Pirates Have Off-Season Money to Spend in the Initial 2017 Payroll Projection

Today I finished putting together the 2017 40-man payroll page, which will be updated throughout the off-season, and into the regular season. Bookmark that link, as I’ll be updating the chart after every move throughout the off-season. The chart provides an estimate  of the year-end 2017 payroll, which will definitely change throughout the off-season.

Right now the estimate is made up of three things. First we have the guaranteed salaries. Next are the projected arbitration increases. Finally there are the projected roster decisions. I didn’t include projected free agents, since that’s unpredictable. I mostly stuck with players who were out of options, or who didn’t play a huge role at the end of the season. There are some players who I have projected on the active roster who may end up off the 40-man roster at some point this off-season, but they were league minimum guys, so it didn’t make much of a difference. The non-tender focus was mostly on arbitration eligible guys, since that had a bigger impact on payroll.

I projected a 25-man roster when making this payroll chart, although a few spots will change. For example, right now Steven Brault is projected to be in the rotation, and I fully expect the Pirates to add at least one starter this off-season, pushing Brault to Triple-A. That will change the payroll, with Brault’s inclusion as a league minimum guy making this a minimum projection until roster spots are added.

One key disclaimer here is that I don’t know what the Pirates are receiving from the Mets for Antonio Bastardo. I’ve got that figure listed as a question mark, and it will drive the payroll down a bit.

The Pirates are currently projected for a $86,455,166 payroll in 2017. A lot can change with that figure. As an example, last year they had a projected $104,727,333 payroll when I first made the chart around this time of year. The end of year payroll estimate was $98,477,344, with the drop due to a reduction in salary at the trade deadline with the Mark Melancon and Francisco Liriano trades. Last year’s pre-season projection didn’t include the $3.5 M they were getting for Michael Morse, and included Pedro Alvarez (projected for $8.1 M at the time), Neil Walker ($10.7 M), and Charlie Morton ($8 M guaranteed). The Pirates cut salaries last year in order to spend, and they didn’t spend much.

This time around, they have some spending room, even without cutting salaries, mostly because that was done with the Liriano trade. They also don’t have many needs, with the biggest ones being a starting pitcher and a late inning reliever. Here is a look at the key contract situations heading into the off-season.

The Rotation

Right now, the biggest area where the Pirates need to add would be the rotation. If they added someone making around $13 M a year, that would put their 2017 payroll projection just below $100 M with no other additions or cuts (again, not including Bastardo’s payment from the Mets). That’s a range they’ve been in the last few years at the start of the season, and they can definitely get there again, as that was kind of a big reason they made the Liriano trade. I’ve got the rest of the rotation as Gerrit Cole, Jameson Taillon, Chad Kuhl, and Drew Hutchison. You could make the argument that they should go for a second starter and build depth, maybe adding a lower cost reclamation guy with a high upside who can battle with Hutchison during Spring Training.

Andrew McCutchen

I’ve written that I think the Pirates should trade McCutchen this off-season in order to address their starting pitching needs. If they made that deal, they’d also be freeing up $14 M in salary this year, which could allow them to add a second higher priced starter to the rotation, rather than just going for a low cost reclamation guy. Or, it could allow them to go with a reclamation guy, while upgrading several other positions, like bringing back Sean Rodriguez for the bench, adding a quality late inning reliever to pair with Juan Nicasio and Felipe Rivero, and so on.

The Bullpen

The bullpen doesn’t look as strong as it did in previous years, due to the trade of Mark Melancon, the down year from Tony Watson, and Neftali Feliz leaving as a free agent after struggling with injuries at the end of the year. They currently have Watson as the closer, Felipe Rivero and Juan Nicasio as late inning guys, and I’ve got Antonio Bastardo, Wade LeBlanc, and A.J. Schugel projected in the other spots. I don’t have a full bullpen projected, but have an extra bench player due to Jason Rogers being out of options. That will eventually change, but again, the league minimum salary here doesn’t matter from a payroll perspective.

