaz has started throwing again at Pirate City, after two days where his elbow was feeling better.

“I’ve been throwing the last two days,” Diaz said. “I feel a little better. I’m going to keep throwing. All this week I’m going to throw to the base and see how I feel.”

Diaz will also start hitting this week. All of his work, both throwing and hitting, will be in practice, rather than games. The Pirates will re-evaluate him after this week and see where he is at with his elbow.

On Sunday, Neal Huntington said that there were no concerns with the ligament in his elbow. Diaz said the same thing today.

“It’s nothing with the ligament,” Diaz said, noting that it’s the lateral part of the elbow that is bothering him.

Obviously it’s a good sign that Diaz is throwing again, after getting a few medical evaluations. The next evaluation after his throwing this week will tell a lot about his next steps and whether he can increase his workload.

  • “A little better” doesn’t sound too promising. πŸ™

  • I have little doubt Cervelli will get a Q offer if he has a season comparable to last. That is a win win for the Pirates. If he takes it you get him for about 15 million for a single season. Not an unreasonable amount for a catcher like Cervelli. If not you get the extra pick.

  • Keep those fingers crossed.

    • If Cervelli keeps hitting he’ll attract contract offers the Bucs won’t be able to match. He could be a good QO candidate though.

  • I guess there goes Cerville’s 3 year extension?

  • Gee I’m a little apprehensive with Elias’ elbow. Maybe it’s an overreaction but he has made his living although minuscule with his throwing out runners.