Pirates Option Jason Rogers to Indianapolis

According to the MLB and MiLB transaction pages, the Pittsburgh Pirates have optioned 1B/3B Jason Rogers to Indianapolis. Both the Pirates and Indianapolis have off tomorrow, so we likely won’t hear about his roster replacement right away, but one would have to assume that it means Jung-ho Kang will be rejoining the Pirates when they play in St Louis on Friday. With rehab assignments limited to 20 days maximum, Kang could stay with Indianapolis as late as May 10th. He has struggled at the plate, going 6-for-40 with a .442 OPS, though he has looked better lately and his fielding has been strong the entire time.

Rogers went 1-for-13 with four walks in nine games with the Pirates. He was the best hitter at Indianapolis before getting called up, putting up a 1.118 OPS in his first 11 games.

  • I like Rogers a lot. He seems to me that he could be a nice PH off the bench late in games. I just hope they don’t go the Figueroa or Florimon projects.

  • mattcarr18
    May 5, 2016 2:38 pm

    Why is no one else reporting this? Hope it’s Kang

    • Cause Pirates Prospects is a great website and often breaks us the news first!

  • John – How has Kang looked? Is he favoring his leg at all? Does he seem to make cuts like he did pre-injury?


  • I’m glad Kang is coming back but I would rather read an article about the a pitcher coming to town.

  • Joshuatree
    May 5, 2016 1:15 am

    Initially I didn’t think it was gonna happen when he first showed up and relievers would be sent down even with Kang coming up. I feel like Rogers is better served as a steady bat and not as a pinch hitter but he will never get that time at 1st with Jaso. He would be more consistent at the plate being in the lineup everyday like he was in AAA. Hopefully theres a next time pal!

    • Keep working on that playing time at 3B as well, which would really help him longterm.

      Be nice to go into next year not “needing” a Freese like guy with Kang healthy and Rogers having played 3B a large chunk of his AAA season.

      • Joshuatree
        May 5, 2016 9:59 am

        I also strongly believe he would be our DH if the National League finally adopted it. He would be a monster if he had more playing time like he did in AAA. I agree on getting more 3rd base in esp w Kang coming up shortly.