I could see the Pirates trying to flip Bastardo after he rebounded a bit with them at the end of the year. Or, depending on how much they’re getting for him from the Mets, they could keep him as a cheap second lefty. I could also see LeBlanc sticking around, as he’ll be low cost and had good results in his brief time with the Pirates. The final bullpen spot will likely come from the outside, and if they add a good late inning guy, they could have a promising group, with Watson, Rivero, and Nicasio already providing a lot of velocity and upside in the late innings.

In-Season Additions

The difference between the Opening Day payroll and the final payroll is usually big. There’s no way to project all of the in-season moves, whether that comes in the form of trades, waiver claims, or the constant promotions and demotions from Triple-A. In previous years when the Pirates were stronger contenders, the in-season figure has been anywhere from a $6-11 M increase. They dropped $6 M this past year, due to the trades at the deadline. The estimated number represents the Opening Day projections. If you estimate that they’re contenders again, you could probably add $5-10 M to that figure on Opening Day to guess what the final figure would be.


The estimated payroll is exactly that, an estimate. It doesn’t include every bonus, incentive, or exact salary figures for the league minimum guys. In the past, the estimate has been pretty accurate. The estimate in previous years has had a margin of error of $1.36 M on average.

Tim started Pirates Prospects in 2009 from his home in Virginia, which was 40 minutes from where Pedro Alvarez made his pro debut in Lynchburg. That year, the Lynchburg Hillcats won the Carolina League championship, and Pirates Prospects was born from Tim's reporting along the way. The site has grown over the years to include many more writers, and Tim has gone on to become a credentialed MLB reporter, producing Pirates Prospects each year, and will publish his 11th Prospect Guide this offseason. He has also served as the Pittsburgh Pirates correspondent for Baseball America since 2019. Behind the scenes, Tim is an avid music lover, and most of the money he gets paid to run this site goes to vinyl records.

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Bill Harvey

I would like to point out something that we all seem to be missing, for 3 months out of last season our offense was bad. The fact that they finished mid pack offensively and the amount of suckiness our pitchers showed kind of hides that. I believe that if we can’t resign Nova, if it were me, I would look to start improving the offense. Our biggest need is going to be at 1B, because I am just not sure Josh Bell is ever going to become an average defensive first baseman. I think it is highly likely that Arizona is going to hire a new GM based in analytics, and look to rebuild. I think we could build a package around Bell and Glasnow for Paul Goldschmidt and Shelby Miller.


I have spun through 102 comments and possibly missed it. There is no mention of DH? Will this figure into NH’s planning? Also when, as a small market, our new TV contract will figure in. Last heard 2019, correct?

No suggestion trading Cutch for SP David Rice with Red Sox absorbing his 7/yr $217 MM contract? A year ago PP commenters were screaming for the Bucs to sign Rice, but, we couldn’t afford him. The Red Sox thought they could.

Wake up and smell the roses. Go with Cutch and the young guys in 2017.

Bruce Humbert

the last “Rice” to play for the Red Sox was Jim


OOoooops…..I meant Price 🙂
Thanks Bruce


As an afterthought, I live in the high mountains in the West, no one will read my late reply.

Even Tim who has a bias against Hart High 🙂

Tim, take Tylenol for your migraines……


If Hutchison is in the rotation, we’ve got big problems.

Paul Rutledge

Haha. Reading these comments has been awesome. Keep Cutch, but trade Marte, Polanco, Kang, Cervelli, Cole, Taillon, Glasnow, and Watson and let’s get the prospects that will win Altoona a Championship.


dr dng

Remember, I really don’t know much about this stuff, but here is my idea of the day.

Can we sign the old fat guy??? We can’t beat him, we can’t hit him, and maybe it would make us old fat guys feel better when we sit on the couch watching games.

We may only need him for one year.

Then again, is AJ tired of sitting at home yet?
He might bring some fire back into the lockeroom.

dr dng

Tim lists Fryer as a non tenure, but I think I’d offer arbitration with the
idea that he might have some decent value in a trade or as Stewart/Diaz
insurance. The same type of insurance we bought with Freese
last season with the unknown of how Kang would come back.

