The Pittsburgh Pirates have recalled left-handed pitcher Kyle Lobstein, and have optioned left-hander Steven Brault. With Tyler Glasnow coming up tomorrow, and the rotation filled through Sunday, there wasn’t a need for Brault on the Major League roster. The only way they would need him is if Jon Niese had to go on the disabled list and couldn’t make his Sunday start, at which point they could recall Brault due to the injury.

In the mean time, Lobstein will give the Pirates some additional bullpen depth for one day, and will go back down tomorrow when Glasnow is officially added to the roster.

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  1. Typical Pirates move….Lobstein has failed miserably twice before in the Pirates bullpen this season, and failed out of the Tigers system last year, but lets give him another shot and see if he can cost the team a game. Isn’t that the definition of insanity?
    Why couldn’t they keep Brault up – or bring up Lakind or Neverauskas? Any of those three would be better than Lobstein – who is AAAA at best and can’t break a window with his fastball….

    • Oh pipe down! We are talking 1 game! Depth move where Cards struggle against lefties. I think you just miss bashing the bullpen! Haha

  2. There really is an inertia for middle relievers, if you are on the roster and have options, you will keep getting chances. Lobstein has walked or hit, one less batter than he has struck out.

  3. I bet the Cards are kicking themselves. Catching problems! Give me Fryer. I love it!!! Trade them Fryer. NH must be walking around with a cigar in one hand and a deck of cards in the other.

  4. Trying to find out what’s up with Jeff Karstens. As best I can tell, the Pirates still hold his rights. Surely, a reappearance from Jeff cannot be too far away.

  5. Anyone watching Dodger/Oriole game on MLB? How did the Dodgers beat us one game and how are they leading the WC?

  6. Fun Fact: The Pirates have used 22 pitchers this season. For all of last season…including the mid-year pick ups of Blanton, Soria, and Happ…the total was 21.

    And, if you think it’s really only 21 because Kratz’s meaningless inning doesn’t really count…well, Jaff Decker had a similar pitching experience for the Bucs in 2015.

    In this century, the most pitchers they’ve used in a season is 28…that was in ’13 and ’10…with Glasnow coming up, possible mid-season acquisitions, and September call-ups…hmmmmm, they might have a shot for 30!

  7. Just read that Mat Harvey may have thoracic outlet syndrome….Isn’t that what Clayton Richard had? If so, this does not sound good for the Mets.

  8. “The only way they would need him is if Jon Niese had to go on the
    disabled list and couldn’t make his Sunday start, at which point they
    could recall Brault due to the injury.”

    Don’t like to wish anyone unwell, but I think I might trust Brault more against Cubs that Niese, particularly if his health is iffy.

    • Brault’s not an option for Sunday now. At least I think not…he can’t be recalled for 10 days…or I could be wrong about that. Unless there’s an injury, phantom or otherwise.

      • I think they are figuring two games in ST.louis and three in Chitown that’s 5 and 4 days for the ASG. So they are looking like the second game after the break. If someone is DLd then they could call him back. NH might spin something but it will be two weeks until we see him. This is an educated guess Jim

  9. This is the type of move that I am sick of. Why even bother? Who’s next? Scahill? Hopefully he won’t even see the field while he is up.

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