First Pitch: How Deep Are the Pirates in Prospects at Each Position?

Last week, while writing all of the first base articles, and looking at how the Pirates were loaded with talented first base options for once, I had an article idea. I wanted to go through each position and see who they had in the system as short-term replacements, and who the long-term replacements were in the system. The Pirates have a very talented, and very deep system, and the depth runs through almost every position. In the long-term, they’ve got top options for every spot, or they’ve got talented young players in the majors locked down for a long period of time.

The chart gives an idea of how things could play out in the future for the Pirates and their current starters. Right now, every position has its top prospect slated to arrive just before the big league guy becomes a free agent, which is what you want. The one exception could be at catcher, with today’s news on Elias Diaz putting his status up in the air. Other than that, you might want to get used to the John Jaso/Josh Bell situation this year, because that could repeat itself many times over the next few years.

Here is the breakdown of each position. Note that I didn’t include pitchers, because it would just be a list of every pitcher in the upper and lower levels, and a note that you can’t have too much pitching.


Current Starter: Francisco Cervelli

Under Team Control Through: 2016

Short-Term Replacement: Elias Diaz

Long-Term Replacement: Reese McGuire

Analysis: Diaz is having surgery, although his agent tweeted that it isn’t Tommy John. Right now, we don’t know how long he will be out, or the long-term impact. What we can assume is that Francisco Cervelli will be a free agent at the end of the season. This puts the Pirates in the same situation they were in two years ago when Russell Martin was in his final year of his deal. The entire season was spent wondering what they would do the following year without Martin, and hoping the Pirates would extend Martin. This time around, there’s the chance that Diaz could take over. If he’s not healthy, and if Cervelli leaves, then they’ll have to find another catcher to fill the gap until Reese McGuire is ready, or until Diaz is healthy. The thing about that latter point: Even if Diaz misses the entire 2016 season, they could still go with him as the starter in 2017.

First Base

Current Starter: John Jaso

Under Team Control Through: 2017

Short-Term Replacement: Josh Bell

Long-Term Replacement: Josh Bell

Analysis: I’ve written about this a lot in the last week. Bell is off to a great start, but he’s blocked by Jaso. This is a great situation to be in, having a productive player in the majors, and a top prospect living up to the hype in the minors.

Second Base

Current Starter: Josh Harrison

Under Team Control Through: 2020

Short-Term Replacement: Alen Hanson

Long-Term Replacement: Alen Hanson

Analysis: If Harrison gets injured, or is needed elsewhere, then Alen Hanson could take over here. Hanson was in the mix to start for the Pirates until Jung-ho Kang returned, but the club eventually decided on David Freese as the temporary starter, which has been a good move. Hanson should eventually be up, and projects to be the starter at second in the long-term. Other options here are Max Moroff and Adam Frazier, although Hanson is the leader of that group.


Current Starter: Jordy Mercer

Under Team Control Through: 2018

Short-Term Replacement: Gift Ngoepe

Long-Term Replacement: Kevin Newman

Analysis: The Pirates are weak at shortstop in the short-term, relying on all-defense options like Gift Ngoepe and Pedro Florimon. They’ve also got all-offense guys like Adam Frazier or Alen Hanson. In the long-term, Kevin Newman looks like the starter of the future. Cole Tucker could factor in that mix, but Newman will arrive sooner, definitely before Mercer becomes a free agent. He’s got a strong hitting ability, and a lot of speed. If he improves his defense, then you’ve got a good all-around starting shortstop.

Third Base

Current Starter: Jung-ho Kang

Under Team Control Through: 2019

Short-Term Replacement: Alen Hanson/Max Moroff

Long-Term Replacement: Ke’Bryan Hayes

Analysis: Technically, the short-term replacement is David Freese. And then I think the club might go with Jason Rogers if Freese is injured. But beyond those two, the club has Alen Hanson and Max Moroff in Triple-A. Hanson hasn’t played much third base, so he might not be high on the depth chart here, even though he’s a better prospect than Moroff. As for Moroff, he has more time at third base, but looks like a very short-term option as a starter at the position. Long-term, Ke’Bryan Hayes is the future at the position, even if other guys like Wyatt Mathisen or Connor Joe work out. He might even arrive just in time to replace Kang, spending 2017 between Bradenton and Altoona, 2018 between Altoona and Indianapolis, and 2019 in the Josh Bell role to Kang’s John Jaso role.

