Pirates Activate Jameson Taillon and Francisco Cervelli from Disabled List

The Pittsburgh Pirates announced on Tuesday afternoon that both Jameson Taillon and Francisco Cervelli have been activated from the disabled list for tonight’s game. Taillon is the starting pitcher today against the Milwaukee Brewers, while Cervelli is catching him. To make room on the active roster, Chad Kuhl has been optioned to Indianapolis and Erik Kratz has been designated for assignment.

Taillon was given a scheduled break over the All-Star weekend to help limit his innings. He last pitched on June 29th in Seattle, where he allowed one run over six innings. In five starts with the Pirates, he has a 3.86 ERA in 28 innings, with five walks and 21 strikeouts.

Cervelli spent three days on rehab with Indianapolis, catching the entire game on Sunday. He went 4-for-10 at the plate and drew three walks. He last played for the Pirates on June 10th, when he fractured the hamate bone in his left hand, which required surgery.

Kratz replaced Cervelli and played 18 games for the Pirates, hitting .107/.107/.179 in 56 at-bats.

Kuhl made four starts for the Pirates, posting a 4.19 ERA in 19.1 innings, with 13 strikeouts and a 1.24 WHIP. He threw six shutout innings on Sunday against the Nationals.

  • Guy throws lights out against one of the best teams in the NL and gets sent down. Way to build him up! Should of put Niese or FL on the “15 day DL”

  • I’ll have to watch Taillon closely tonight so I can try to figure out where his mother f***** comes from.

  • BuccosFanStuckinMD
    July 19, 2016 4:19 pm

    NH is managing this pitching staff like a Chinese fire drill….pathetically incompetent

    • I know but would you rather have Taillion or Kuhl? Can’t have both. That is how I envision it. He know’s he has got to make a move (NH) because he always makes a move in JULY/AUG. He has an excess of arms. Maybe he packages one or two with a position player and get’s a veteran arm (which is already good because I never bought into the magic dust theory). Also with Cervelli he has significantly upgraded his offense even though Francisco will be a Punch and Judy singles hitter the rest of the season.

      • You can have both…DFA Niese or send Hughes down.

        • Not me Niese has value.

        • Yes about Hughes. I don’t understand Hurdle’s love affair with that guy.

        • I wouldn’t DFA Niese quite yet, there’s some really desperate teams looking for a warm body Baltimore would love to have a lefty in their rotation and Florida is desperate as well. Niese since going to the pen has been better than good….Let him build his value. As far as Kuhl, I don’t really get that either as Hughes has options. Sometimes there is more going on behind the scenes that we have no idea about. I’m willing to see how this all plays out….

        • Hughes as Neise at least plays as another loogy

      • IMO that Taillon and Kuhl are future of the Pirates along with Glasnow. The first 2 should be in the rotation this year to take their lumps and be good to go next year. Glasnow needs more time at Indianoplis this year. They will trade Niese or Locke at the deadline or both. This year is lost because the Cards have the money to fix that team for this year along with the Mets who are chasing the Nats.

        • Joel they have a couple more options that IMO are as good. Which is great for the future.

    • Ever heard of change in atmosphere message board. Find it. Thats where you belong.

    • Darkstone42
      July 19, 2016 5:20 pm

      He’s doing what he has to do. The pitching has been inconsistent, he’s got to find a way to get guys cycling through while they’re performing well.

      I get being frustrated that Kuhl was sent down, but it was the easiest way to have a full bullpen and bench and not lose a possible asset when Taillon was activated. Considering how bad Kuhl looked in his first couple starts, and that he still didn’t get the ball on the ground the way he wanted to in his last start (which was otherwise excellent), and considering it was kind of a shock he was even in the rotation to make that start in the first place, this move makes a lot of sense. They probably had this planned out in advance.

      One of Locke or Niese will be dealt, the other will be the second lefty in the ‘pen, and then Kuhl (or Brault or Glasnow) will be back up to stay, is my prediction.

  • BuccosFanStuckinMD
    July 19, 2016 4:16 pm

    Stupid Pirates FO – starving for quality starting pitching, they send down Kuhl who was outstanding in DC- while keeping the likes of Locke, Niese, and Liriano. They are just foolish. I’ve lost a lot of respect for NH over the past 6-9 months – he has single handedly compromised the entire season with horrendous player personnel decisions….
    Not to mention, although a NL team, we draft essentially a DH in the first round of the 2016 draft….wow

  • HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN!!!!! PAISAN ! Il mio amico Γ¨ tornato!

  • Making room for Voggie. I’d like to see Trevor Williams get a shot.

    • Vogey is a great human interest story, but I prefer he’d pitch elsewhere?

    • John Dreker
      July 19, 2016 6:01 pm

      Could very well be Vogelsong, he’s eligible to come off the DL on Saturday, but that would be on eight days rest. I wouldn’t rule out anyone with the way Williams and Brault have pitched, compared to Glasnow last night, though from a roster standpoint he makes the most sense to me. Brault would be next, but you run into his pitch count being only at 75 last time out.

  • Why send Kuhl down? I don’t get it.

    • Who would you send down instead?

