NEW YORK — The Pirates will place right-handed pitcher Gerrit Cole on the 15-day disabled with with a right triceps strain and will recall right-handed pitcher Jameson Taillon from Triple-A Indianapolis to take Cole’s scheduled start Tuesday night.

Cole left his last start against the St. Louis Cardinals after two-plus innings on Friday due to discomfort in his right triceps. Cole’s disabled list stint will be retroactive to his last start, meaning that he will be eligible to return June 25.

The team did not give a further prognosis or a potential return date for Cole. He has been the Pirates’ most-effective starting pitcher this season, with a 2.77 ERA in 12 starts, but Tim Williams wrote today that his secondary numbers tell a more-complete story.

Taillon, 24, will make his second Major League start. He pitched six innings and gave up three runs in his big-league debut against the New York Mets last Wednesday and was the scheduled starter Tuesday night for Indianapolis.

Taillon performed well in his first start with Pittsburgh and has a 2.04 ERA in 10 starts in Triple-A this season.

UPDATE 4:56 PM: Updates from Tim Williams…

Clint Hurdle met with the media at Citi Field before today’s game, discussing the decision to place Cole on the disabled list and call Taillon up.

“I really kind of left that up to the training staff and the doctors involved and Gerrit,” Cole said on the first decision. “It got to the point where this next start was out of the question. That being said, now that you’ve got some days to play with, why jeopardize anything else? Just back it off and give him some time where he can take advantage of the time down, and we can re-create the throwing program as we’ve done in the past, and look for an efficient return.”

Cole was back-dated to June 11th, which means he is eligible to return on June 26th. On his regular five day schedule, he would have made just two starts between now and that date. With the first one already ruled out, it makes sense to give him a little extra time to get fully healthy. As for Taillon, the start today means he will get at least three starts in the big leagues before Cole returns.

Cole wasn’t available to the media today, but he and Head Athletic Trainer Todd Tomczyk will speak to the media tomorrow before the game.

Taillon was originally set to start today for Indianapolis, and the Pirates decided to keep him on his same schedule, while pushing Jeff Locke back to tomorrow, and having Juan Nicasio start on Thursday. Hurdle praised Taillon’s MLB debut, which also came against the Mets last week.

“Overall, we were all pleased with the level of competition he brought to the match, the pitches he was able to throw, the tempo and the pace with which he worked with,” Hurdle said. “It will be another good opportunity for him. It’s a good ball club. He’s pitching on the road. These guys have seen him once, and he’s seen them once.”

Taillon would also line up to face the Cubs on the road on Sunday, and the Dodgers at home on Friday, giving him a challenging way to continue the start of his MLB career. He showed signs that he was ready to be up for good the last time around. This tough schedule will give him the chance to further show that he’s ready, and unless he gets hammered in the next few outings, I can’t see how the Pirates could justify sending him back down.

Here is the lineup for tonight’s game:

#Pirates lineup tonight vs the Mets. Cole to the DL and Taillon called up for the start.

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As an additional note, the Pirates have released left-handed pitcher Robert Zarate, who spent the entire year so far on the Triple-A disabled list, after getting an invite to MLB Spring Training.

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    • When? Pretty sure you set the over/under at 4 innings, then gave him no chance because of a bad backup catcher. Other than that, nice try.

  1. Yeah, that Taillon can’t pitch – we should have kept him down so he can be a more “finished product” and given the start to Locke, Nicasio, Niese, or one of the other horrible options the Pirates have been scraping the bottom of the barrel for.
    4 hit shutout – and beat one of the best young starters in baseball in DeGrom….on the road and in the bright lights of NYC!
    And, if it wasn’t for the Cole injury, Taillon would still be in Indy – because the FO is that stubborn…

    • If ya hate the FO so much, go be a Cubs fans.

      Same post every week all year, “Stupid FO, clearly I know how ready Marte/Polanco/Taillon/Glasnow is and they just dont care”.

      You live to hate the FO and act like a typical yinzer.

