Pirates Acquire Ivan Nova From the Yankees

The Pirates continue looking for a starting pitcher, and the rumors are picking up as the deadline approaches. They have been linked to Matt Moore and other Rays starters. Ken Rosenthal reports that they’re also talking with the Yankees about Ivan Nova.

The Rays starters are under control beyond 2016, while Nova would just be a rental. He’s not having a good season, with a 4.90 ERA in 97.1 IP, although his 4.06 xFIP suggests he should be better. He fits the typical Pirates’ reclamation project, with a 54.3% ground ball rate, the ability to get some strikeouts, and a low walk rate. His big issue this year is a high 21.3% HR/FB rate, which is also an issue that many Pirates starters this year have dealt with.

Nova is only a rental, so he might be cheaper than someone like Moore. There’s also the chance the Pirates could pull a J.A. Happ here, immediately turning around a guy who is only a two month rental. Nova is owed the remainder of his $4.1 M salary.

UPDATE 3:59 PM: The Pirates have acquired Nova.

UPDATE 4:16 PM: It looks like we might not find out about the return in this trade for a bit, as Jonathan Mayo says the deal is for players to be named later.

UPDATE 4:47 PM: The Pirates have officially announced the move, saying that the Yankees will get two players to be named later. That means it won’t be anyone on the 40-man roster.

  • Don’t know much about this guy other than he was
    married to some really good looking woman.

  • When your winter heating bills were low last year, and you didn’t have to shovel much snow, it didn’t take a meteorologist to predict a massive summer salary dump from the owners of Hidden Valley, 7Springs and leaseholders of Laural Mountain ski resorts.

    • I have been saying similar things for some time. When it doesn’t snow in Pittsburgh and it is too warm to make snow until after Christmas the slopes and the hotel entertainment complex are empty. The Nutting entertainment group bleeds cash when that happens. This week we dumped talent to save cash. Melancon, Liriano and Niese save a lot of cash. Worse than that we traded prospects for cash savings.

  • Keller and Newman?

  • Whoops no McGuire or Ramriez to give up. Must be Glasnow and Meadows.

  • No harm, no foul with this deal as long as it’s not a decent prospect going the other way. I am guessing NH agreed to a pool of 3 prospects and Yanks get to pick one in offseason.

  • Seems like maybe NH should’ve called in sick to work today. Left work to find out about three pretty bad moves that only saved the team ~$12 million and leaving them in the pretty much the exact same situation they started the day in.

  • Does “player to be named later” always mean a 2016 draft pick? Or could it be something else?
    This could be disappointing if it is two of our young guns (Ogle, Krasnick or MacGregor)

  • RE: Nova
    Fix him and flip him.
    We have about 4 weeks.

  • Drew Hutchinson and 2 others….

  • Insane, and I hope I get proven wrong. Nava historic era: 2016: 4.9; 2015: 5.07: 2014: 8.27; 2013: 3.10; 2012: 5.02; 2011: 3.70. So he really only had one good year back in 2011 and his era over the past 3 years isn’t any better that what they have.

  • im going to be sick…liriano to blue jays

  • Liriano GONE :O

  • Guess yankeess do not need any additional help to finish under 500 this year. My best guess is Khul and or Brault plus Hanson and Barnes. Seems fair to me based on what Cashman has gotten in other trades this year.

  • This move won’t energise the fan base.

    • Like NH was ever going to pull off a trade for Moore or Odorizzi? MLB Network asking why the hurry to trade MM with values through the roof today? NH will say the word core ten times, not want to touch a farm system that he does not utilize and how Nova is a value. Then tomorrow Kutch is #3, Jaso #1, then Locke and Vogelsong Wednesday and Thursday. Brault could do what Nova could and fill in the blank who can match Locke or Vogelsong value.

  • this season as a whole starting with this past offseason has been a slap in the face to the dedicated fan base.

