Alen Hanson Recalled, Starling Marte Placed on Paternity List

Alen Hanson is expected to be called up tomorrow to join the Pirates while Starling Marte is on paternity leave. Rob Biertempfel first reported the news, and Hanson’s agent confirmed it with the following tweet.

Hanson wasn’t in the Indianapolis lineup today, but has played left field in his last nine games. The original plan this year was for Hanson to get one start per week in the outfield, but that apparently has been changed recently in preparation for this. I’d expect Hanson to only be up for a short amount of time, until Marte returns. After that, he will probably return to Indianapolis and work on the consistency of his hitting, waiting for an injury or a bigger role until he’s called up again.

You can read about what Hanson has been working on in Ryan Palencer’s article from last week.

UPDATE: Monday, 1:55 PM: The Pirates officially announced the move, placing Marte on the paternity list and recalling Hanson, who is with the team today.

  • Congrats Alen! I like the setup of him coming up for a few days even if it’s for paternity leave of another player. This will get the jitters out before he comes up the next time. I wish it could be said of Bell as well bc it would help w the transition .

  • really hope they at least give the kid a start…watched him play a few times over the past few years..really like him…i was at the game on saturday and he looked great…good luck hanson!!!

  • If the bench was weaker, I would say keep him up and lower the super two numbers. .

  • I have absolutely nothing to back this up but it seems to me like Hurdle likes to get the new guys into games early. I think he gets a start somewhere in the next couple games.

  • I am thinking GP goes to LF and Joyce starts in RF.

    I don’t see Mr “No Walk” getting many ABs. He might even get a Pinch running shot.

  • There goes the super 2 issue. Neil Walker junior. Must be a 2nd base thing.

    • The chances Hansen sticks long enough to cause Super 2 issues are slim IMO. would take a couple significant ijuries.

      • Agreed…he comes up for three, goes down for a month…even if he comes back then, no S2 concerns.

        Even if there were the issues…still really wouldn’t matter. An extra year of arbitration for a slick fielding and (maybe) better than average second baseman are going to be insignificant compared to the cost outlays for a top of the rotation pitcher.

        Besides, Hanson’s the type of guy that, if he’s successful, the Pirates are apt to get extended.

    • Personally, I don’t think they see AH as a top prospect any more.

      Just a hunch.

  • Nice to see its not a paternity suit like many athletes.

  • BuccosFanStuckinMD
    May 15, 2016 5:53 pm

    I tip my cap to Gerrit Cole for today’s very strong, and desperately needed, big time performance. Beating a VERY hot team in their park, while out dueling Lester – that was the kind of performance Cole needs to start stringing together and become that true ace of the rotation. He has all the God given talent to be one of the top 5 starters in the NL – he just needs to develop some killer instinct and trust his stuff more.
    After getting bullied and embarrassed in the first 5 games against the Cubs, the Pirates had to have this game to give them a shot of confidence. I think this team will score enough runs to win consistently – but the defense needs to improve and the starting rotation needs some immediate upgrades. When this team can put Cole, Liriano, Glasnow, Taillon and fill in the blank, they will have a pretty formidable rotation. Who knows, maybe a Kuhl, Brault, or even Waddell can become part of the rotation by August – and then it will be a lights out rotation, instead of the mess that we’ve been having to endure. The bullpen will improve, just by not getting overworked and overexposed.

    • I think when Taillon or Glasnow enter the starting rotation the bull pen will be made stronger with Locke now as the long man. He can get nine men out pretty regularly the first time. Its the second and third time that kills him. Nice long man or a guy you need for those extra inning marathons.

  • BuccosFanStuckinMD
    May 15, 2016 5:45 pm

    Well deserved and earned….I remember first starting to notice Alen Hanson, when he, Greg Polanco, Willy Garcia, and Jose Osuna were all on the same Low A team at the start of the season 4-5 hears ago. I hope he can handle the pressure well enough to let his talent show through and he makes it hard for the Pirates FO to send him back to Indy. I’d much rather see him stick and send Figueroa back down. Hansen can 3-4 positions, being able to give a few guys rests now and then – plus he adds the element of speed to the top of the lineup, which is BADLY needed.

    • I disagree a bit. Hanson never, never, ever walks. To the point he makes Marte & JayHay look downright patient. A likely OBP below .300 would hurt this team greatly.

      On the other hand, he is a player that defines the term “streaky”, and if we see him hitting .400 instead of .200 it’s possible Hansen could help instead of hurt for a short time.

      He’s just not a Pirates kind of player if he doesn’t get his walk rate up above 5% IMO.