  2. As I always say, I am no expert and I am learning about
    these things, but I think that qualifies and a quality start.

    • I don’t know, the GM said a week ago that he still needed to work on some things…wasn’t quite ready. I guess he has to adjust his out pitch for the shift so those bleeders don’t get through.
      A masterpiece of pitching and composure. His post-game interview showed a lot of maturity as well. Draft position, development, rehabilitation and strengthening after injury, maturity, poise. We might have a stud for as long as we can afford him.

      • Adding to the composure might be intelligence.
        This is obviously a real smart kid from a family
        of smart kids and he uses what is above his
        shoulders to his advantage.

  3. Bill W who was complaining about his 1st start, set the over/under innings at 4. Good call, Bill W

  4. Stuff wise he is right on par with Cole….His mound presence appears to be light years ahead of Cole.

  5. After watching the first two innings…two things:

    Taillon isn’t being demoted again, and…

    I need to get my butt over to the fantasy baseball site and pick up Taillon…

  6. I’m surprised they didn’t recall Boscan, instead of Taillon – given their other recent decisions (or lack thereof) regarding promotions of real prospects….

    • They just recently passed where the Super 2 line was. Did you expect something other than what’s happened?

      Realistically, what would have happened if they cut 3-4 starters from the team 3 weeks ago, call up the AAA guys, and they don’t work out…ya know, because they’re rookies. Maybe highly talented rookies, but still haven’t played at the level yet.

      Now you’re stuck with 0 experience, and 0 depth, because the majority of the older players have to be released.

      As much as people want to just cut Locke and Neise, and bring in Taillon and Glasnow, you still have to think of the depth behind those players. Because you don’t get to have your cake and eat it too.

      • If you want to win, you have to sometimes make bold, risky decisions (but not wreckless) – and the likes of Glasnow and Taillon were worth taking the gamble on, given their minor league production and their obvious overpowering stuff.

      • When it is obvious that the prospect is very likely a better player/pitcher than the veteran in front of him. The Pirates wasted 2.5 months of this season, and needlessly lost numerous games because of horrible starting pitching – that further taxed an already weak bullpen….Taillon and Glasnow should have been in the rotation starting in April – at worse, by May 1 when it was obvious that Locke and Niese were mediocre at best and not good enough to compete with the Cubs.
        I posted on here before the season started, the only hope we had was if the Pirates went with some of the young top prospects and that at least a couple of them were as good as advertised. I was referring to the likes of Glasnow, Taillon, Hanson, and Bell.
        The Cubs didn’t hesitate to use their young top prospects – Schwarber, Bryant, Russell, Soler, Baez, etc. Were there and are there growing pains with those young players? Yes, but even at that, the Cubs knew they were better than the alternative….
        We re-sign the likes of Stewart and Rodriguez, and then complain about payroll increasing – when we could have received similar, possibly better, production from young prospects like Diaz (before he got hurt), Stallings, Gamache, Hanson, etc. With the money saved, maybe we could have signed a real LH reliever to replace Bastardo – instead of the likes of Lobstein.

    • This from the guy who was 100% sure Glasnow was a ML ready an entire year ago and wouldnt have any issues against ML hitters.

      Glasnow, the guy struggling to throw 6 full against AAA hitters.

      • Yeah, Glasnow – the kid with an ERA under 2.00 and opposing BA under .230 – yeah, no way he could have pitched better than the likes of Locke…..BTW, it was last September (not an entire year ago, but stick with your version of history) when I was campaigning for the team to promote Glasnow, so we could win the division and avoid a one game playoff against Arrieta.
        Well, of course the Pirates didn’t (although NH acknowledged they considered it), they didn’t win the division, and they were promptly and predictably vanquished by Arrieta….yeah, that Glasnow…

        • Yup, ERA=clear cut ready pitcher.

          No matter those facts like him walking 4/9 against AAA hitters, failing to go deep into games, and seeing game to game shifts in how well he commands his stuff.

