Jared Hughes Could Join the Pirates This Weekend

BRADENTON – Jared Hughes was originally set to begin his rehab assignment today with Indianapolis. However, he was pushed back a day after coming down with the flu at the start of the week. He’s flying out today, and will join Indianapolis tomorrow for the start of his rehab.

Hughes will throw back-to-back days, which is usually the final step of a reliever’s rehab before he can return to the active roster. That means Hughes could be in line for a quick rehab assignment.

“It’s up to them,” Hughes said on the rehab time. “I’m sure we’ll talk about it. I’ll be honest with how I feel, they’ll them understand that, and bring back how they see fit. But my guess is it could be a short rehab.”

Hughes said his left lat muscle healed up well and is feeling strong. He threw two innings the other day, going full effort, and had no discomfort the next day. When asked if he thinks he could return soon, there was no hesitation with his answer.

“Absolutely,” Hughes said. “I feel close. I feel strong. As long as I can go out there and let it go with no pain, and be throwing 100%, I don’t see why I wouldn’t be [able to return soon].”

It wouldn’t be a surprise to see Hughes joining the Pirates by the weekend, especially if he has no setbacks the next two days.

  • Especially since we could use him…our middle relief is in the crapper.

  • Rogers is playing today? I sure as hell hope he is catching plane soon to start against pomeranz

    • Where did we see that Rogers is playing tonight?

      • The game actually already happened. Day game, he was 1-3.

        So either he catches a plane tonight, or it would seem he might not be arriving tomorrow as we all assumed.

        • I dont get it. What did I miss…why/how did we all “assume” Rogers would be getting a call…what makes this something that needs to happen?

          • You have a lefty throwing tomorrow in SD, so a good opportunity to get Rogers in a good situation for Rogers.

            Otherwise, you almost surely see S Rod start somewhere tomorrow while Jaso sits.

      • piraterican21
        April 19, 2016 4:59 pm

        We don’t need no stinking Rogers!!! We have Sean effing Rodriguez!

  • Scott Kliesen
    April 19, 2016 12:39 pm

    Pirates need his ability to induce grounders in the worst way!

  • Waiting for the roster move today which will send down someone from the bullpen and probably bringing up Rogers. Another bullpen change hopefully happen this weekend to add Jarod Hughes. Welcome addition to the bullpen