Pirates Among Numerous Teams Interested in Tyson Ross

According to Jon Heyman, the Pittsburgh Pirates are among 20 or so teams showing interest in 29-year-old right-handed pitcher Tyson Ross.  After missing most of 2016, the San Diego Padres non-tendered Ross back on December 2nd. The Pirates contact him two weeks ago during the Winter Meetings and there is apparently still interest between the two clubs. Normally having so many other clubs interested would be a bad sign for the Pirates, but before Daniel Hudson signed yesterday, we heard that at least 16 teams were showing interest in him.

Ross made the Opening Day start for the Padres this season, then was shutdown due to shoulder discomfort. He also had a minor ankle injury set him back during his rehab. He made one minor league start and couldn’t even get through one inning, allowing four runs. Ross felt shoulder discomfort again after that game. He attempted to make another return before the end of the season, but he was never able to make it back. In October, he underwent surgery for thoracic outlet syndrome on his right shoulder, which carries a 4-6 month timetable for a return. That would have him back by mid-April 2017 at the latest.

Before this season, Ross put in nearly 200 innings a year during the 2014 and 2015 seasons. He had a 2.81 ERA in 2014, with a 1.21 WHIP and exactly one strikeout per inning.  In 2015, the ERA went up slightly to 3.26, but he had a better FIP than the previous season (3.24 in 2014 vs 2.98). Ross picked up 212 strikeouts in 2015, though that came with a league leading 84 walks. He also had a 1.30 WHIP.

Whichever team signs Ross will be taking a chance on him returning to his recent form after missing almost the entire 2016 season, then having post-season surgery. His asking price is said to be in the $9M-11M range for one year, which would be a bargain if you get the 2014-15 version.




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Brian K. Rhodes

9-11 mill for a guy coming off major shoulder surgery? I’d rather it was TJ surgery, that seems a more likely return to 100%.


How many months will Ross have to spend in AAA while Dean Treanor forces him to throw a changeup?


Way off topic….I’m thinking about getting back into fantasy baseball for the 2017 season – I’ve been away from it for the past 2-3 years. Is anyone a league commissioner in need of managers for the upcoming season?

Blaine Huff

This is the kind of guy the Pirates need to act on. Give him 3/33 with a $13M option. That type of deal would win the day and Pirates would get him for three years at less than cost of one year of Greinke. If he’s good, it’s a win. If he’s better, they’ve got a valuable trade chip, if he stinks…his AAV is less than Ricky Nolasco’s.


The Pirates would be crazy to lock themselves into a 3 year deal with a guy coming back from injuries. Great if you get the old Ross, but if you get a Ross who is not the same after injuries, or gets injured again, then the Pirates are stuck with him and his contract for 3 years.


You assume he will take that. He won’t. He will insist on 1 year to leverage for a bigger deal next year.

Chris M

If u r going to overpay for someone Ross is the player to overpay for not Hudson. Trade Watson and bastardo get a legit bullpen guy and prospects. Sign Ross long term now 3/38-40 overpay for first year and get a bargain for the next two or three. These are the chances the pirates took prior that worked. He is a true impact 1/2 when healthy. Move Glasnow to bullpen and give him time to develop a third pitch.


From mlbtraderumors.com…..

“The Rangers and Pirates have also been in the Ross chase since the Padres non-tendered him, though it’s difficult to imagine low-payroll Pittsburgh approaching his asking price. The Indians, whom FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal previously named as a possible landing spot for Ross, also aren’t known for spending. The Tribe’s run to the World Series proved lucrative, though, which could help them secure Ross.”


If Ross is healthy, he is a far superior pitcher over Nova. The odds of the Pirates beating out 19 other teams, and actually signing Ross are slim to none unfortunately. There may have been 16 teams “interested” in Daniel Hudson, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that any of those 15 teams actually made offers to Hudson. We’ll probably never know.

Tim Williams

I think it’s safe to bury the narrative that the Pirates can’t sign guys if other teams are interested.

