P2 Top 30

A look at how the current top 30 prospects did today.  Note that this list doesn’t include players currently in the majors. If a player is in the majors, he will be removed, everyone below him will be shifted up a spot, and a new player will be added to the bottom of the list. If a player is out for the season, he will be removed and everyone below him will move up a spot. Removing these guys doesn’t mean they have lost prospect status. It is just an attempt to get 30 active prospects on the list. Rankings are from the 2016 prospect guide, and links on each name go to their Pirates Prospects player pages.

1. Tyler Glasnow, RHP, Indianapolis -[insert_php] include_once (‘./p2-stats/stats_functions.php’);

2. Austin Meadows, CF, Altoona – Disabled List

3. Josh Bell, 1B, Indianapolis – [insert_php] display_top30(605137,’B’,’20160408′);

4. Jameson Taillon, RHP, Indianapolis – [insert_php] display_top30(592791,’P’,’20160409′);

5. Alen Hanson, 2B, Indianapolis -[insert_php] display_top30(593700,’B’,’20160409′);

6. Harold Ramirez, OF, Altoona -[insert_php] display_top30(623912,’B’,’20160409′);

7. Reese McGuire, C, Altoona -[insert_php] display_top30(624512,’B’,’20160409′);

8. Elias Diaz, C, Pirates – Disabled List.

9. Nick Kingham, RHP, Indianapolis – Disabled List

10. Ke’Bryan Hayes, 3B, West Virginia -[insert_php] display_top30(663647,’B’,’20160409′);

11. Kevin Newman, SS, Bradenton -[insert_php] display_top30(621028,’B’,’20160409′);

12. Yeudy Garcia, RHP, Bradenton -[insert_php] display_top30(650817,’P’,’20160409′);

13. Steven Brault, LHP, Indianapolis -[insert_php] display_top30(643230,’P’,’20160409′);

 14. Stephen Tarpley, LHP, Bradenton – Extended Spring Training

15.Cole Tucker, SS, West Virginia – Disabled List

16. Chad Kuhl, RHP, Indianapolis – Extended Spring Training

17. Max Moroff, 2B, Indianapolis -[insert_php] display_top30(621559,’B’,’20160409′);

18. Mitch Keller, RHP, West Virginia -[insert_php] display_top30(656605,’P’,’20160409′);

19. Clay Holmes, RHP, Altoona – [insert_php] display_top30(605280,’P’,’20160409′);

20. Willy Garcia, OF, Indianapolis -[insert_php] display_top30(591994,’B’,’20160409′);

21. Brandon Waddell, LHP, Bradenton – [insert_php] display_top30(663399,’P’,’20160409′);

22. Tyler Eppler, RHP, Altoona -[insert_php] display_top30(621169,’P’,’20160409′);

23. Barrett Barnes, OF, Altoona -[insert_php] display_top30(608627,’B’,’20160409′);

25. Gage Hinsz, RHP,  – Extended Spring Training

26. Adrian Valerio, SS, – Extended Spring Training

27. Adam Frazier, INF/OF, Indianapolis -[insert_php] display_top30(624428,’B’,’20160409′);

28. Kevin Kramer, 2B, Bradenton -[insert_php] display_top30(596012,’B’,’20160409′);

29. Jordan Luplow, OF/3B, Bradenton – [insert_php] display_top30(656669,’B’,’20160409′);

30. JT Brubaker, RHP, West Virginia -[insert_php] display_top30(664141,’P’,’20160408′);

P2 Top Performers

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Indianapolis Indians Prospect Watch

Box Score
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P2 Game Notes

Indianapolis had their season opener postponed for a third time. They will attempt to play a doubleheader on Sunday starting at 1pm.

Altoona Curve Prospect Watch

Box Score
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P2 Game Notes

Altoona was postponed on Saturday due to snow. No makeup date was immediately announced.