Left Field

Current Starter: Starling Marte

Under Team Control Through: 2021

Short-Term Replacement: Adam Frazier

Long-Term Replacement: Austin Meadows

Analysis: The outfield is tricky. If Marte needs to be replaced in left, it either means he’s injured (probably by one of the many HBP that he’s subject to), or it means he moved to center field. Either way, the short-term options don’t look good. Adam Frazier looks like the best option in left field, although in 2016, Matt Joyce would be the answer. Long-term, Austin Meadows could have this spot, although that doesn’t mean that Marte would be off the team. I just think Meadows profiles best at this position.

Center Field

Current Starter: Andrew McCutchen

Under Team Control Through: 2018

Short-Term Replacement: Starling Marte

Long-Term Replacement: Starling Marte

Analysis: Speaking of Meadows, he might factor in to the center field mix more than left field, at least with decision-making. Starling Marte is the short-term and long-term replacement for McCutchen in center field, but that would open up left field, which is where Meadows comes into play. The Pirates might eventually be faced with a decision on whether they want to keep McCutchen at a high price, or go with the younger Meadows to replace him.

Right Field

Current Starter: Gregory Polanco

Under Team Control Through: 2023

Short-Term Replacement: Willy Garcia

Long-Term Replacement: Gregory Polanco

Analysis: Short-term, Willy Garcia might be the best prospect option in right field. Long-term, I’m just putting down Polanco. He’s under control through the 2023 season. His eventual replacement might be a freshman in high school right now, and probably isn’t even in the system yet (or in pro ball).

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  • Why does Max Moroff get the short-term for Left Field and Willy Garcia for Right? Could you elaborate a little bit on the distinction of why one of them wouldn’t get both please. I’m aware of the arm/power of Willy and the versatility of Max, but for example, why does one get right and the other left.

  • An off the wall thought…if Cervelli leaves after this year and Diaz is not ready, could Jaso return to catching?

    • He could.

      We could also watch a player sustain a life altering injury on live TV.

      Any manager who allows Jaso to catch should be fired.

      • Well said Luke…..any manager that lets his players where their hair like Jaso’s should also be……..well at least reprimanded, lol

      • Id Jaso going to the NFL? Every week we watch it happen in that arena.

        • The last time Jaso took a foul ball off the helmet, it took weeks to recover.

          Im all for being tough, but it’d just be stupid to throw that guy back into that situation.

  • Pirates are perilously thin at catcher. NH won’t be able to pull a rabbit out of the hat like he did with Martin and Cervelli. Diaz’s surgery is scary and while Stew is a nice backup him starting 80-100 games would be a disaster. I’m not sure Mcguire will ever even have same bat as Stewardt.

    • Was just wondering why Huntington and his MLB scouts won’t be able to identify and trade for a good replacement at catcher when all they touch turns to gold these days?

      Pitchers they occasionally miss on, but our team’s ability to find the right position players for cheap has been pretty darn consistent in recent years.

      • Obviously I can’t guarantee it won’t happen I’m just very skeptical it gets pulled off again. They moved fast on Russ in free agency- and I don’t think they have assets to play there. Cervelli was sort of a unique case.

      • Russ is having horrible year. LOL maybe trade for Russ and see if you can get Blue Jays to pick up 2/3 of his remaining salary.

    • That’s why you don’t release Sanchez for nothing when all you have is stallings. If Cervelli gets hurt, Stallings gets called up and backs up Stew, it is what it is.

  • Reese Mcguire has that slugging percentage back to a familiar place- below 300

  • Reese McGuire needs to hit allot more before the Bucs start penciling him as a starting catcher.

    • long-term replacement categories are never in pencil, its too far in advance.

  • joebaseball
    May 3, 2016 9:36 am

    Cervelli, Mercer, and Jao look like they should be extended. What are the chances?

  • Hanson down to .293 and a .721 OPS. He has walked 3 times and K’d 22 times in 80 ABs.

  • What about QO’ing Cervelli? That would give us a bridge (if Cervelli accepts). Surely, Bob can afford that, right?

    • Gunner Prince
      May 3, 2016 9:04 am

      Nutsack would likely entertain a 1 year commitment although the amount will be approx $14M, wouldn’t it?

    • Even though I agree with your thoughts Lee, if I was Cervelli or his agent, I would not sign a match offer from the FO, due to the fact that with injuries, a down year, it would effect him long term now in his 30’s. I would stay the FA course and sign a 3 to 4 year deal for say around 30 to 60 mil or even higher.

    • I think that was not going to happen, but with Diaz’s injury, it becomes a lot more likely

  • indybucfan
    May 3, 2016 6:26 am

    I tend to think that if a replacement were needed at third in 2017, it could result in Harrison moving to third and Hanson at second.