Dale O

Trade Marte.



I can’t get past the “Liriano will be awesome in 2017, we shouldn’t have traded him”, school of thought but the same folks are saying “Cutch is done, we need to trade him now.” I don’t get that.

IC Bob

I am in the trade Cutch group but I only want to trade him if we can get a bonified starter (I heard Sale somewhere). I would love that. If we get a single A top end prospect and a middle reliever then I would blow another gasket. I think Cutch is a really good player but he is not being resigned and i am not sure his value will ever be higher then it is right now.

joe s

I am more afraid of what future talent N.H. Will give up to make a show that he/they are all in and going for it, thereby closing the window they have to compete. Remember N.H. job is on the line and he might do anything to keep it no matter how stupid the fans may think it is.

Bobby L

NH’s job is not on the line. Scrooge is fine with him.

Bruce Humbert

What future talent are u talking about – folks on this site are saying the farm system has nothing left – that everyone in the minors sucks big time and will never contribute. You folks can’t have it both ways – we either have a lot of talent in the minors that should be developed and advanced or we have zippo and should shut the whole thing down…

Make up your minds.


Different people can have different opinions pal, no where in this guy’s comments has he said anything about a barren farm system. It doesn’t matter what someone else said in another comment. There is no unified opinion that every single person other than you has.


Bruce “Strawman” Humbert


Thoughts and prayers go out to Francisco Liriano who was struck in the head by a ball hit at 102 mph. He walked off the field on his own. But I just read he was taken on a stretcher in a neck brace by ambulance to the hospital. Hope for a speedy recovery.

Bobby L

Wish him the best also.
Who was the Pirate pitcher a few years back who was struck by a line drive in the head?

Arik Florimonte

Bring in Rich Hill for 1 year, see if Melancon will take 2/$20M. Done.

Paul Rutledge

Melancon will net far more years and dollars.


Id take Lincecum and Fister both on one year deals and K-Rod for 3 years. Next seasons crop of free agent starters include two pitchers whove been reliable middle of the rotation arms for division rivals ( Lance Lynn and Jason Hammell) plus two younger guys the Bucs have had prior interst in (Nathan Eovaldi and Henderson Alvarez) in addition to several other intriguing names. Id rather get a long term deal with someone out of that group than this years group.


Hill isn’t signing a 1 year deal. More like 3

Buddy G

Do you see them re-signing Hughes?



Chris M

I think the biggest concern is that the window could have potentially closed unless they do something drastic partly because of their decisions but also partly because of our competition getting better
Nats dodgers cubs mets an upcoming Miami team and giants and cards always find a way. These teams are set to be good for a while
Its time to use some assets to fix your pitching . That is how we won the last few years.
Hypothetically trading cutch and a prospect or 2 for sale, and trading a package centered round Glasnow and Newman probably gets archer. It’s a pipe dream but it realistically works in their budget and probably gets them to bite. A rotation of
Cole sale archer taillon and Kuhl would put us right back in the picture. Unfortunately even being lucky enough to bring back nova I don’t think will be enough to get us back to the playoffs. In this realistic dream scenario they could have enough to bring in a power bat which I also think would be helpful. I.e. A Napoli type. His def isn’t great but either are our options now. 2/26 could get him at his age. This would setup a great cheap staff that would actually create helpful “financial flexibility” for years with the high cost of pitching need eliminated.

IC Bob

If you could get those guys all here and still have Meadows and Keller I am all in!

Mike U

Doesn’t mark madden already have one?


Tim, I love – LOVE- the payroll projections!

Looks like Kratz got missed on 2016. Yeah, I watch that closely….


Cutch will be fine. You don’t trade him unless you absolutely get blown away by an offer. Speed player? The guy is a power hitter, he doesn’t need speed to make him effective. We’re not talking about Michael Boure here. He’s fine where he’s at, stop playing him so shallow and problem is solved. He’s not even the worst defender in our starting 9. Make some trades that make us better now instead of 3 years down the road and go for it before we waste having one of the best players in the game.

