Baseball America Names Stephen Alemais Among Best Defensive Players in 2016 Draft

Baseball America started posting their Draft Report Cards on Monday, beginning with the AL East. Prior to that, they had an overview of the entire draft class, ranking the teams and players in numerous categories. The Pittsburgh Pirates got two mentions in the article, one good and one bad.

Shortstop Stephen Alemais was named the fourth best defensive player and we saw those skills on display with Morgantown and West Virginia after he was promoted in August, and then in the Fall Instructional League. That last link also talks about the adjustments he made and the improvements he saw on offense down at Pirate City last month. His bat is questionable at this point, but the plus defense will give him every opportunity to see if the hitting eventually comes around. Drafted in the third round, Alemais hit .249/.286/.306 in 50 games this season.

BA has a section for “the ones that got away”, highlighting the top players who didn’t sign. Among high school players, 41st overall pick Nick Lodolo ranked third. That’s not surprising, as he was the highest draft pick not to sign in the entire draft. The good part here is that the Pirates get a compensation pick, while the other nine “ones that got away” mentioned in the article do not receive compensation. The Pirates will pick 42nd overall in the 2017 draft. The Pirates offered Lodolo well over his slot amount to sign, then when he turned them down, they were able to sign a high upside high school arm in Austin Shields to an over-slot deal.

  • I love a defensive SS. Ozzie made himself an offensive player.

  • I’m sorry this is off the point but I didn’t know where else to ask it. Do you anticipate doing an article on or posting an off-season calendar so we can see when free agents can sign, when winter meetings are, etc.?

    • We have done it every year since 2010 after the World Series ends. Search “off-season primer” for examples

  • “ones that got away”….sure wished we had signed that Trea Turner fella.


    • The Pirates had nothing left to offer after signing Cole for $8 mil, Bell for $5 mil, and Holmes $1.2 mil. Had Bell not re-considered, Turner may have been a Pirate and bypassed his commitment to NC State.

      • They offered Turner $500,000 and he turned it down.

        • Should’ve given Turner the $1.2 mil?

          • Yes, the should’ve known that Turner would reach his ceiling, while Holmes would have Tommy John surgery. Unfortunately, someone hogged the time machine (not pointing fingers) and they didn’t know. Why teams don’t give more money to lower rated guys and assume they will end up better is beyond me.

            Say hi to my grandfather’s cousin George please, he was a great man and still living in the past where you are stuck.

      • I’d rather have Turner than Holmes.