The Pittsburgh Pirates have outrighted catcher Jacob Stallings to Indianapolis. Our own Brian Peloza reports that Stallings is active in Indianapolis, although he’s not in today’s lineup.

In Lobstein’s case, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s a temporary move, with him returning to the roster once Tyler Glasnow’s spot is cleared. But for now, there’s no word on his status.

It seems quick that Stallings has already been outrighted to Indianapolis, as he would have had to clear waivers first. That said, the Pirates probably put him on revocable waivers prior to this move, meaning they would have known that he cleared prior to designating him for assignment yesterday.

This is good news for the Pirates, as they maintain catching depth in the organization. It’s not so good news for Stallings, who remains stuck behind a lot of talented catching options over the next few years.

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    • instead you should look at it as a temporary bonus he received for good performance and now things go back to normal

  1. Quite honestly, if it weren’t for P2 hyping Stallings, we would all realize he’s just another decent glove, can’t hit a wet noodle catcher. Good minor league asset; future coach, possible manager.

    • I think your giving some folks too much credit for “figuring” things out, while knocking the site. Stallings kinda embodies the whole idea of the minor leagues. Root for the kid.

    • From the piece ‘Book on Stallings’ on this site:

      “Stallings got to this point mostly due to his defense and his work with the pitching staff. He gets strong reviews from his pitchers, with top prospect Tyler Glasnow calling him his favorite catcher to throw to. He doesn’t have much of a bat, but does have the ability to get some hits, and projects to be a Chris Stewart type backup in the future. For now, the defense will be the big asset, along with familiarity with the pitching staff.”
      If this is a hype job it sucks. Perhaps you should apologize or sharpen your reading comprehension skills.

    • See the post below. Our “hype” said that he’s a good defender who can’t hit. We’ve written articles in the past saying he’s smart enough to be a future manager. His upside is Chris Stewart.

      I’m not sure how that qualifies as hype.

    • Nothing much that wasn’t reported in any of the other wire service or Chicago Tribune stories. Notice they did get the fact wrong that the Pirates are visiting the Cubs this weekend, when in fact the Cubs are coming to Pittsburgh

  2. I’m surprised the White Sox didn’t claim Stallings. They are in need of catching depth. Avila went on the DL today.

    • As Tim said, he probably was put on revocable waivers prior to this move. No one picked him up so he remains a Pirate. 🙂

      • What a difference a day makes. If Avila had been injured a few days earlier, I think Stallings is now in the White Sox organization. Depth is important, but I would like to see this kid get a chance. He is blocked currently.

  3. Not so sure that this sucks for Stallings he still very
    young and he has a lot of triple A time that he needs to get in before he’s ready for another shot at the Biggs

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