      • Hughes has an option left.
        So does AJS, but I like him better.

        DFA Niese.

        Why send down the guy who just threw a 1 hitter? Makes no sense.

        • Ya not sure sending Kuhl down was the right move here. Will need to cut bait with a reliever by this weekend anyhow. Hughes or Caminero was my guess. With all of the options in AAA right now (Brault, Glasnow, Williams, Duncan, Neve etc..) there is no reason to make this move to preserve depth.

        • Can’t really dfa Niese when NH is actively shopping him. Big if, but assuming they trade Niese or Locke and add another starter, which seems to be the plan, I’m guessing the August rotation is Cole-Liriano-Taillon-acquired pitcher-Glasnow with Niese or Locke in the bullpen. That leaves Kuhl, Brault, Williams as depth/Sept. callups (unless one of them is traded). Not too much reliance on rookies down the stretch of a pennant race, still have depth, still getting young guys some experience to be ready on opening day next season.

          • Given the crappy pitchers we are apparently looking at, such as Eovaldi, Pineda, Cashner et al, I would prefer that they just use the young guys. And if they trade a young guy like Kuhl or Brault to bring in one of the stiffs mentioned above, I will lose my mind.

        • Hughes goes down when Glasnow or Brault comes up this weekend barring an injury or hopefully a trade. if NH thinks or knows Niese has trade value he preserves it by waiting until the deadline. Kuhl may only miss one start in the bigs. NH may have had discussions with other teams on current players and this move preserves “assets”.

      • Hughes could have gone down since I think he has an option remaining. Prior to the trading deadline they will have to trade a relief pitcher since they now have eight guys in the bullpen.

      • BuccosFanStuckinMD
        July 19, 2016 4:17 pm

        You may not be able to send them all down, some may be DFA candidates, but the names of Locke and Niese come to mind – as well as Caminero, who has been totally untrustworthy in high leverage situations…

        • I’m all for Niese going bye bye. Surely we can get another David Whitehead for him. πŸ™‚

          • BuccosFanStuckinMD
            July 19, 2016 4:46 pm

            I was just thinking of Whitehead yesterday….he started in AA, and may have been the worst starting pitcher in Curve history, who had at least a handful of starts or more. He’s now clear down in Bristol, and getting shelled there now. He may not survive the season – I would be shocked if we brought him back next season (oh, maybe I shouldn’t be shocked) – he’s that bad.

      • Hughes, although he is a relief pitcher, still has an option left. Maybe a trade is in the works and Kuhl going down is just paperwork.

  • This has to mean Glasnow on Saturday right?

  • Cervelli and Polonco in the lineup; Frazier’s not.
    Also, looks like Freese has won the 3b job.

  • El Coffee batting in the 2-hole tonight. Good looking lineup.

  • I think Kratz missed his calling to be a pitcher. He has a cannon for an arm and can’t hit a lick (other than MadBum). I will miss him behind the plate but not beside it.

    • He’s a crap bunter too, which probably makes him a middle reliever.

    • He’s one of those players that grows on you. He did what he knew very well which was being a defense first catcher, the problem was he couldn’t hit anything.

    • Too bad you can’t pitch from your knees..Shoog’s is one of our best arms in the pen we have to keep him up. I know he’s one of the few with a remaining option but sending him down would not be good for our middle relief

    • Guy catches 18 innings in 90 degree heat and boom!

  • I would sure like to see Cole/Liriano/Taillon/Kuhl/Glasnow with a pen of Melancon/Watson/Feliz/Caminero/Vogelsong/Locke/Nicasio, with Hughes, Shugel and Brault stashed at AAA until September 1 and Jon Niese flipped for a few pennies on the Neil Walker dollar.

    And it may happen, it’ll just take about 15 moves over the next 6 weeks to get there.

  • pitch a 1 hit shutout for 6 innings and get sent down, wow!!

    • Hey, Locke almost pitched a Maddux at Miami and everyone wants his head on a platter.

    • Not very Kuhl.

      • Nice. It is the art of working options and the Pirates have given their 3 best pitching prospects all a shot at experiencing competing at the MLB level with very little service time adding up. I think CK, JT, and TG are all keepers, and Steven Brault is the 4th. With the market for SP’s being so thin these days, the Pirates are in a very enviable position right now.

    • He just pitched, so Taillon will settle into his rotation spot. There’s so much flexibility with how you can move Kuhl around, so I think that’s what the Pirates found most desirable.

      • well its the end of july ,how about you get your starting rotation set.

        • They only need a 5th starter twice in the next four weeks due to having five off-days during that span. When they need a 5th starter, they can bring up Kuhl/Glasnow/Brault or give a spot start to Niese of Nicasio. No need to roster a 5th starter when they don’t need one.

          • They will need a 5th starter on Saturday won’t they?

            I’m not quite sure, but right now it is JT tonight, Locke tomorrow, Cole Thurs, Liriano Friday and ????? on Saturday. It should be Kuhl. They won’t bring JT back on 3 days rest.

            I guess it’ll be TG who got royally reamed yesterday?

          • or show some positive reinforcement for a young pitcher.