The Pittsburgh Pirates have announced that they signed nine of their draft picks. The players officially announced are:

Blake Cederlind, 5th round

Cam Vieaux, 6th

Brent Gibbs, 7th

Dylan Prohoroff, 8th

Clark Eagan, 9th

Danny Beddes, 15th

Matt Diorio, 16th

Kevin Mahala, 18th

Brandon Bingel, 22nd

The first five players on that list were covered here last night, along with bonus amounts for four of them. Three of the last four were mentioned in the draft rumors post earlier yesterday as players who indicated they were signing, while Diorio was a player who could have decided to go back to school as a senior next year. He missed a large portion of the season with a hand injury. There should be more signings announced later this week, with a few players saying they were headed to Pittsburgh to get physicals on Thursday. You can find the player pages for all of these signed players on our draft tracker page (I’ve also linked them individually up top), which has been updated with the known bonus amounts.

Baseball America announced that Cam Vieaux signed for $175,000, which is $63,600 under his slot amount. They can now use that money towards any over-slot deals, to go along with the $85,000 they were already under from the previously announced deals. The draft tracker has been updated.

Cederlind and Gibbs have been assigned to Bristol, while the other seven players were all assigned to Morgantown.

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  1. I like this system better then when we had the Pedro fiasco. Players need to get in and start their careers.

      • I’m on record as saying he will be playing in Japan next year. 7 homers and 19 RBI. This guy can only hit homers when the bases are empty. 7 HR’s only once did he drive in another run. Only once did his homer break a tie. The remaining shots his team was down by a lot or ahead by a lot.

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