The Pittsburgh Pirates have released infielder Dan Gamache. He spent the 2016 season with Indianapolis, where he saw limited time throughout the season, hitting .244/.338/.324 in 176 at-bats. He was a sixth round draft pick in 2011 out of Auburn. The 25-year-old Gamache put up strong stats during the first half of 2015 with Altoona, then struggled with the jump to Triple-A. He was a backup at third base and first base this season, though he saw more time in the DH/PH role.

In six seasons, he hit .276/.345/.397 in 513 games and played a majority of his time at second base. Gamache didn’t have any plus tools to his game, so the upside was always limited to someone who could possibly make the majors if everything went right. He was going to be a minor league free agent after the 2017 season and with players moving up from Altoona, he likely would have served the same role next season, possibly even getting bumped to the 26th man role. That was played by Juan Diaz this season, who was activated for three games all year and never played (before going down to Bristol where he switched to pitching).

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  1. Pirates FO shows their intelligence yet again – starting Vogelsong again tonight, instead of giving a start to a young pitcher – like GLASNOW!!!!
    This team’s FO is a joke – and they have devastated this team in less than 12 months.

  2. Obviously this happened because we traded for Hutchison 47 days ago. If not for that, Gamache was going to become the next Jose Bautista. Obviously.

    • They are probably doing him a favor so he can go to an organization where he’ll get a shot. Probably has already signed with someone.

  3. The Pirates make some strange decisions. Granted, Gamache struggled this year, but has been an overachieving and productive utility player. Still only 25. We cut him, but hang onto Chris Stewart like he’s Johnny Bench.

    • What is the world does releasing Gamache have to do with Stewart? You bitch and moan worse than a Phillies fan….

      • Stewart has zero upside, and the team keeps him around year after year…Gamache may have limited upside, but he has overachieved and was a 6th round pick – career batting average of .276, despite a bad 2016 season. I can think of 3-4 other guys at Indy I would have released before Gamache.

  4. I was disappointed in how he was used this year but at least now he has a chance to continue his career with another team if he chooses to do so.

    • Happened to a kid I went to school with. He was the last minor leaguer to win 20 games in a season. Never made it out of triple a ball.

      • Back in the day, my neighbor went to Stanford and beat I think a Georgia team the game before they won the CWS. Baltimore drafted him #2 and gave him 100k. (shows you how long ago) He came up to the majors, looked very good, then blew out his arm. He was ahead of his time. 6′ 5″ 225 lbs and threw in the 90’s. But, as usually, Baltimore brought him up very early and he overthrew. I think if he was drafted by another team that takes their time with pitcher he would have had a nice career. . don’t cry for him, got a degree from Stanford in Finance making more money than he would have made in the majors at the time. And he married a Billionaires daughter. Good kid.

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