Pirates Recall Jason Rogers, Option Cole Figueroa to Indianapolis

The Pittsburgh Pirates recalled 1B/3B Jason Rogers on Friday and sent infielder Cole Figueroa to Indianapolis to make room on the roster.

Rogers is having a terrific season in Indianapolis, hitting .366/.435/.683 in 11 games. He has played third base three times, first base three times and served as the DH in the other five games. Rogers homered off Homer Bailey in Thursday’s ballgame, his third home run of the season.

Figueroa was 0-for-9 in eight games for the Pirates, being used mostly as a pinch-hitter. He did not start any games. His only time spent on defense was late in games, playing two innings at second base and three frames at third base.

Rogers is in the starting lineup tonight, batting sixth and playing first base.

  • BuccosFanStuckinMD
    April 22, 2016 11:26 pm

    Well, after 16 games (about 10% of the season) here are some of my observations…
    (1) Not surprisingly, the starting rotation has been a hot mess. Locke is terrible, and Niese is mediocre at best. I like Nicasio, but not as a starter – he’d be very good as a 7th inning/8th inning guy. Liriano is as good as his control – which means erratic. I’m not concerned about Cole, he will end up being a very good #1 – although not an elite #1 yet. #3 thru #5 have to be upgraded, and our only hopes to do so are pitching in Indy. This is all on NH, as he did not make a move to get a good #3 starter.
    (2) Other than Melancon, the bullpen has been awful. Watson has been surprisingly bad, but I am still confident he will soon turn things around and have another outstanding year. Moving Nicasio into the bullpen would be a huge upgrade. Caminero is living proof that you can throw 100+ and still not be a very good major league pitcher. This is also on NH – he failed to sign a real major league LH reliever to replace Bastardo – and one of the ones he did sign (O’Flaherty) he gave away to the Braves.
    (3) The offense has been mostly above average to good – scoring seemingly enough runs, if the pitching would be better. Jaso, Polanco, Harrison, Cervelli, Freese, and Marte have led the way. Power is still lacking, and I don’t expect that will change much unless Polanco starts hitting with power and Kang returns and adds some power.
    (4) Defense has been better of late, after a very shaky start.
    As is usually the case, pitching is the key. Glasnow and/or Taillon will be the keys to whether this team can win the division and/or make the playoffs. They have to pitch well in AAA, so they can be called up and take over #3 and #4 – and push Niese to #5 where he belongs and Nicasio to the bullpen. As for Locke, I actually think he may be a good LH specialist out of the bullpen – if can harness his control.

    • There’s a lot to bitch about…but there’s a good bit to get happy for…

      Mercer and Harrison both putting up .750+ OPS?
      Jaso has been a machine.
      Polanco and Marte have been very strong.
      Cervelli? Pfft…about as good as you can ask.

      Heck, now that I look at the numbers…how about every starter being above a .700 OPS. The worst two are Freese and Cutch at .719 and .736, respectively. That’s a pretty damned strong lineup.

      As far as SP…the luster seems to be wearing off Nicasio and, agreed, Locke looks lost…especially when you consider he’s always been a first half pitcher. Niese has been fine…nothing spectacular, but the Pirates are about to go 3-1 in his starts.

      The BP? Yeah, that’s a trainwreck. Cammy started off slow last season, let’s hope that’s the trend he’s following this year. Feliz has been a stud and, when Hughes gets back, I’m pretty sure Schugel is staying…and RV is pitching well.

      SD was a disaster, but the team is performing better than I thought it would.

      Oh, and let’s not forget that S-Rod is making all of us look like fools.

      • BuccosFanStuckinMD
        April 23, 2016 11:17 pm

        SRod has hit well so far – another HR tonight – but, its a long season – I suspect he will be in the .220 range by 9/1.
        Niese is 3-0, but with a 4.50 ERA – so, I give the team’s hitting most of the credit for his record to date. He is prone to the HR ball, which is not good when we play the Cubs. I’d be fine with him as our #5, but he’s our #3 – big difference.
        The Pirates won’t do this, but I would bring Taillon up now, move Locke to the bullpen, and say adios to Scahill….but, they will wait until June and the team will lose 3-4 more games due to poor starts by Locke….
        Although tonight was not the case, the offense has been carrying the team so far.

        • Obviously S-Rod isn’t going to maintain, but…let’s be realistic…he’s already put up 0.8 WAR. Though he was everybody’s whipping boy in the off-season (mine included), he’s pretty much justified his contract already.

          Niese hasn’t been anything special, but he’s kept the team in games. I’d slot him as a #4/5 myself, but I really can’t fault him for the fact the Pirates only have two pitchers on the staff better than he is.

          I don’t think Taillon needs to be up yet. From all the reports, he’s just not ready. And, for a guy who’s pitched just 16 innings in the last 2 1/2 seasons…reestablishing himself is something probably not best done by debuting against ML hitters. Give the guy some time, let him build himself back up. While there are always Super 2 considerations, delaying his arrival is a little deeper than that.

  • Not saying Bucs shouldn’t bring up Rogers, but I hope Figueroa keeps his chin up. Kid squared up on a number of balls this week but couldn’t buy a hit. He’ll be back.

  • “NH chooch” ????

  • I guess this brings to an end the Cerveli experiment at 1st base against left handed pitching

  • Gorgeous play. Watched it several times. Amazing how much he got on that throw and made it look so easy. Jordy by contrast looks like he’s about to dislocate something on every throw.

    • Oh Forbes….does the Mercer bashing extend to here, too?

      Hurdle likes Jordy…that is good enough for me.

      (oh wait…he likes Locke, too……….never mind)

      • I’m not so sure he likes Locke. I think he likes LHP in PNC with our defense.

        • You can’t defense against a walk. Let Locke go back to his old windup. He WAS a “strong” #4 with that windup ya know. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      • I’m not bashing him. I loves me some Jordy. Cole’s play was more graceful, but Jordy gets it done. He’s hot with the bat now too.

  • So…who’s the backup SS now? Can’t imagine it’s S-Rod. I s’pose that leaves J-Hey with S-Rod backfilling at 2B. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing Cole again…just as soon the the BP mess is sorted.

  • Raise the Jolly Rogers!

    • I think we just did πŸ™‚

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        April 23, 2016 4:29 am

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