According to Jonathan Mayo, the Pittsburgh Pirates have agreed to sign fifth round pick Blake Cederlind for $285,000, which is $33,800 under his slot amount. That money can be put towards other draft picks who require over-slot deals to sign. Cederlind is a right-handed pitcher who can hit 97 MPH with his fastball, working in the 92-95 MPH range. He also has a curveball that needs work, and he mixes in a changeup. He has had major command issues during his JuCo career, so he is considered a project at this point, though he comes with high upside. The draft signing tracker has been updated. You can view Cederlind’s player page here.

Jonathan Mayo also has the signing of Brent Gibbs, the seventh round pick, who is a catcher out of Central Arizona JuCo. He signed for $150,000, which saved the Pirates $35,7000 on top of the savings from Cederlind. Gibbs is a glove-first backstop with a questionable bat. He put up strong offensive stats in 2016, but he was playing in a high offense environment and he was 2-4 years older than most players in the league. His defense is above average, his arm is plus-plus, and he works well with pitchers. His player page can be viewed here.

Sixth round pick Cam Vieaux has also signed according to the Lansing State Journal, inking his deal on Monday night. He’s a finesse lefty with excellent command. You can view his player page here. No word yet on his bonus amount.

Jim Callis announced that ninth round pick Clark Eagan signed for $160,000, just $2,000 under slot. He’s an outfielder from Arkansas, who hit .298/.370/.444 this season. You can view his player page here.

Jim Callis also announced that eighth round pick Dylan Prohoroff signed for $160,000, a savings of $13,500 over the slot amount. Prohoroff was closing for Cal State Fullerton this season. His fastball has touched 97 MPH. He had an 0.68 ERA in 26.1 innings this season. You can view his player page here.

The tracker has been updated. The Pirates have saved a total of $85,000 on the picks that have been announced.

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  1. All expected signings….good that we saved some slot money, but likely not enough to really help much elsewhere – like with the HS kids…

      • Good points and even if the savings underslot is minimal, teams have to make the signing rather than lose the slot amount entirely. Lodolo was a kid rated in the 80’s who the Pirates picked at 41 because I think they knew they needed that slot value to sign him; Mac should be an underslot signing.

    • There are probably about 15 players signed already, just some won’t be announced like this. The two rumor posts have more information

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