The Pittsburgh Pirates have called up left-handed pitcher Kyle Lobstein, and have optioned Wilfredo Boscan to Indianapolis. The move makes sense, as Boscan started last night, and won’t be available for a few days, while Lobstein gives them an extra reliever, following a night where their bullpen received a lot of work.

Lobstein has been one of the better relievers who has been through the revolving middle relief door for the Pirates this year. That statement does come with the disclaimer that he has a 4.13 ERA and a 4.88 xFIP, and sadly that is good enough to be one of the better relievers. He has stepped up a few times in extended innings, so he could have some value to the Pirates as a long reliever.

Boscan made his first MLB start last night, and looked good the first time through the order. He struggled big time after that, and looks like he’s best used as a long-reliever at most in the future.

Alan Saunders will have more from PNC Park later today.

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    • Well, he has played that role already this
      year at multiple levels. I hope they
      would not be serious about that,
      but your comment was really funny.

  1. Any team, including the Cubs, that lost three of their top six starters to injury/personal issue and had the remaining 3 starters pitching well below expectations would be in serious trouble.

    • Yeah, that’s undeniable. But, aside from Cole, it’s not as if anyone the Pirates ‘lost’ was contributing. Vogelsong? Nicasio? Not exactly like losing Arrieta and Lester. And Cole’s been out…what…one start? Two?

  2. Mrs. Lincoln although the play “Our American Cousin ” is not your genre you will like the theatre.

    • Hey now…I like Boscan! He’s not a starter at the ML level, though. However, I think he’d be acceptable as a once-through-the-order bullpen arm…nothing special, but every team needs a couple of guys like that.

  3. I hope the writers realize they can save time by having a Mad Libs-style template…

    “___________” was recently rocked and will be going to Indy. “__________” who was rocked before, but is doing well at Indy, has been recalled.

  4. The Chinese fire drill continues – it would be comical, if it wasn’t so pathetically sad…

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