Bradenton Marauders Prospect Watch

Box Score
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P2 Game Notes

BRADENTON – Colten Brewer had a typical Colten Brewer outing on Saturday night in Bradenton’s home opener. He throws hard, sitting 93-96 as a starter, but his control of that fastball is spotty at times. The same can be said for his other pitches. At times in this game, he looked dominating, setting down hitters quickly. Then he would lose his command for 2-3 batters at a time before it returned. Brewer got a lot of swing-and-misses and not much help from his defense. He was charged with one earned run, but that was on a generous base hit from the official scorer. He went five innings, allowing four hits and two walks, which aren’t bad totals, but he also ran up the pitch count on a few individual batters, throwing 80 total pitches, 55 for strikes. Brewer has the stuff to be a legit prospect, but he has yet to find the consistency to be called a prospect.

This game was ugly defensively for Bradenton’s infield. Connor Joe really had trouble at third base, which can be expected for a new position, but he looked bad on a couple very easy plays. One was a slow hopper to his left that went off his glove and was the generous hit mentioned above. The other was a slower grounder to his right, where he tried to backhand it and didn’t get the glove down. He had plenty of time to take one step over and get in front of it. His only throw to first base was bounced about ten feet from the bag, but Jerrick Suiter made the pick for the out.

Both Kevin Kramer and Kevin Newman had trouble making throws to second base, sending the ball into the outfield with short throws that were well off target. Kramer made a couple nice plays though, one on a ball up the middle and the other was a hard one-hopper that ate him up, but he still got the out.

Luis Heredia pitched for the first time since being moved to relief and not much has changed except a little added velocity. He was hitting 95 MPH consistently this spring, but his usual issues came up this game. Heredia looked good for a couple batters, then ran up his pitch count and lost all command. He threw two wild pitches his first inning, then a walk and a hit in the next inning led to two runs and him being unable to finish the inning. Junior Lopez followed him and went through the opposition quick for two innings, before giving up a run in the ninth. Lopez has sat 93 MPH in the past and he was really popping the mitt tonight.

On offense, Kevin Newman looked real good at the plate, save for his one strikeout with the bases loaded. He hit a line drive double to the LF/CF gap, then next time up lined one into the RF/CF gap which was caught on a nice running catch. He also hit the ball hard his first time up, a one-hopper to the second baseman. Kevin Kramer also looked good at the plate, though his display was more based on his patience at the plate, which led to two walks and an RBI single.

Connor Joe actually looked worse at the plate than he did in the field. He struck out three times, looking bad each time. This was his second three strikeout game, which didn’t happen once last year. His other at-bat was a slow grounder to second base in a big spot, which ended the seventh inning.

Taylor Gushue had a nice liner into left field for a single. The Marauders had just three hits in the game and struck out 11 times. They were facing lefty Tyler Jay, who was a first round pick last year.

Yeudy Garcia makes his season debut tomorrow afternoon. We will have live coverage of that game as well- John Dreker

West Virginia Power Prospect Watch

Box Score
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P2 Game Notes

West Virginia couldn’t touch Greensboro starter Gabriel Castellanos on Saturday night, but once he left the game, the bats awoke. The Power put a run on the board in the seventh on a Danny Arribas homer, and then scored seven runs in the eighth inning. Starter Bret Helton threw five shutout innings in the 8-2 victory.

Ryan Nagle had the big hit of the game, connecting on a three-run homer, his first as a pro. Nagle signed an over-slot deal last year after the Pirates took him in the 27th round and part of the reason he got a bigger bonus was because he started to show some power that didn’t show up prior to his junior year. After signing though, Nagle didn’t hit a homer in 120 at-bats with Morgantown.

Helton gave up three hits, all singles. He walked two batters and had three strikeouts. He had a 6:2 GO/AO ratio in the game. Jake Burnette made his season debut and gave up two runs(one earned) over two innings. He is at West Virginia for the fourth straight season. Burnette picked up the win despite losing the lead in the bottom of the seventh. Julio Eusebio finished off the game with two shutout innings.

Tito Polo collected his second double, giving him four extra-base hits already. He also had a walk, drove in two runs and picked up an outfield assist. Ke’Bryan Hayes is 5-for-12 this season after two more hits on Saturday.