Have we heard about other teams making offers to Hudson? Not yet. But do you honestly think he would have commanded 2/$11 M if the Pirates were the only team offering?

They might not sign Ross, but if it doesn’t happen, it’s not because they had no shot. It’s just because you don’t always sign every player you are interested in.

John W

No doubt. If you are a MLB pitcher with an Xfip over 4 and 2 TJS the Pirates will be right in that mix.

#3 caliber starting pitchers, um yeah not so sure.

And hey don’t forget we made better off to Trevor Cahill than the Cubs last year!

Not so sure the Pirates will be serious competitors for many players if market value dictates spending 14-15M AAV.

But in the 5-7 M range for left over bullpen pieces and backup 3b… we are major players


Well lets put it this way, if 15-20 teams are REALLY after a highly sought after free agent, there is no way that the Pirates are going to be in position to outbid everyone to get that guy. There will always be 1 or more teams who can offer more and will offer more. Having interest in a player is not the same as actually making a legitimate offer.

in Hudson’s case, the Pirates may have been the only team willing to give Hudson that kind of money (and I assume they were) – and that they made an above market offer for him. Think about it, he’s making more than Watson – and Watson has been the far more productive and healthy pitcher over the past 4-5 years. I’m not saying its a bad signing – time will tell – but, I suspect the Pirates had to go above market to get him. They can do that with free agents like Hudson, but they can’t with the more marketable players.

Tim Williams

Watson is arbitration eligible, while Hudson is a free agent. Mike Dunn is making more than Watson. That just means Watson’s value is suppressed by the arbitration system.

2/$11 M seems to be the market rate for a lot of guys this offseason. The simple answer here is that the Pirates made a competitive offer and signed the guy. No need to stretch to try and think up scenarios to try and keep the narrative alive that they can’t sign players if at least one other team is involved.


if 20 teams really want someone its pretty much the dodgers, yankees, red sox, and maybe the cubs who can get the FA without destroying their budget and that isn’t because NH is cheap, its because the game is unfair


When’s healthy he’s a better option than Nova. Higher upside…


This money is better spent on Nova


comment image


Not really, Nova had one good half season and will want probably 3 years while Ross could be picked up for one maybe two to give Glasnow some extra time to develop and has a much higher upside


I agree totally. I really like Nova, but I can’t imagine him being good for three years. Though I want Glasgow to spend the next year developing rather then floundering and burning service time.


What’s the difference between this and J.A Happ? We need to lock up Nova long term before his breakout really explodes.

How do you know Ross will be able to come back from two shoulder injuries in a row like he had?

I’m more willing to bet on Nova’s breakout being real compared to Tyson Ross’s arm coming back together which we’ve seen no proof of.


Daniel: Nova pitched in the AL East and had a record of 53-39 in 118 Starts. Came to the Pirates for very little and went 5-2 in 11 starts. ERA+ of 137, a WHIP around 1.0 something, and a 53% GB ratio.

He’s a gamer, and I think 2016 concluded his 2nd year since TJ surgery. I agree with you that his best may be in front of him, and especially with a GB-oriented defense in the NL.

Bobby L

Nova’s best attributes are his low BB rate last season and maybe more importantly his CG. The Pirates have not had pitchers who could go 9 innings multiple times in a year since…..who knows. If he could be signed for 1 year upfront and two option years I’d Be all for it.

I also think that Ross would be a good, but risky, signing.

eric i

I agree. Ross is riskier but it’s not like Nova is without risk either. Rather give the money to Ross. If it doesn’t work out at least it won’t be a long commitment.

mitch t

By the time Ross is ready to pitch Glasgow, Brault, Hutchison, Kingham or —fill in the blank– will have earned the 4/5 slots in the rotation. Let the Cubs finance his rehab.


Maybe, maybe not. If he is healthy, he’d be a nice addition for 2017. It’s a big, expensive “if” though.


Why would he sign with the Pirates if the Cubs are an option? Players go careers trying to get to the WS, the Cubs offer one of the better chances to get there.


Good point!!

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