    • Ahh. That is a bit of an overreaction. Things have not gone as hoped but the Pirates front office has earned some good will based on the last few years. However, not trading upcoming free agents, a.k.a. Feliz, Joyce and Freese, and not bringing up Bell and a couple of rookie pitchers for good has been a mistake. Hopefully the front office will learn from these mistakes.

  • it ptbnl because they can’t find a pirates prospect that is bad enough to make sense as fair return.

  • William Hritz
    August 1, 2016 4:35 pm

    Its the old Ian Snell (Oquendo) trade … a player to be named later.

  • Point is get a veteran that may help at this point Cole ,Tallion, then who, you can’t throw 4 rookies in the rotation at once and that is what your left with.
    Liriano is dealing with something Locke is Locke and what do you think Vogelsong brings with him other than feel good.
    Brault is no different then what we have seen ,you want to make sure Kuhl is healthy and Glasnow and his control and health are scary.

  • The Pirates are giving up players for this? Not just a one on one trade but NH sweetened the pot!

  • so we have 12 lefties in the pen now???

  • i wanna trade Huntington and a bag of hammers to SanFran for Sabean

  • what the fuckety fuck just happened??

  • just heard jon niese for antonio bastardo – wtf???

    • No

      • yes

      • Yep…meh…it doesn’t hurt.

        • im not in the mood for a kool aid drinker right now….this is BS

          • well…then perhaps you should start your own forum.

            • thats a great idea, we can invite realists to share their opinions on the bucco state of affairs – will need to be a season ticket holder though – you know, someone that puts their money where their mouth is….

          • Come on, man! Who would you rather have in the pen…Niese or Bastardo?

            • Neither – now he have to hope the face the mariners lefty only lineup the next 59 games coz we have 12 lefties in the bullpen

              • Take a deep breath, grab a beer and be calm.

              • piraterican21
                August 1, 2016 5:45 pm

                Listen, I’m with you, I’m getting fed up with this bottom of the barrel shit that we get in trade or free agency. Moore made so much sense and I find it hard to believe that we couldn’t beat the SF offered. That said, the lefty comment doesn’t hold water, all three of the lefty we have are better against right handed batter.

                • im just tired of the LIES….i could stomach the BS a bit better if they would just tell us how it is…they told us, bring attendance up and we will spend the money…here is what i think MLB should do, your payroll should be based on your attendance…..last year (2015), the bucs finished 15th in attendance, therefore, their 2016 payroll should have been 15th – well the Royals had the 15th highest payroll this year at $142m (almost $40m higher than the bucs) – can you imagine what kind of team NH could have fielded with an extra $40m this year? possibly championship level

            • i would have rather signed bastardo to 2yrs, $12m last off-season if we thought that he was needed and simply not traded for Niese

  • and we couldn’t get Moore when the Giants could with their awful farm system

    • Giants gave up Matt Duffy I hear.

    • Ivan Nova, Matt Moore… not a huge difference there. Moore 5.6 bWAR/6.4 fWAR over six years, Nova 8.2 bWAR/7.0 fWAR over seven years. In fact, Nova might be a hair better.

      While we’re at it, Drew Hutchinson is 4.2 fWAR over four years, so Fangraphs likes him more than Moore at least (B-R suggests Hutchinson sucks to the tune of 0.1 bWAR).

  • this is soo incredibly bad first the offseason now this

  • Why the hell would we pickup a 5era starter from the yankees? is this NH’s Matt Morris?

  • The return to the Yankees better be really low like Jeff Locke and some c rated prospect low. Otherwise this makes no sense at all.

  • Stupid deal. What did they give up?

  • Joseph Willis
    August 1, 2016 4:05 pm

    Why, I wish we would of sold not bought for no reason

  • The point of this would be ???

  • Please Neal, no rentals unless you plan to extend them a year or two. We have no reason to rent a player for the next two months. Like it or not, we should be focusing on 2017 and beyond. Either extend or stay with the kids.

  • Pass. Would just block the kids.

  • Thanks, but no thanks. No rentals, please.