          Im sure ML hitters wont punish a guy throwing too many balls, not going beyond the 5th a ton, and trying to just overpower ML hitters.

          If only you were GM we’d win all the time, because really thats an easy job.

          • Yeah, it would have been so difficult for Glasnow to outpitch who he would have been replacing….Locke and Niese don’t look to “ready” to me, and they’ve been in the majors for how long? What are their respective career ERAs, records, etc? Yeah, no way that one of the top pitching prospects in all of baseball could outpitch those two studs.

            • And Pirates nation is happy you arent the GM, because thats Dave Littlefield logic.

              He’s young and has good stats? He’s ready! Quick, get him up and surely he wont get hit around with spotty command and 2 pitches.

              Lucky for us everyone agrees the jump from AAA to MLB is small….

            • You should look into what happened with young starters rushed to the show in Baltimore. How in the hell is Glasnow going to help when he can’t go more than 5 innings vs AAA hitters? Spare me he’s better than Locke and Niese. He will be up when he’s ready and not when veteran’s in the rotation ahead of him are struggling. Trust me on this, it will be well worth the wait.

  7. OK everyone tell me I’m crazy and threaten me but 4.5 era, 1.3 WHIP AND 2 WALKS in 6 innings just doesn’t sound like a quality start. I know for this staff it does but he needs to do more than this. Also he is facing the Mets again with a bad backup catcher I really do not have any confidence for tonight’s game. Over/Under 4 innings.

  8. Did he ever leave Pittsburgh and go back to Indy or has he
    been waiting here. Or did he go back and just have time
    to pack things up and return to Pittsburgh get settled
    and fly with the team to NY.

    Or did they do something stupid like just tell him today
    and he is flying out of Indy. Would they be that stupid?

    Since Tim is in NY, maybe at some point he can find out.

  9. I’d imagine Taillon is up for good now. I don’t like the idea of throwing in the towel but I think the Bucs might want to consider selling off some spare parts and giving the young guys a chance.

  10. Hopefully Chad Kuhl and Tyler Glasnow get their act together and get to Pittsburgh. I thought Kuhl was ready a few weeks ago, but now I can’t see when the Pirates would bring up either one. Makes you wonder if it’s worth it to let them learn on the job in majors. It’s still probably better than what we have now. I supposed the Pirates are right to be patient- even if it hurts in the short term.

    • Sometimes when people are looking to the GM for direction, a tough decision needs to be made – 5 games under .500 since May 1? Does that qualify as time for a tough decision to be made? Kuhl and Bell have more than proven themselves. Polanco was called up after 71 games at AAA with a slash of .328/.390/.504/.894 OPS. Bell has played 96 games at AAA with a total slash of .322/.413/.494/.907 OPS – is it time for him? Sure, he will struggle as did Gregory Polanco, but the sooner we get him into MLB the quicker he can adapt and contribute.

      • Ok,
        So you bring up Bell, what roster spot
        does he take? How much playing time
        does he get? What do you do with the
        player he replaces. What if his defense
        is still a little suspect in key situations?

        Just asking.

        Same thing with Kuhl.

        • I agree. But, if the Pirates keep sinking…what’s the use of keeping Jaso or keeping Bell down?

          FWIW, Jaso hasn’t done squat lately…

          First 28 games:

          11 XBH/3 HR/12 RBI/.302 BA/.841 OPS

          Last 27 games:

          5 XBH/0 HR/7 RBI/.270 BA/.681 OPS

      • The difference is, there was no one holding Polanco back in AAA. You can’t say that for Bell now. That’s a good thing though, if he’s forced down for another year. He’s not done developing, and he’s not necessarily needed either. Or at least, he doesn’t present himself as a clear upgrade over any of the present alternatives.

      • He may not struggle the way El Coffee did. He seems to have a little more confidence than Polanco. Baseball is 90% mental, the other half is physical.

  11. A good test- he will be facing the only team in MLB that has seen him before. But, he will also hopefully be a little more relaxed this time around, so it will be fun to see which plays a bigger part.

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