Elvis Escobar Promoted to Double-A Altoona

ALTOONA, PA – Pirates Prospects has learned that the Pittsburgh Pirates are promoting 21-year-old center fielder Elvis Escobar to Double-A Altoona from Bradenton. Escobar is currently riding an eight game hitting streak from the Marauders, and he has been hitting extremely well since early July (.438/500/.594 since July 9th).

The Venezuelan has performed well in the pitcher friendly Florida State League, hitting .272 with a .703 OPS this season. He signed in 2011 as a 16-year-old for a $570,000 bonus. John Dreker very recently wrote that Escobar may finally be reaching prospect status in the organization, as he has began to perform up to his potential.

Escobar will take over regular duties in center field for the Curve, with Harold Ramirez going to the Toronto Blue Jays at the trade deadline. Current Curve outfielder Justin Maffei will go back to Bradenton with Escobar coming up. Maffei has struggled to see the field this season, being inactive for a majority of the summer. He just went 3-for-4 on Tuesday night in Altoona before the move occurred.

  • Not to beat a dead horse but one can only hope that the FO will not be stupid and brazen enough to decide to trade Escobar for “financial flexibility” now that he seems to have true prospect status. Maybe NH, FC and BN can trade themselves to Toronto for a few million. After this week’s fiasco and their complete and total breach of faith with the loyal fan base, it is time for them all to go.

    • Roberrto21 – agree completely. Time for these guys to go.

    • I get not liking the trade. I don’t like it either.

      But it’s not like they traded cutch in his prime for financial flexibility.

      They traded a catcher with excellent defensive skills who can’t hit and an outfielder with weight issues.

      It all depends on how you spin it.

      To post about it in a different thread is just over the top.

  • Hi Sean. Any idea when Allie and Barnes could move to AAA Indianapolis?

    • Given that they are both old for the level, I would think very soon for both of them.

    • Allie hits minor league free agency at the end of this season, so no need to promote him unless they need him there. Doubtful he re-signs after spending three years in Altoona. Barnes would probably go first if they need a player before September, but I should point out that the minor league season ends in less than five weeks, so a promotion at this point wouldn’t do much. That is especially true of Altoona to Indy, since it looks like Altoona could make the playoffs and Indy won’t, so you would be costing him time if you moved him up.