Bruce Humbert

Cutch at -28 DRS
Next is Mercer at -9

The Pirates need to decide two things…
1. The size of the budget
2. Do they want to put more emphasis on defense to protect their young pitchers.

Once those decisions are made the roster decisions can be made.

Fielding a team with Cutch, Mercer and Bell as starters will start the season with 5 to 10 loses to overcome.


If we’re taking about defense then cutch is not priority #1 to fix it. Like u mentioned Bell isn’t good, mercer has lost a step, but I never see anyone talk about polanco’s inablitly to read a fly ball. He is not a good defender at all. Cutch got to a lot of balls this year but for whatever reason he just dropped them.

Bruce Humbert

You are clearly delusional and a Cutch fan boy…
Polanco is a plus defender – yes he does have the occasional dumb play – but overall he has great range and a strong arm…

If you start from scratch you have
1. Marte in center
2. Polanco in left
3. Harrison at second
4. Cervelli at catcher
5. Kang at third.

That leaves you
1st base. Jaso is not very good defensively-and won’t be around after next year.
Bell is awful – you can hope he can get better but he has a very long way to go. Freese’s best position is 3rd – at first he seems a bit better than Jaso defensively.
2. SS the perfect solution would be to find a great defender who bats left handed. Move Mercer to a part time role start him against Lefties…
3. RF finding a strong offensive (power hitting) above average defender would be ideal. Would need him for a year assuming meadows is a year away.

S-Rod if you believe he can sustain the past season and you can resign him for a reasonable price could actually work in RF as a Meadows placeholder.

IC Bob

Polonco has a strong arm and thats it. He is a horrible OF. He has great range when he runs in the right direction but he fails to catch the ball way to often when he gets there. I think Polonco will be good if he can grow in his body but man he was hard to watch the last two years. It could be because of his injuries so maybe he will be better next year


A plus defender but can’t even read a fly ball? Once a game he mis reads a ball.

Bruce Humbert

I give up – you have been a major league coach/scout for how long?


All I do is watch the games bud. Doesn’t take a scout to tell.

Ryan C

lol oh i get it, you’re an “eyeballs” guy who thinks stats are a bunch of junk that doesn’t mean anything. 1985 called, they’re looking for you bud.


I never said that. But based on watching games, Polanco is not a good defender.


That’s just as bad as not being able to handle a one hop at first. U depend too much on the the metics and not enough watching the games. All Polanco’s has is a strong arm. And your not a Cutch fan!? Holy smokes 1 average year and he’s trash. Smh

Bruce Humbert

His defense has been bad for a very long time – it has been written up here and in many other places.
His fWar has slid dramatically and his MVP year was a long time ago….
And even Tim has pointed out that his Golden Glove award was for his offense and not an objective assessment of his defensive ability. Even worse if you “watch the games” like you say you do is the number of times he has jogged to ball and let runners take extra bases on him! Someone probably has the data – but I would bet that the great and powerful Cutch leads the league in extra bases taken.


Marte jogs to balls all the time and just because he has a great arm he doesn’t get slack for it. I’m not saying Cutch is the best in the field but his defense is no reason to trade him. He’s still the best player on the team.

IC Bob

Marte jogs to tempt the runners to go so he can throw them out. Smart if you ask me.

Bruce Humbert

You are not rational – Cutch right now is the 10th best player on the team – 8th best position player
Sean Hurdle

Paul Rutledge

Matt Joyce is better than Cutch? I really want to play an MLB the Show Franchise with you.

Bruce Humbert

This year he was/is – look it up


You are crazy. So you would rather have all those players than Cutch. Shewwww

Bruce Humbert

At $14M a year you are correct – every player above Cutch is “worth” more – in today’s sports world worth or value is a combination of how well you perform and what you cost.

Let me be clear, I would only trade Cutch this off season for a #3 or better starter with years of control – or someone like Adam Eaton who is a plus defender in right field already.

