Injury Updates: No Restrictions for Kang, Diaz Seeking Multiple Opinions on Elbow

PITTSBURGH – Francisco Liriano was bumped from his start today, due to hamstring discomfort. Pirates’ Head Athletic Trainer Todd Tomczyk said that Liriano felt it during the latter half of his side session the other day. Clint Hurdle knew about the injury before yesterday’s game, which impacted his bullpen usage, knowing that the team would be short a pitcher today. The Pirates ended up calling up A.J. Schugel to help with the shortage.

Liriano will play catch off flat ground today, and is day-to-day right now, according to Tomczyk.

**Jung-ho Kang is now cleared to play in a game, with no restrictions on his running. He slid on the mat down in Bradenton, which is a sliding drill that everyone participates in right before they’re ready for game duty. Kang played five innings today, and will play five tomorrow. Tomczyk is still sticking to his same timeframe for his return. No word on how the Pirates will handle his rehab assignments.

**Elias Diaz has been down with right lateral elbow discomfort. He worked to a point where he could play catch on flat ground, but had continued discomfort, and the Pirates shut him down. They have sought multiple opinions, and are working through them, according to Tomczyk. He wouldn’t comment on whether one of the opinions came from Dr. James Andrews, but did have the following response to Tommy John being a possibility:

“Everything is still ongoing, but the doctors are focusing on the lateral elbow.”

Tomczyk said that it’s still up in the air for treatment, whether Diaz would need surgery or just rehab.

**Jared Hughes pitched a live BP/sim game today at Pirate City. He will be evaluated after they see how he feels tomorrow.

**Jameson Taillon will make his first official start tonight since September 2013. Tomczyk, on whether there is an innings limit this year: “We’re going to treat him like any other pitcher. We will monitor his recovery on a daily basis and see if an innings threshold needs to be done, or doesn’t need to be done.”

**Trevor Williams is currently playing catch on flat ground, and is day-to-day. He left his first start of the year with shoulder discomfort, but told Ryan Palencer that it’s not structural.

  • Wow. If Diaz goes down for extended period of time that severely impacts our. 2017 prospects

  • Going for ‘multiple opinions’ just sucks. Hate it for him.

    If McGuire swings a respectable bat this season, Diaz may be an afterthought through no fault of his own.

  • Great news on Kang! We really miss bis bat in the middle of the line up. Off topic question, if I have Comcast/Xfinity is there a way I can watch the game tonight on my IPhone? I have watched the WatchESPN app and have watched hoops games on there but not sure what I need to watch the buccos. Thanks!

    • MLB.TV if you’re not in Pittsburgh. Root Sports usually has it in Market but tonight they’re showing the Pens game so the only way to watch the game anywhere will be through MLB.TV with the Tigers feed.

  • Correct me if I’m wrong but Diaz has TJ surgery he will be placed in 60 day and that opens a spot on the 40 man. It also starts the clock for Arb.

  • piraterican21
    April 13, 2016 4:40 pm

    I said before and I will say it again, sign Cervelli to that three year contact he is willing to sign for.
    Have the team ruled out Kang playing SS?

    • I believe this would be the only option if Diaz goes down with TJ surgery.

      • Unless we want Stallings as a possible starting option if Francisco or Chris go down.

      • Average recovery for catchers having TJS has been 9-10 months, so if he needed surgery he likely would be ready for 2017 spring training. Of course, he would have missed a year and the experience that brings.

      • The UCL is on the medial side of the elbow, if he needs a UCL reconstructed some is terribly wrong of the information is incorrect.

    • I want Kang at 3b. Freese ain t exactly lighting the world on fire. There’s a reason he was there for $3 mil.

    • Agree…funny how quickly a team can go through their depth. Pitching and now catching and only one week in.

    • I have mentioned this before. Kang is not a S.S. His body is too thick and not agile. Just look at the injury. No flexability to get out of the way.

      • Knees aren’t known to be flexible…at least not side to side.

        Kang may not be the most nimble man alive, but this injury was not related to that.

        • I do see some of your point, but if you would look at the replay, you would see that flexibility and the knees, infielders are taught to do a hop and leap type of thing to avoid a collision.