Minor Moves: Ed Easley and Jeff Roy Released, Osuna Promotion Made Official

The Pittsburgh Pirates made a handful of moves today, mostly involving Indianapolis and Bradenton.

*Jorge Rondon has cleared waivers and been sent outright to Indianapolis. He pitched twice for the Pirates, allowing seven runs over 3.2 innings.

*The Jose Osuna promotion was posted about last night was made official. To make room for him on the roster, Jhondaniel Medina was sent down to Altoona. Medina has a 2.93 ERA between Altoona and Indianapolis this season, but he’s also issued 27 walks in 40 innings. This is the third time he was with Indianapolis this season, though that has amounted to only six appearances for them.

*Catcher Ed Easley has been released. Tomas Morales has taken his place in Indianapolis. Easley was in the major last year, but he did not have the look of a Major League player this season. He hit just .174/.260/.209 and had a lot of trouble on defense. Morales joined Indianapolis briefly while Jacob Stallings was in the majors. He is 24 years old and a strong defensive catcher, but Triple-A is quite the leap for him. He spent 2014-15 in Bristol as a part-time starter.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Pirates pick up a more experienced backup for Stallings, unless they just plan to ride Morales out until Elias Diaz eventually returns. No update on his timetable, but he has been throwing, catching a simulated game and taking batting practice.

*Jose Regalado was placed on the disabled list. Tanner Anderson was promoted from West Virginia. Regalado was removed from his start yesterday after just two shutout innings, so that appeared to be a sign that something happened. No word on his injury yet. Anderson was having a great season in long relief for West Virginia until his last outing, when he allowed seven runs in one inning of work. That pushed his ERA from 2.14 up to 3.42 in 47.1 innings.

*Jeff Roy has also been released. The 18th round pick from 2013 has been with Bradenton this season. In 262 games during his four seasons, he had a .251/.334/.292 slash line, with 74 stolen bases.

*Raul Hernandez took the place of Morales as the backup catcher for Bradenton. Hernandez has been the starting catcher in the GCL and he came over from the DSL this spring.

*Erik Lunde was sent to the GCL on rehab. Once he is off the disabled list in a few days, he will take the place of Hernandez on the Bradenton roster, assuming Morales stays in Indianapolis.

*Nick King, who they signed yesterday, was assigned to Morgantown. Daniel Cucjen was also signed yesterday, and as well mentioned, he was assigned to Bristol.

*Max Kranick, the 11th round draft pick, was assigned to the GCL Pirates.

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Although he likely did not have any chance of ever reaching the majors, it is sad to see a kid like Roy let go. Its not like he has performed horribly – in fact, for him, he likely overachieved to do what he did at High A level……a gamer who always gives 100% – like Schwind in Altoona.

Michael Sanders

Sad to see Roy go. At least I had the chance to see him play in one of the Spring Training games.

Michael D

I knew Roy wouldnt last. He never reached his potential. He was the face of Bradenton when Bell was there. I would like to see Jin-De Jhang move up before Morales. Morales has been bad at Bradenton, too many pass balls. Plus Taylor G is doing great behind the plate in Bradenton

Darren G

I thought Roy was getting way more starts in Bradenton then he should of been getting given all of the other prospects at that level. However, he was actually having a good year but then was released anyhow. Why wastes ABs on Roy to release him regardless of results? Does Pirate management dictate who plays or do the managers at each level have discretion as to who plays?

Wilbur Miller

Odd about Easley. He played in the majors for the Cards just last year. Now he looks so bad that they’re releasing him without an obvious replacement.


Once a player leaves the Cards’ org, they seem to go downhill.


Douglas C

You may be right Foo, except for one, Andy Van Slyke.

Wilbur Miller

If Easley goes back there, they’ll call him up and he’ll hit .340.


I would hope Kratz heads to Indy when Frankie gets back. Hate to see this team keep three catchers.


The team does not need to keep three catchers, especially someone like Kratz! but with the versatility of the bench they could


kratz will accept the assignment, likely with an out clause. quite honestly, until september he probably has a better chance of being called up again here than most other places in the MLB

Blaine Huff

True….but, as he was got for nothing more than a phone call….I’m kinda thinking no one would claim him and he’d be happy to have a job.

Blaine Huff

True…the Dodgers claimed Figgy…so anything’s possible. But I really can’t imagine anyone out there clamoring for Kratz or they would’ve called the Dodgers before the Pirates did.

I mean, let’s be reasonable…even for the Pirates to show interest, it took:

The #1 catcher to go down…the #2 catcher to go down…the #1 catcher at AAA to go down…and the #2 catcher at AAA to be hitting ~.200 at that level. Someone like Kratz was #5 on the Pirates’ depth chart…heck, if Valle had stuck around this season, he probably would’ve been promoted before the Pirates made the call to the Dodgers.

Kratz would have to go through waivers…but I doubt there would be much of a problem clearing.

Stephen Brooks

The Cardinals just designated Eric Fryer, so there’s that.


Eric Fryer is heads and shoulders better than Eric Kratz. We’d be idiots to not pick him up right now

Joe S

You hit the nail on the head Stephen.


Or maybe they can give Stewart some much-needed down time. I mean, they have a host of possible injuries to choose from to put him on the DL.

“Chris Stewart has been placed on the 15-day DL for being broken.”

Stephen Brooks

“Chris Stewart has been placed on the 15-day DL for being Chris Stewart.”


The Pirates just put beau bennett on the 15 day DL

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