If you are not able to get something like that for him the smart move is to keep him and hope he rebounds and figures out a way to get a bit better defensively.


I don’t agree at all with your list. But have enjoyed the convo. Go Bucs baby!!


2 years ago his OPS was in the 880s no one on that list has been over or even close to that # beside Kang. I just hope other teams don’t feel like u do about cutch bc we would get squat for him.

John W

I’ve supported this front office and ownership so much over the last 7-8 years but I really fear the writing is on the wall now. If they piss through another offseason after that bullshit at the deadline… might as well just forget about it.

Scott K

You used both “fear” and “if” in your comment. I prefer “faith” and “when” myself when discussing the Pirates future.

William R. Maloni Sr

Why do you assume they’ll spend more or do anythign different than last year?

If BN’s primary objective in income, why would he invest any more?

Scott K

His primary objective is to field a team which competes for a WS title, while making a profit. Which is exactly what they’ve done 3 of last 4 years.

But why get bogged down in facts when it doesn’t fit your preconceived opinion.

PS – Despits what some politicians and college professors will tell you, a profitable business is not a bad thing.



IC Bob

The only thing I will say is this fan base is scared at this point. I think everyone is paying attention this year. Words are becoming important which means actions will be very important. I hope your right and we have a budget north of 100 million. Right now I am in a wait and see mode. I think more fans then in recent memory are as well.

Thomas H

Last year they shed payroll and began 2016 with a payroll about $6 million less than they ended 2015. If they follow the same pattern, they’ll begin 2017 with a payroll around $92 million.

NH said on the Fan that his budget will be tight because attendance was down. My guess is they aren’t adding spit to last years team.


I don’t see a way forward successfully without expecting a huge out of the blue contribution from a Glasnow or Hutchison etc UNLESS you move Cutch. You bring back Nova and have a payroll around 98M and still have a question mark at 5th starter. You want to compete you are smart to bring in a couple buy-low bounce back options for the 5th starter spot AND another bullpen arm.

With attendance down I don’t see payroll increasing and NH has said as much. So to really get enough pitching you HAVE to move salary and from a position of strength that move is Cutch. Maybe to Boston, maybe Cleveland, maybe Texas. Cleveland has a wealth of arms we would certainly welcome.

I am NOT as bullish on Cutch trade return as Tim is so even if we could get a decent #3 starter AND some payroll room I would be happy. Then keep Nova and you’ve got a decent rotation (before injuries). I then use some payroll room to bring in a Cashner or Buchholz as bounce back arms and some solid rotation depth. I then spend to bring in another BP arm.

This pitching staff needs a giant overhaul…and pitching is expensive. Moving Cutch very well may be the ONLY way to get the pitching needed to have a chance.

michael t

I think you have hit on a major point not addressed in Tim’s article directly.
Huntington said yesterday in an interview that that the budget for next year was going to be tight. I would bet the owner justifies it with the big loss of revenue from the drop in attendance.
Here in the ‘Burgh the sportswriters are pounding on his comment and what he may be signaling. It sure is consistent with the double salary dump at the deadline.
Some of the pundits are saying if you would put Cutch in the three slot and move him to left or let him play deep again he will reestablish his value. I happen to think that the tinkering around screwed him up. He will be put on the market quietly and I have no confidence NH will get quality over quantity in return.

michael t

This team does not pay market to keep assets it develops.
It now sells prospects. It tells the fan base payroll is tied to attendance. Attendance is down and the loss of revenue on that alone has to exceed $7M.
He admits to having a bad year as a GM in a live interview and warns that he is on a tight budget.
I don’t think it is gamesmanship at all. I think the boss has him on a tight leash and a choke collar.

J Nader

I totally understand where you are coming from. But after the Liriano deal, a more apt comparison would be that person coming into the car dealership saying they cant afford much, and right before they walked in, you saw him give away his dog and his watch so that someone would take his cell phone payment off his hands


I have my doubts how much Cutch could fetch, since he is essentially a LFer now (a la Matt Kemp) who had a down year offensively, and even his rebound months weren’t prime Cutch.

