Yesterday I had my weekly interview with David Todd on ESPN 970 in Pittsburgh. As you can expect, we discussed the recent trade deadline. We spent a lot of time looking at the prospects sent out in the Liriano deal, while also evaluating Taylor Hearn, who came in on the Mark Melancon deal. The full podcast can be heard below.


  1. The Pirates gave up far more for Drew Hutchison then they got for Mark Melancon. Let that sink in.

      • That is utter nonsense Tim, and I think you know that as well. I defended the Melancon trade, despite my feelings about NH and the inept FO. But, to suggest a kid, who has pitched as little as Hearn has, is equal to or better than two Top 100 prospects, that were #4 and #6 in one of best systems in the majors and were at the AA level, that is utterly laughable. It is really silly to even say that, in light of how shockingly one-sided the Liriano trade was.
        Its all about credibility, and the Pirates FO and anyone who suggests that this trade helped the Pirates in anyway, lacks credibility. Its that simple.

  2. Serious question. When you get past Altoona what is there really worth watching in the system most nights now?

    Looks to about zilch in West Virginia sans Keller and Hayes(who isn’t playing). Hinsz worth following too.

    Tito Polo in Bradenton still looks like lottery ticket. Tarpley maybe

    Mitchell Tolman 114 WRC+ as 22 year old in A ball. Hurray!

    I mean this system is looking really barren to me at lower levels.

    • 6 of their top 15 and 8 of their top 20 prospects are in the lower levels. That’s not bad, considering those classes are made up of draftees and signees from the lower pool values that come with finishing high in the standings.

      None of them rate as top of the rotation arms or all-stars (yet), but you’ve got solid future regulars in Tucker, Polo and Hayes, and Keller, Tarpley and Garcia are on track to be rotation or high leverage bullpen pieces. That’s still probably a top half system in A-ball. Just not what we’re used to seeing the last 4-5 years.

      • Polo is a year older and performing worse in a lower level than a guy we just traded away who so many people listed as “expendable”. Nothing more than a lottery ticket imo. Tarpley having meh year in Bradenton at 23 year old) 12% K-BB%

        There is not insignificant chance Tarpley and Garcia amount to nothing given how far away they are and attrition among pitcher.

        Tucker young but having meh year

        Id say Keller and Hayes have best shot of amounting to anything meaningful

    • I think you also have the new kid Hearns to be excited about, Kranick, and MacGregor also are interesting the return of Jacob Taylor. Will Craig is starting to hit also.

    • Position players, there isn’t much….Hayes, Tucker, and Polo. The rest look like career minor leaguers…

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