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  1. LLOYD has some more fun with this all-prospect Buccos squad in say 2020:

    1. Hanson 2B (S)
    2. Ramirez LF
    3. Meadows CF (L)
    4. Bell 1B (S)
    5. Hayes 3B
    6. Garcia RF
    7. Newman SS
    8. McGuire C (L)

    1. Diaz C
    2. Tucker IF (S)
    3. Osuna 1B/OF
    4. Barnes OF
    5. Moroff UTIL (S)

    Additional possibilities are Frazier (L), Kramer (L), Luplow and Joe

    1. Tallion
    2. Glasnow
    3. Kingham
    4. YGarcia
    5. Kuhl

    1. Brault (L)
    2. Dickson (L)
    3. Tarpley (L)
    4. Holmes
    5. Keller
    6. TWilliams
    7. Eppler – Closer

    Additional possibilities are Waddell (L), Hinsz and Holdzkom


    • They get their throwing in to stay in their rituals. The rotation order has been changed a couple times based on throwing they did.

  2. What’s up with Connor Joe? Six K’s in two games from someone who allegedly walks more then he strikes out. Just got my hopes up that he maybe a prospect, now he seems like a suspect that is totally over matched.

    • I’d call it way too early to judge. Give, at least, 30 games before pressing the panic button…or ordaining them as studs who deserve to be promoted (as I am so tempted to do with Hayes).

      • I watched Hayes, Joe, and I think it was Jordan Luplow fielding together at 3B in Pirate City in early March. The Pirates are trying to find a position for Joe and Luplow, so it was not shocking that neither was comparable to Hayes on any level on defense. I think Lup’s was moved back to the OF since then.

        Hayes is the best the Pirates have at 3B, and if he continues to hit, he deserves to be moved fast. He will play this entire year as a 19 year old – will the Pirates discount the age factor in favor of skills? I hope so, because he seems to play with a maturity well beyond his age.

        • With Hayes in the system, does it matter what happens with C-Joe? (unless KB gets hurt, perish the thought).

          He was a waste of a first round (supp) pick, but then, the odds of guys making it that are picked in that spot are less than 20%, so there’s that.

          • I have been less than impressed by a number of the Pirates recent drafts. I hated last year and the Joe pick was yet another highly questionable 1st round selection.

        • Interesting points…again, a hot few first games is not anything to base decisions on, but, hypothetically, if he fields his position well and is still crushing A- pitching after a month…do you move Hayes up? He’s one of the younger players at his level now…do challenge him even more because maybe you’ve caught lightning in a bottle and he can be in the majors in a season or two?

          And, if you do move him up…you pretty much bounce Joe out of a position…a guy the Pirates have made a substantial investment in and needs to get his reps. And…what if it turns out to be just a hot month…are you running the risk of damaging Hayes’ confidence and setting him back developmentally with a hasty promotion? If Hayes were to be sent back down…are you yo-yo’ing two tiers of the system because of overreacting to a hot streak?

          I guess therein lies the balancing act and why I write my opinions for free instead of being paid to make baseball decisions 🙂

          • Hayes will spend all of 2016 with the Power. Pirates prefer to keep younger players at one level their first year of full-season ball. The only way he moves up is if Bradenton is going to the playoffs and WV isn’t, then you might see him switch teams for the last week.

            • I don’t disagree that’s the most likely course.

              From a fan’s perspective it’s interesting to see it unfold. Though totally hypothetical, if, at mid-season, Hayes* is fielding and hitting well and Joe is struggling, what is more important…giving Joe every opportunity to right himself or progressing Hayes to a level of competition that more suited to his abilities?

              I guess, in the grand scheme of things…it’s just a question organizational philosophy…what’s viewed more favorably…getting players to the majors as soon as they’re ready, or giving as many the opportunity to get to the majors as possible?

              I’m not on one side of the fence or the other on this…as I said…it’s just interesting to watch how the decisions are made.

              *Of course, Hayes and Joe are just random examples…I’m not putting much stock in anyone’s overall performance until June-ish.

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