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Pirates Sign Fourth Round Pick Braeden Ogle

The Pittsburgh Pirates announced the signing of fourth round pick Braeden Ogle, a left-handed pitcher out of Jensen Beach HS in Florida. No details of the deal have been announced yet. His slot amount is $425,700, but the 18-year-old, 6’5″ Ogle will likely require an over-slot deal. He hit 96 MPH this spring and sat 91-93 with his fastball. Ogle had a commitment to Florida. He was rated 69th overall in this draft class by Baseball America and 83rd by MLB.com.

You can view Ogle’s player page here.

The Pirates also announced the deals with 27th round pick Tyler Leffler and 31st round pick Jordan Jess. We announced those here on Thursday night, along with some other picks they have yet to announce. They have signed 28 players total, including all but one of their top ten picks. Nick Lodolo, taken 41st overall, is still unsigned.

UPDATE 7:52 PM: Here’s a quick update from Jim Callis. Ogle got $374,300 over the slot amount. That’s a decent price for the Pirates compared to some of the other picks they signed. The draft signing tracker has been updated. The Pirates now have $378,525 left for over-slot deals before they reach any severe penalties.

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If Lodolo does not sign do the Pirates get a replacement pick in next years draft???


But lose the pick value…

Zach H

If they lose the pick value, would that affect how much they have left for overslot? Isn’t it a percentage of the pool before you start losing draft picks?


Wow! That seems high…and not a lot left for 11th now for Kranick


Pirates overpaid for the Tulane SS


This was my thought as soon as the signing news broke.


Is it odd that they never talked to Lodolo?


I think the slot money for #41 had to be within the number Lodolo had told teams it would take. I think his agent is just waiting to see what it is going to take to get Kranick, and if anything more is available after that happens. Waiting 3 years in college to hope that you can sign for more is not the smart move. Regardless, getting Ogle is major.


Good news! But … I will be surprised (pleasantly) if they have enough for 11th rounder Kranick.


What is your guess at Lodolo’s number? Given that he was projected 3rd-4th round, slot should be plenty, right? Would they need to sign him underslot to get Kranick too?

michael t

They want Kranick and might be content with the 42nd pick instead of Lodolo, IMHO. I’d love to know if that pick is tradeable.


Are you saying there is a compensation pick awarded for next year if he doesn’t sign? I forget how that works for 1A+ picks.

Zach H

Yes, you get the pick one spot lower.

michael t

Nobody seems to know if that 42nd pick, if we get it by not signing Lodolo, is tradeable. Do you know Zach?

Zach H

I know that competitive balance picks are tradable. But I’m not sure if that’s considered a competitive balance pick at that point.

michael t

exactly…is it still a competitive balance pick a year later by definition.


Is that only for 1 and 1A picks?

Zach H

I have no clue. I just knew that they’d get the 42nd because I asked John last week.


Thanks John.

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