Keller and Waddell Win Pitcher of the Month Awards

When we picked our Pirates Prospects Pitcher of the Month award earlier this week, we had a tough choice between Brandon Waddell and Mitch Keller, choosing Waddell mostly due to the innings he put in over Keller. The Florida State League and South Atlantic League didn’t have that same tough choice we had, handing out the league’s monthly award to the two Pirates.

Waddell has already been promoted to Altoona, where he made his debut last night. Before leaving, he put up an 0.93 ERA and a 0.52 WHIP for Bradenton, leading the FSL in both categories. In 29 innings, he had a 2:26 BB/SO ratio. Waddell allowed three hits or less in all five starts in April.

Keller won the Pitcher of the Week award during the first full week in the SAL. He finished the month with an 0.86 ERA over 21 innings, with a 1:28 BB/SO ratio. Keller followed up those numbers with one run over seven innings in his start last night. It was the first time he went seven innings as a pro. Twice already this season, Keller has struck out ten batters in a game.

Yeudy Garcia was the last Power pitcher to win the Pitcher of the Month award, picking up that hardware last July.

  • Is Waddell legit? There’s so little about him. What kinda ceiling does he have?

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  • Honestly, watching a few of those videos of Keller just epitomizes what scouts call a low-effort delivery. It barely looks like he’s trying out there and, to quote John Madden, “BOOM!” that low- to mid-90’s heater is right on you.

    Still too soon to say the sky’s the limit, but boy is his ceiling getting up there.

    • Mark Maddon would say ” Boom Mario is the greatest person to ever walk the earth_——

  • Yeudy was railroaded by the false amount of ground support thrust upon him by Lee Foo and his minions!

    • Watch out!

      Minions are small, yellow creatures who have existed since the beginning of time, evolving from single-celled organisms into beings who exist only to serve history’s most despicable masters

    • Garcia’s minions, otherwise known as Yeudy and the Blowfish.

      (Yes, this joke bombed before. No, I won’t stop delivering it.)