Injury Updates: Jung-ho Kang, Jared Hughes, Elias Diaz, Austin Meadows

PITTSBURGH – Prior to today’s Pirates game, Head Athletic Trainer Todd Tomczyk met with the media, discussing the latest injury updates. Fortunately, there were no new names on the list, and everyone currently on the MLB disabled list is progressing well.

Jung-ho Kang played five innings on defense today, while getting four plate appearances in an extended Spring Training game. He’s still only running to first base, and not doing normal base running beyond that. There’s no exact date on his next progression, although he’s still projected to return to the Pirates in mid-to-late April.

Kang is expected to go through a normal rehab assignment before he returns, going to some minor league affiliates before returning to Pittsburgh.

“We’re going to try to run the same script as any other position player that’s rehabbed, and that’s to get him into a rehab assignment,” Tomczyk said.

After he returns to the majors, the Pirates could limit his playing time initially, as he gets back in the mix. Fortunately, they have David Freese who can step in, so that Kang can ease back to playing every day.

**Elias Diaz is in the advanced stages of his strength portion of his rehab, although he’s not throwing yet.

**Jared Hughes threw off the mound today for the first time. Tomczyk said the early indications are that he’s responding well to the throwing.

**There’s no real update on Austin Meadows from last week, as he’s basically going through a Spring Training progression at this point.

  • Hey Tim, seems to be copying your article topics – articles about the bullpen makeup and the rehab of hughes, Kang, Diaz, and meadows. It’s pretty clear from the time stamps there and posts here that yours were up sooner. You are truly the go-to site for all things pirates!

  • It’s waaaaaay too early to say it definitively, but the Freese pickup keeps looking better and better.

    • I agree with you. I had knee surgery and going straight forward (I was athletic) was not a problem. It took awhile to pivot and turn on the bases, but sliding was a major problem also. I would think an end of May siteing for Kang would be realistic. Thank God for Freese’s signing.

      • Yep. They should at least stop talking about “mid April” and go with late April-May. If Kang still isn’t running bases nor making hard cuts and will need a “normal rehab schedule” in the minors, he’s minimum 3 weeks away if not longer. Looks to me like early May at best.