He turns 30 this year. Speed players, as many SABR sites have pointed out, start dropping off dramatically around the 28-30 age.

If we can’t bring in a vet (Nova, Cashner, etc), I expect us to trot the kids out and see what happens.


I agree that ‘Cutch’s worth has taken a beating and the Pirates will not get anything near the value many of us still think he has to offer. I think they leaked the “we may be interested in trading ‘Cutch” just as due diligence with no real intent to trade him unless somebody tried to overwhelm the Pirates. He has been challenged and I think he will respond by working harder than he has the past few years to get ready for the 2017 season. 24 HR’s, 79 RBI, .766 OPS and a bump up in the 2nd half? Not chopped liver.

The picture accompanying the article is interesting. One of those three guys should be unloaded, if at all possible, and I doubt it will be ‘Cutch and I am sure it will not be Gregory Polanco.


Here are the best available FA SP’s for 2017. Slim pickens.
Doug Fister, 32, 12W, 4.64 ERA, $11M
Jeremy Hellickson, 29, 9W, 3.71 ERA, $7M
Ivan Nova, 29, 12W, 4.28 ERA, $4M
Edison Volquez, 33, 10W, 5.42 ERA, $9.5M
Rich Hill 36, 12W, 2.12 ERA, $6M
Kris Medlen, 31, 7.77 ERA (Bounce Back?)
Jair Jurrgens 28 (Bounce Back?)
Mat Latos, 28, 7W, 4.89 ERA , 500K

I think Hill will be too expensive, plus he is 36. Wouldn’t mind having Nova, Hellickson, Fister, or Volquez. Latos could be a cheap option as well.
Can Cole get healthy, can Taillon Continue pitching well, can Glasnow realize his potential at 22/23 years old? A lot of question marks.

Chris M

Yikes minus an impact trade that equals another crappy rotation


I think Hellickson is going to get a QO and require a first rounder. This is why the Phillies didn’t trade him. I would go hard after Nova unless someone puts out a ridiculous 4 or 5 year offer. I think at 29 he carries a lot less risk than the rest of them. Latos is just kind of a bad human being. I’d also be intrigued by Volquez and Cashner.


CJ Wilson?
Jered Weaver?
Both have a way higher ceiling than Latos, Fister and Medlen


I wouldn’t necessarily say that they have higher ceilings as much as higher floors. Not to mention, doesn’t Jered Weaver only throw like 82 mph now…


In 2011 he went 18-8 with a 2.41 ERA and in 2012 he went 20-5 with a 2.81 ERA. Those are Ace type numbers comparable to Kershaw way above what the likes of Nova/ Hellickson could ever hope to achieve.


Who’s he?


The guy tops out at 81-82. In 2017 , he will be 5 years removed from that 2012 year.


Those were just the best years, in 2013 he was 11-8 with a 3.27 ERA and in 2014 he was 18-9 with a 3.59 ERA. He didn’t really seem to decline until 2015. I feel that if with the names mentioned above, Weaver has a MUCH higher upside than they do. Nova is essentially a right handed version of Jon Neise and it would be extremely foolish to give him 5/ 70M


Jair Jurrgens is still pitching in America?


Jurrgens played for McKeesport Malcontents in the Depressed Has Been Town League which is class P ball. This is the same league that the Wall Wingers were a members of until people realized that Wall, PA was not a has been town since it never was.


Slim pickens

I still remember that scene from Dr Strangelove at the end where he was riding the rocket. Hilarious movie. He was great in Blazing Saddles, too.


You missed Cashner on a buy-low bounce back and Buchholz as well.


And Tim Lincecum could be a very cheap high risk/reward candidate if he can prove to be healthy this winter

Dale O


Nicholas P

Keep an eye on Andrew Cashner ! No draft pick comp because he was traded ! Seems like a good buy kind of low candidate !


This past year he WAS awful. I wonder if he can be had on a one year deal, though.

