Pirates Recall A.J. Schugel; Option Adam Frazier to Bristol

The Pittsburgh Pirates have recalled reliever A.J. Schugel from Indianapolis and optioned Adam Frazier to Bristol to make room on the 25-man roster. The Bristol season ends on September 1st, which will make Frazier eligible to be recalled on the 2nd. If he was sent to Indianapolis, they couldn’t recall him until after their season ends on September 5th.

Schugel was sent to Indianapolis at the end of July and had one really poor outing right when he got back, allowing three runs, while only recording two outs. In August, he has a 3.29 ERA in 13.2 innings over nine appearances, with 16 strikeouts and a .188 BAA.

He has appeared in 34 games for the Pirates this season, posting a 3.86 ERA in 49 innings, with 43 strikeouts and a .222 BAA.

The Pirates will likely make a similar move to put Steven Brault on the 25-man roster so he can start in place of Gerrit Cole tomorrow night. Jameson Taillon could be that player, since his next scheduled start isn’t until September 2nd

  • Jared Hughes still has an option right? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills. A guy who can bring in runs has to be more valuable than a guy who gives up runs pretty much every time he touchs the ball. Moving Frazier right before the biggest series of the year when we are going to need a lot of offense makes no sense to me.

  • These sorts of ridiculous transactions are one of the reasons I so love baseball.

  • Any other moves you expect before Monday?

    You always get these quirkey moves around Sept 1.

    Can we get an extra player for the field for the
    Cubs series?

    I guess we could option Monday’s pitcher to Bristol
    as well right after the game. Is that correct?

    We already lost our two extra hitters in Cole and
    Liriano and Loche can’t come off the bench to bunt
    with him in the bullpen.

  • Will Frazier actually report to Bristol
    or will he just go back to Pittsburgh
    and wait to be activated?

  • Excuse my ignorance…but does this make them ineligible for a playoff roster spot?? I forget the rule on this

    • David_Orlando
      August 28, 2016 5:06 pm

      Yes, in order for him to be in the playoff roster he needs to occupy on of the dl / flex spots or something like that.

      • That is not correct. Anyone on the 40-man roster is eligible for the postseason. The rule was changed a couple of years ago. I would be very surprised if Frazier is not on the postseason roster (if there is one) – especially since teams don’t need to carry five SP’s.

  • Why not use this type of move with Cole instead? He should have at least two options left and obviously will not be pitching before Bristol’s season ends. Don’t like the idea of having a short bench the next few days. Every game is critical at this juncture. Hopefully this move won’t come back to haunt the team.

    • Or why not do it with Taillon now? Doesn’t make sense

    • Cole is going to see a doctor, which means he could be injured and you can’t send down an injured player. If you asked about Taillon, that is a good question. Only thing I could think of is that Frazier could actually go to Bristol to get at-bats. It usually (maybe never?) doesn’t happen, but I’m not sure why he would go down before a more obvious choice.

      The other possibility is that the Pirates want Taillon to throw his normal bullpen tomorrow before they option him. If they optioned him today, I think he wouldn’t be able to do that.

      • How about “management screwed up, again?”

        • I doubt it, this isn’t something that wasn’t thought out. They didn’t get surprised with this move. It’s been planned days in advance. There has to be a reason they sent Frazier out one day earlier and my best guess is Taillon will throw a bullpen tomorrow before being optioned, which couldn’t happen the other way around.

        • If serious, then dumb!

      • Thanks for the 411. I figured since Cole was not being placed on the DL they could get away with this type of roster move but I can see why the league would not allow it.

        • It was just confirmed by Neal Huntington, Taillon stayed to throw bullpen

          • This is interesting. Frazier off the bench for the Cubs series would have been a nice option. Why can’t Taillon throw a bullpen in Bristol?

            • Searage won’t be there, won’t have an MLB catcher, Bristol bullpen isn’t Major League quality. I think you’re missing the point though. They didn’t choose Frazier over Taillon for the series, they chose Frazier over Taillon for the day. So even if they sent down Taillon today, Frazier still wouldn’t have been available for Chicago. They are adding Brault to the roster tomorrow, which will be done after Taillon throws his bullpen.

    • Frazier is a spark plug. Hate losing him for Cubs series.

    • Bullpen is depleted (Nicasio, Feliz, Watson at least will all be unavailable, maybe Locke and Rivero too). I think they just want an insurance arm in case Nova has a bad outing.