Infielder Jason Rogers has cleared waivers and he has been sent outright to Indianapolis. Rogers was designated for assignment on December 23rd when the Pittsburgh Pirates picked up pitcher Nefi Ogando off waivers from the Miami Marlins.

Rogers was used sparingly by the Pirates in 2016 after being acquired in the off-season for Keon Broxton and Trey Supak. He spent most of the season with Indianapolis, where he hit .263/.338/.371 in 105 games. He hit .080/.303/.160 in 23 games for the Pirates, mostly being used off the bench. He has been playing a lot of left field this winter, currently taking part in the Dominican league playoffs. Rogers should see time at third base, first base and possibly outfield for Indianapolis this season.

Rogers was out of options, so he would have needed to make the Opening Day roster if he remained on the 40-man roster this off-season. Now he will be used as a depth option with an outside chance of making the Opening Day roster. He posted a .296/.367/.441 slash line for the Milwaukee Brewers in 86 games during the 2015 season. If he regains that recent success, then he could be a useful piece off the bench.

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  1. The article on MLB trade rumors site on Coles arb #’s had a lot of interesting info. Comping Cole to Nova was particularly interesting as you either see yet more upside in Nova or you see Cole as maybe with less projection than originally hoped for.
    Then there is the comps to the other pitchers in his class. odorizzi and Fiers are two- they are all comped rather equally so from 30,000 feet what do we make of Cole having those pitchers as his peers vs some of the more elite young arms… such as Jose Fernandez, Sale, etc.
    there are always discussions about if Cole is an Ace. This grouping makes you want to say probably not, even if you feel other wise.

  2. Interesting news that Brandon Phillips, who will earn $14 mil in 2017 (his age 36 season), turned down a trade to Atlanta. The Reds have two very capable young 2B prospects in Jose Peraza and Dilson Herrera that they got in trades.

    Cincy will pay Votto $22 mil in 2017, then $25 mil for his next 6 seasons – til age 40. Homer Bailey, who only pitched 6 games in 2016 will make $19 mil in 2017 and then $21 mil and $23 mil in 2018 and 2019. Add in Devin Mesoraco at $7.2 mil for 2017, $13 mil in 2018, and he only played in 16 games in 2016. How about starting the season with $62.2 mil for only 4 players, and 3 are coming off season ending injuries?

      • agreed, which is always my point. For all the Nutting is cheap folks, they should become Reds fans. Nutting may very well be cheap, has nothing to do with the fact that spending money recklessly does not build a winner. I actually applaud the Reds owner for giving it a shot, especially once you include previous Jay Bruce contract in with these four. But shows what happens to small market club that overspends and is now stuck with some really bad contracts.

        • I don’t applaud the Reds owner at all. He and his GM have ran their franchise as a fan would run it, instead of how an unemotional businessman would run it.

          Fans only think about the present. A savvy businessman would balance the present and future needs of the franchise to ensure competitiveness in both the short and long term.

      • Prior to,last year Phillips was a solid second baseman and over delivered – provided surplus value. Suspect there is something else going on – he actually lives in Atlanta.

        i was at PNC for the Bailey no hitter. He signed the contract after two very solid 200+ inning seasons. Injuries happen – hopefully the reds paid for insurance.

        Votto – yes the numbers look silly but…
        If you guessed the #1 1st baseman in fWAR over the past two seasons was Paul Goldscmidt you would be wrong.

        And he has done it for long time. Only Cabrera beats him over 10 years.

        Mesaroco when healthy is a solid catcher – and delivered a fWAR of 4.5 in 2014…
        If he can do a 2 WAR the next two years that contract makes sense.

        • This appears to be a classic case of can’t see the forest for the trees type situation, Bruce. The problem with the Reds organization is not necessarily any one contract they have on the books, it’s the fact they have such a large % of their payroll budget tied up into a few aging veterans who are likely on the downside of their careers.

          This “all in” model to give the franchise a window has a price tag, and the Reds are paying it now. And they’ll likely be paying it until Votto’s contract expires. If you don’t see that as a cautionary tale for small market owners, than you truly are blind to reality.

  3. Anybody know what kind of prospect trey supak currently is? I thought he had a chance to turn into a nice prospect.

  4. Just seen Travis Snider signed a minor league deal with Texas. Wouldn’t of mind seeing him as a bench/outfielder option

  5. I feel a lot better about Rogers now, don’t think he was worth a 40man spot or a 25 which he required but is a fantastic depth option that they can stash

    • Ok, the educator is going to come out in me with this question…..
      “In 50 words or less compare and contrast Jason Rogers to Matt ‘the hitman’ Hague.”

      • Comparison: two defensively challenged individuals with decent feel for the strike zone and no speed which leads to lots of doubles and singles that should be triples and doubles.

        Contrast: one (rogers) actually had some success in the majors (2015 with brewers)

      • It’s the winter. I don’t expect Rogers to get Meadows treatment much longer. I’m pulling for him now.

        • just we gave up two decent prospects for someone who just cleared waivers. You think that isn’t news or a reason to question management? Especially after the pitching they brought in last year and the Liriano trade? the past 18 months have been terrible for Neil. Come on man.

          • So that’s not the issue here, it’s that this guy constantly repeats the same diatribes on every post. But to your point, Supak was a decent prospect before getting derailed by injuries while Broxton is a marginal fourth outfielder who only only saw significant time because he played for the Brewers. Rogers disappointed in his limited time but the signing of Freese really reduced the need for him. So if you think the Broxton and a lottery ticket, and that might be a stretch at this point in regards to Supak, put us over the top in the next 2-3 years then sure you have every right to be pissed about this trade and lament Rogers clearing waivers. Otherwise this is a nice result in which we keep a guy who has the potential to reemerge as a usable bench bat.

          • This trade was more about how desperate we were at that moment for a 1B. We really had nothing but Morse (shiver). It ended up not working out. Last year’s pitching offseason was the worst work I have seen Neil do. I understand that if Liriano didn’t want to work with out pitching staff we don’t want him, but that trade was definitely awful.

            • Your first sentence is dead on. The day they picked up Rogers he essentially was the starter at 1B. A week later they brought in Jaso and replaced him, a risky move anyway you look at it considering the lack of experience. Jaso could’a Pedro’d 1b without the bat to tolerate it and Rogers would have taken back over. Hedging your bets and having depth isn’t a bad thing. Even if it costs something. The fact that Jaso worked out to some degree and that Rogers ended up not being needed doesn’t vault this to being some horrendous trade as some make it out to be.

              • They went with volume at 1B last year, and ended up with a nice combo w Jaso, freese, and bell with Rodriguez filling in. We needed depth and options here more than a marginal fourth outfielder. Rogers had success in his 90 games the year before… and still has a chance to succeed. Broxton is not good.

            • Do you understand Liriano was awful last year? A team with the Pirates payroll budget can’t succeed with an awful SP accounting for over 10% of the budget!

              If it takes adding a couple of likely future bench MLB players to rid the team of this albatross in order to reallocate those resources, than I say it was a good trade.

          • The Liriano trade is yet to be determined if it was a good or bad trade. To summarily qualify it as a bad trade is a significant leap to conclusion.

            As for the pitching they brought in last year, irregardless if Niese and Vogie had pitched to their capabilities, the Pirates ship was sunk because of the horrible (by their standards) seasons of Cole, Liriano, and Cutch.

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