Pedro Florimon Accepts Assignment to Indianapolis

  • I wonder how many ABs that move will cost Bell and Hanson???? Mercer would have been a better option to farm out.

    • Jordy Mercer 2016 Steamer projection: 86 wRC+
      Pedro Florimon 2016 Steamer projection: 59 wRC+

      • Mercer streamer BA last year was in the .260 range and this year “0” improvement. Good fielding and punch-en- judy hitters are all over the minors.

  • TurnerWardHitsTheWall
    April 18, 2016 7:52 am

    How much will Floriman get paid down there?

    • If my math is correct, around $165k. A player is guaranteed no less than 60% of his previous year’s combined minor and major league salaries. Florimon was on the 25-man around 75 days last year. His ML salary was $520k, and his MiL salary was $82.7k, so when you do the math, it works out to around $165k.

      I suspect this is why he accepted the assignment even though Indy’s infield is overloaded. If no one was willing to pay $20k to claim him and stash him in AAA, his market seems pretty non-existent, and there’s no guarantee anyone would even sign him to a MiL deal for $165k.

  • I still think Joe Block looks like a Martian. Please don’t tell him I said that. I also love Sean “The Enforcer “Hurdle.

  • Seriously, that waste of roster space Sean Hurdle wont stop doing good things.

    Stupid moran cant even suck correctly for us to dislike him.

    • That dinger was a bomb today. He got all of that one.

    • His beard looks like he glued felt to his face….can that be the reason I hate him? I mean if people hated Pedro for tucking his ears in, gluing a felt beard to your face, has to count for something…..