And, can Ray fix him?

joe s

Let Ray fix Cole first. It wasn’t all injuries this year.


I would even consider a 1 year with an option year for our protection if he does succeed. I like a Cashner signing honestly.


But would Cashner? I think some team is going to give him multi years in that thin market.

Wilbur Miller

Cashner would be a good target, but he’ll have plenty of other interest and the Pirates don’t compete for talent. Every contract has to be a bargain.


I feel like the minimum salary on all the arbitration guys should be 0.

Steve N

So glad I canceled my season tickets.


It appears that we have more than enough to sign Nova, which means that we won’t.

Royals are expected to not pick up the 33 year Edinson Volquez’ contract, so he may be interested in a reunion?

Watson might be due a hefty raise in arbitration, so, with only a year left, he might get moved?

With Cutch having a down year on both sides of the ball and the fact that he turns 30 this month, I wonder what type of SP we could even get?

NH has his work cut out for him. It may be his toughest offseason yet?

dr dng

“NH has his work cut out for him. It may be his toughest offseason yet?’ Leefoo



The way I see it. They are going to give this team one more year before they dismantle it. Trading cutch this offseason would be a massive mistake. Cutch will make a return to form next year and, since Tim is so insistent that Hutchison will get a shot next year, we won’t have the staff to where Cutch’s performance will mean much for the Pirates. However, it will mean a great deal to a contender who will pay a handsome amount for Cutch’s services at the trade deadline. This will also allow Huntington to again deploy one of his favorite sayings “We dealt from a position of strength”. I say you hold onto Cutch at least until July 2017. My absolute nightmare would be dealing Cutch this offseason at a discount just so we can have 3 more years of SRod and a year or two of some middle reliever. It’s a safer bet that Cutch returns to form than Sean having another good to decent year.


Cutch has had two terrible starts to years in consecutive seasons…really wanna take that gamble?


Yea I do..classically Cutch starts seasons slow but then puts it together. More information is needed to determine an outlier. I believe keeping Cutch is a low risk high reward situation especially if you are considering selling low right now anyway. I think the riskier move is trading him now for less than he is probably worth.

Bobby L

Who would want Cutch? It would have to be a big market team which could gamble on him bouncing back. I’m probably way off base, but I don’t see him returning a SP unless it’s a salary swap. An alternative might be to package him, either with a MLB player or prospect(s).

Just say no to Volquez. Nova wants too much with also too long a term. Who are potential RH closers who fit the PBC way?

Yeah, the PBC GM has a tough job ahead of him, some of it owing to his own ineptness.


I hear Jon Niese is available once again :p

Scott K

Virtually every team would love to acquire Cutch while his perceived value is low.


Without question.


I don’t know about that.

Bruce Humbert



If Cutch doesn’t return a starting pitcher directly in a trade, maybe the Bucs can use the salary relief to get one. If we go the route of trading Cutch, I don’t see why we couldn’t end up with 2 legitimate starting pitchers before the start of next season.


I agree 100% with your first two sentences.


I agree with the last one

Paul Rutledge

Except the part where it would be ineptitude, not ineptness.

Bill W

Drew Hutchison has not shown any level of performance to merit a spot in the rotation. Gerrit Cole has a health issue. You think the Pirates should trade McCutchen this off-season. Sell low and get a lower return. Bringing back Sean Rodriguez for the bench, the last two years Pirate fan went ballistic when Sean was signed and re-signed. Wow “extra bench player due to Jason Rogers being out of options”. He has shown that he cannot play in Pittsburgh.”LeBlanc sticking around, as he’ll be low cost and had good results in his brief time with the Pirates”. That makes sense since we want a low budget because we traded LIRIANO for salary flexibility. MAYBE THE FRANCHISE SHOULD MOVE TO INDY because what was stated above makes me want to go to the TRIBE PROSPECTS website.

Scott K

You do understand sports are designed to be a release from the stresses of everyday life, right?

You should spend your time commenting on politicsprospects.com.


Go away.


But WHERE do you EXPECT him to GO?!?

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