Tyler Glasnow Placed on Disabled List, Schugel Recalled

The Pittsburgh Pirates placed Tyler Glasnow on the 15-day disabled list on Sunday morning and recalled A.J. Schugel, who was optioned to Indianapolis yesterday to make room for Glasnow. Usually the waiting period for calling up a player who was optioned is ten days, but that is waived if another player goes on the disabled list. Glasnow left yesterday’s start with right shoulder discomfort. No update on his injury has been given.

  • Jim Bowden (for what it’s worth) is predicting Aroldis Chapman to the Cubs…as if we need more reasons to hate the Cubs.

    • Anything out of Jim Bowden’s mouth is worth nothing. His suggestions are laughable and his predictions never pan out. At best he’s a shill for front offices to drum up competition for trade pieces.

      How that man still has a national platform is beyond me.

  • The way Glasnow brings his arm back along with the high knee kick delivery was pretty similar to AJ Burnett, imo. Of course, AJ also had issues holding runners. Hopefully TG can get his wind-up back in order with the DL stint, so he doesn’t have to physically labor so much to get the ball down in the zone. I was watching some Randy Johnson clips to see if there were any comps, but Randy had much quicker arm action and a three quarter slot (but also had the high knee kick). Excited to see Glasnow up for good, but it seems pretty evident that probably shouldn’t be this year.

  • Hidden among all the injuries and the should he or shouldn’t he be brought up discussion, how come the Pirates appear not train their pitchers effectively at all in the minors to hold runners better. No reason we should have guys that stink as bad as we do holding runners

    • I don’t think it’s been hidden since holding on runners was right behind fastball command and throwing a changeup for things Glasnow had to work on this season. He has been working on it a lot and he has done a better job of holding runners on this season. What you have seen from Glasnow is what we warned about with him and new levels. He always takes time to adjust and the outings appear shaky, even if the results end up fine.

      If you’re talking in general, the Pirates didn’t have pitchers throwing over much in the minors because they wanted them to work on pitching first, then once they had fastball command down, then they had them throwing over more often. Basically, don’t worry about the runners for now, you’re here to learn how to pitch first, then we will round out your game at the upper levels. No one has after got to the majors based on a plus pick-off move.

      They changed that thinking a couple years ago, but you still have plenty of pitchers in the system who never held on runners for years, so they won’t have the best pick-off moves

  • Its time to sell. team is not going to make up the difference and jump all the teams in front of them. Take offers for Malcone, Joyce, Rodriguez and Jaso. Bring up Bell, Hanson, if he can play the outfield adequately and Brault and Kuhl if injury is a nonissue. Next year is the Bucs year to win it all.

  • Tim/John – any idea what the requirements are for a rookie season? i.e., will the Pirates be able to keep glasnow down until June of next year, and still not burn his first year of service time?

    • 172 days is one season. That passed in early April…for him to have less than one year at the end of 2017 (if that’s what you’re asking) he would need less than 172 days total at the end of the season. While he is on the DL, he is picking up service time.

      If they don’t send him down again this year, he will end up with 63 days of service time, which means they could have him in the majors for 108 days next year and he still wouldn’t have a full season (and they would still have six full seasons left).

  • Injury to insult.

  • Trevor Williams’ turn in the bigs?

    • Pirates have off tomorrow, Thursday and next Monday, so there is no need for a fifth starter for awhile (Aug 6th), and since it’s after the trading deadline, who knows who might be with the Pirates by then