On Wednesday, I had my weekly radio segment with David Todd on ESPN 970 in Pittsburgh. This was fresh off the big news day on Tuesday, when the Ivan Nova deal was completed, and when we broke the news that Gift Ngoepe and Dovydas Neverauskas were arrested last weekend. So a lot of our discussion centered around that, while also digging into the September call-ups, which happened a few days after the interview. The podcast of the interview is below.


  1. By the way, Delvin Perez had a great initial pro season for the Cardinals. He’s the 18 year old SS prospect we bypassed in the draft in June, so we could draft a college DH (Craig)….

  2. With every good start, Nova’s chances of resigning with the Pirates further diminish. There aren’t many free agent starting pitchers becoming available this year, so some team is likely to throw a ton of money at Nova – and grossly overpay. Considering their place in the standings, the condition of the team this year, and their wealth of young starting pitchers, trading for a rental was fool-hardy. Especially when you include the likes of Polo in the deal, when the Pirates have so precious few legitimate position player prospects below the AA level – and they had just traded away McGuire and Ramirez a month ago. I would have been less disturbed by the trade, if they included Tucker or Connor Joe – neither excite me and neither will likely amount to anything. Tucker can’t hit, and Joe doesn’t have a position.

    • so if the Bucs make the playoffs by a game and Nova pitches a 2-hitter in game 7 of WS its a bad deal? Righhhhtttttt. And then Nova gets a 50M deal but its a bad thing because they didn’t offer him in August. Rigghhhtttt.

      How many minor league players has Neal Huntington traded since 2007 that have ever amounted to anything? Exactly.

      I guess Huntington sucks because he drafted Tony Sanchez instead of Mike Trout? Put that one in your pocket until your next “Huntington Sucks” post.

  3. Tim all that talk about dream rotation coming to fruition. Except it’s in St. Louis

    Cmart and Reyes will be deadly 1-2 punch. Weaver more than solid as number 3

    Meanwhile cole injured and tyler continues the journey with his changeup

    • Problem is that is all the Cards have…
      And a few more in the pipeline…
      The Pirates rotation should be solid for the next three years at least regardless of how Cole and Glasnow turn out

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