The Pittsburgh Pirates made a few roster moves on Thursday afternoon, one expected and a couple unexpected ones. Starling Marte has been activated from the Paternity List, which means Alen Hanson returns to Indianapolis. That move was basically announced when Marte was put on the list, with Clint Hurdle saying that Hanson will be up for 72 hours before returning to Indianapolis.

The move that wasn’t expected was Wilfredo Boscan being added to the 40-man roster and taking the 25-man roster spot of reliever Cory Luebke. To open up a spot for Boscan, the Pirates placed Elias Diaz on the 60-day disabled list. That will have no effect on Diaz, as he will miss a lot more than 60 days total before he returns to action (he’s already at 47 days).

Boscan was scheduled to start tomorrow for Indianapolis. It is assumed he is available for tonight despite pitching six innings just four days ago. He was called up three times last year without getting into a game. Boscan has a 2.48 ERA in 40 innings, with a 1.08 WHIP, a 4:31 BB/SO ratio and a 1.90 GO/AO ratio. He has never pitched in the majors.

Luebke was with Indianapolis on rehab until recently and only pitched once for the Pirates after being recalled. He gave up three runs in his only appearance on Monday, recording just one out.

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    • *starting* pitchers.

      No one cares if Boscan will develop into being a SP, but he can give better value in the pen than Vogelsong right now.

      If we purely wanted to worry about the bulllpen, we could promote Taillon and Glasnow right now for two bullpen slots.

  1. Boscan? Really? Is this the FO ideal of addressing issues with the pitching staff? Even on a short term basis, this is a bad move….Boscan is terrible. Hope he never has to pitch a meaningful inning in Pittsburgh. Why not bring up Kuhl instead?

    • Why is Boscan terrible?

      The guy aint a SP in the majors, but he’s not walking guys and repeating a fine stats line he flashed last year.

      Considering this is the time of year where good bullpen help is tough to find, this is a valid move. Particularly since Kuhl is looking far more like SP depth than relief depth for this year.

    • I’d hope they arent about to put Boscan in the rotation. No offense to him, but he’s not really even all that likely to be better than Locke over 5-6 innings.

      • Could be…but the Pirates are now down a lefty in the pen…I wouldn’t be shocked to see Locke on a short leash tonight with Boscan the first to be called.

        Whether it’s a long term solution, I don’t know…Boscan has pitched well enough in the minors to have a shot…just don’t know if it’s on this team…but I don’t know that he’d be demonstrably worse than Locke’s 5+ ERA.

        • Im just not at all convinced the good stats make a journeyman suddenly all that much better than he has been before.

          You know what you get with him, i just dont think it translates super well to SP in the majors. Long relief is doable, but his stuff and command dont seem like the match that =great success 2-3 times through an order.

          I think right now its less about having enough lefties, and more about having usable arms beyond the 7-8-9 options.

          • Trust me, my friend…not at all arguing that Boscan is a legitimate longterm option…just wondering whether, at this time, he’s seen as a better short-term risk than Locke.

            If we were talking about the historic Locke who was a damn strong pitcher in the first half, not a question…but the 2016 version is an absolute train wreck and, if he doesn’t establish himself in the BP, is going to be non-tendered faster than you can say Pedro Alvarez.

            FWIW…Locke/Boscan? Absent injury, neither of them will be rotation questions in 6 weeks.

          • Not saying Locke should go at this point, but journeyman or not, a guy like Boscan could be very useful for a month. If you dig deep down into the dark past, even Brian Burres was a breath of fresh air for a couple weeks in September 2010 before he remembered he was Brian Burres. Brandon Cumpton was a perfectly serviceable 5 for a couple months in 2014. Better than Niese, anyway.

            • Boscan has to walk no one to survive, and his stuff doesnt allow filling the zone up to work 2-3 times per hitter.

              A hitter might not square him up the first time around, but his stuff fools no ML level hitter another time or two. Fine mid reliever, no better than Jeff Locke from the 4th to 6th.

  2. Surprised by the Boscan move but it makes a lot of sense. If he’s ready mentally I think he can help
    Fingers crossed

  3. I think your math is a bit off there John.

    Diaz was placed on the DL retroactive to March 25th. That gives him 7 days in March, all 30 in April and today would be his 19th this month. That works out to 56 by my math. (I think you missed the retro days)

    • So this is your moment Bill W, the prediction of Boscan coming up for Luebke????… Just sucks for me that I can’t even claim something like that 🙁 🙁

      • Yes math boy Hanson comes up bats .500 drives in a run —–Boscan will exceed your minimal expectations.

        • Bill: Sorry, no RBI, but he did score a run. He also managed to have an excellent Spring Training hitting .333/.417/.381/.798 and ZERO errors in 45 innings. Made some spectacular plays too. He has been struggling at AAA this year with striking out too often, but is still hitting .280+ which qualifies for the Top 25 in the IL, and only 1 error.

          He’ll make somebody a good 2B one of these days – I hope it will be the Pirates.

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