      • BuccosFanStuckinMD
        May 15, 2016 7:42 pm

        I want a hitter, not a guy looking to draw walks. Yes, he may need to work counts more…but I would take him over 2 to 3 of the guys on their current bench.

        • Right, we’d take him for the bench. But not to hit leadoff, where OBP is just as important as anything else.

          If you play him, he should be hitting 7th or 8th.

          • Or 9th, Ala a certain Billy Hamilton in Cinci, and for the same reasons.

      • I’m 98% in agreement…then I look at Marte and realize Hanson walks more…but…no way Hanson hits like Marte. Still trying to figure out how Starling does it. He’s a stud now, but, when that bat eventually slows, I see Marte’s career imploding at the speed of light.

  • Does one get maternity leave if one’s wife steels a baby?

  • Alen was expected to come to the bigs some time this year, is there any chance that if he plays well enough he stays on the bench and Figueroa gets sent to Indy?

  • Since I lost my house and now have to join the Peace Corps because Zach Locke lost yesterday’s game I hope Alen gets more than a cup of Caffee!

  • Scott Kliesen
    May 15, 2016 4:26 pm

    Welcome to The Show, Alen! Now get some hits and stay awhile.

    • John Dreker
      May 15, 2016 5:07 pm

      I’m not 100% sure he will go back after 2-3 days or whatever it ends up being for Marte, but I think it’s almost a guarantee. He could definitely use more time in left field, you don’t exactly became great at the position with nine games this year and a dozen or so six years ago. I wouldn’t mind seeing him keep switching between 2B/3B/LF and even work SS in there once in awhile. With the way they shift at Indy for right-handed batters, he has basically played shortstop already and handled tough plays nicely.

      I still think if you want a bench bat for multiple spots, it’s better at this point to use Figueroa. Hanson is the type who will try to do too much if you give him sporadic playing time as the 25th man. Figueroa knows the role and isn’t going to get better playing regularly in the minors like a 23-year-old would.

      • How long is paternity leave?

      • Thanks John for the info regarding his play at Indy. I think he kept running in quicksand at SS and never really developed the mental side of the position. With maturity I think he has become an excellent 2B, and with that confidence, will be able to play SS also. If he hits, then he becomes a very valuable commodity to any team

  • I’ve always been excited for Alen. The kid is only 23. I appreciate his perseverance after not being able to handle s.s. kids a keeper I think.

    That being said I hope he doesn’t get much playing time.

  • Michael Sanders
    May 15, 2016 4:09 pm

    Yay! Called it. 🙂

  • Alen Hanson went on to say ” I wish to thank LEE FOO and all his minions for the support shown me during my career advancement”. ” I am a SUPER TWO playaaa”
    Mr. Foo was not available for a comment..

    • Hanson will Pinch Run and Pinch Hit and will be back in Indiana before you can say “Polis”.

      • Lee, I am not a big Hanson fan, but I do hope that
        they give him one start just to see what he can do.

  • The Pirates could use the spark that Hanson could provide at the top of the lineup. They are in a deep hole and they need a speed option at the top. I’d be putting Alen there and then going Jhay, Cutch, Polanco, Marte. Super 2 can’t get here soon enough, they need Taillon desperately!

    • Better than the spark of Marte leading the team offensively or Joyce doing extremely well off the bench? I don’t completely disagree. But that’s a little bit of an oversell.

      • Joyce or Srod will play. Maybe Hanson gets some PH or PR opportunities.

        • If bench strength and pinch running are what the Pirates are bringing Alen Hanson to the majors to provide, it is an indication he will not be with the Pirates very much longer. If he plays some LF and 2B while with the Pirates, and possibly leads off, I think he has a chance to stay.

          • Well, a team can bring him to provide those things for 2 games and then bring him back at a later date for different things.

            And again, he’s a shitty leadoff option. Its basically “he’s quick” ignoring that he doesnt get on base at a high rate. A sub .320 type OBP will be maddening at the leadoff spot.

    • Alen and Jhay in front of Cutch would likely put 2 of the worst options at getting on base in front of Cutch.

      Until they let you steal 1B, JHay and guys with his OBP stuff suck at leadoff.

  • He said paternity leave.

    Great to see Alen in Black and Gold. This is a great way for him to break in, he’ll get the thrill but not the expectation of sticking around. I hope it motivates him to continue working on his consistency.

  • Good for the kid. Hopefully he sees a start or two and isn’t just hidden away on the bench.

  • dangreen1984
    May 15, 2016 3:38 pm

    Until Marte returns from what?