Yesterday I had my weekly interview with David Todd on ESPN 970 in Pittsburgh. With the minor league season wrapping up, we discussed the performance of a few players, spending a lot of time on Tyler Glasnow, and how I view this year for him. I also discussed the potential 2017 rotation, and looked at a few players who have improved as the season has gone on, along with one player who hasn’t. The podcast of the interview can be found below.


  1. Why should we think Glasnow is going to have a changeup he can throw in June or July of 2017? Look back at your articles. I don’t recall precisely but there are articles from a years back where he is talking how good the changeup feels and is progressing. I’m starting to wonder if he ever is able to throw it, ie I’m starting to seriously think the likelihood of him approaching his ceiling is much lower than consensus.

    • Exactly. I will believe Glassnow is a top of the order MLB pitcher when I see it. Kid might be great one day, but nothing I have seen thus far leads me to believe he is a top of the order pitcher. In the very few times I have seen him pitch this year, he has looked lost. Utterly lost. No way he was EVER going to be a factor this year. Frankly he might be two years away from reaching his potential, which may not be better than a 3-5 pitcher.

        • He turned 23 this week. What’s your point?

          I said he isn’t ready and doesn’t look to be ready soon. I think it was foolish to call him up when they did in part because he is so young. As I said he may be great one day, but who knows? To my untrained eye he doesn’t look close to a finished product.

          I don’t blame him for not being ready. I blame the Pirates for calling him up too soon and setting him up to fail I also blame NH for the offseason plan which depended upon him being ready this year.

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