Ken Rosenthal is reporting that the Mark Melancon deal might just be the start for the Pirates, who are looking to fill their need in the starting rotation. We have heard some names over the last week or so, mostly pitchers with the Rays, with Chris Archer, Matt Moore and Jake Odorizzi being named at various points. We also heard Nathan Eovaldi from the Yankees and Hector Santiago from the Angels, so there are multiple possibilities we have heard and probably dozens more names they have inquired about. We will update this article if anything comes up today.

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  1. If you got another starter for very little then great but to give up two pitching prospects and a hitter for someone that might improve the team by one or two games this year is just ridiculous. Give the kid pitchers the starts and the experience.

  2. Well, so much for the theory that the Pirates can win a wild card because their remaining schedule is easy. The Pirates can’t beat the Brewers. Caminero gives up runs again and the team’s baserunning was atrocious. I don’t know who I want gone more….Hughes or Caminero.

    Even though his numbers with Milwaukee are not very good, the Brewers got more contributions from Broxton than the Pirates got from the great Jason Rogers. Broxton has tortured the Pirates this series.

  3. IMO, the Bucs have to try to get some future value out of David Freese (sell high banking on people remembering his post-season experience). Jason Rogers can hit too. If they’re going to insist on continuing to run Kang out there, there’s no sense in keeping both Freese/Rodriguez. I feel like dumping Freese frees up ABs for Josh Bell; which is a nice PR move when you’ve just dumped your closer.

    • Yep, the Pirates need to try to get something for Freese, Joyce, SRod…..all free agents after this season. If they can miraculously rid themselves of Liriano, Locke, Niese, and Stewart, that would be a great success.

  4. Is it me or has the Pirates offense come crashing down? Cutch hasn’t helped much all season, but the batting averages and runs are dropping every week. Maybe I’m wrong here, but it just seems like the offense carried this team and now it’s struggling overall.

    • Their offense is not fun to watch at all right now. We’re down 2-1 to the Brewers and it doesn’t feel like we’re going to score another run this game. Cutch and Kang are really killing this offense and no one other then Marte seems like a real threat right now.

  5. What kind of package do you think it would take to land Matt Moore? Keeping how expensive starting pitching is going to cost at this deadline.

  6. Management will be skewered by the fans and the press if they don’t go get a starter before the deadline. The players will also go ballistic. That is why I am convinced Neal will be working nonstop to make a deal or deals that adds strength to the major league roster. They value making the playoffs four years in a row and Nutting does not want the bad press of tanking the season.
    We have the prospects to deal. Lots of them.
    Neal will deal. Mark my words.

    • I suspect that you are correct. I just fervently hope that Neal does not trade any prospect named Bell, Meadows, Frazier, Taillon, or Glasnow. The next two days should be very interesting.

      • I like your untouchable list, although Frazier never occurred to me. Shortstop Newman is really gaining value in my mind. The Pirates have multiple pitching prospects and outfielders plus Jaso, Rogers and Hanson. the currency is there and needs to be spent.

    • Call me skeptical. NH was interviewed during tonight’s game and he seemed to say it was possible they’d add a starter, however he also said he was confident that they could compete with what they have. Maybe these two pitchers will prove me wrong, but it looks to me like this deal was about saving 2.5 million more than anything else.

      • He always leads with that line, it is the weekly hand job.
        “Greg, Honey, is it supposed to be this soft?”
        Animal House 1978
        The gloves were the topper.

      • It wasn’t at all about saving 2.5 million cmon man be serious. The Bucs are s fringe playoff team right now. We’re about to lose 2 in a row to the Brew Crew. It was about getting something for our closer who was going to walk after this season any way. Stop with the saving money stuff.

          • Yeah, I agree. The Pollyanna, “in Huntington I trust,” head in the sand, obnoxious, front office apologist sort of opinions seen in the comment section here are pretty unreadable.

  7. I’m betting they are done. The Melanceon trade was about saving money and possibly being in a better position to compete next year in my opinion. I am sure they will say otherwise but the trade wasn’t about competing this year.

      • Pirates are hapless. J.P. , that is……. It’s the money pure and simple….. Happ won his 14th game today striking out 10 Orioles, putting Blue Jays in 1st place ahead of the Orioles.

        • ah….but his success is unsustainable and not worth the risk. Better to take somebody’s sixth starter for 3M a year less than Happ that we can dump by not exercising his option. We can also screw up his delivery and then send him to the pen. We were able to dump Morton salary and the salary of that pesky clubhouse lawyer from Pittsburgh that dared to speak his mind as the union rep. Yep that Walker for Niese was a great baseball trade.

        • $2.5M is peanuts to most clubs…not to the Bucs and their tight fisted owner. That’s insurance against two weeks of no snow at Seven Springs.

  8. Get ready to be disappointed. We will not be getting any SP of consequence. Once all others have filled their plates we wil take whats left and pray Ray can turn them into something. I really hate the strategy but it has worked a time or two in the past. Still hate it and don’t think thats the way a team should approach the trade deadline.

  9. It sounded like the asking price for Eovaldi wasn’t enormous and the pirates could keep the core prospects. It might take someone like Hayes

    • That would be too high of a price for a guy who lost his spot in a rotation for a mediocre team. I would offer Hanson as a one for one swap or two low level prospects.

  10. Odorizzi has a funky delivery but he can bring it. Moore had TJ but is looking like he is back. Archer is just to costly and quite frankly, his build is a concern. Iovaldi is also a major stuff guy who may be a find for Ray. Clearly NH just doesn’t want a one year situation only to lose him to a higher bidder.

  11. Give me Matt Moore and Nathan Eovaldi.


    Eovaldi (with Searage love) as rotation depth with high upside. Help in 2016 and 2017. Let’s go Bucs!

    • Unless another trade happens that produces solid value as we got with Melancon, I have to disagree. Prices will be too high.

      • The rays have pitchers that are cost controlled. We will never sign a pitcher for 25 million a year so trading away prospects for established pitchers that are affordable seems to be the way this front office would operate.

        • Not when prices are so ridiculous. Not when a half dozen of those prospect pitchers are ready or almost ready for the Bigs. Pirates want to build from within. This is a time I agree with them. Of course you try to pick up a vet, but only if the prices come down – which does not seem likely.

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