On Sunday night, MLB Network started their rankings of the top ten players at each position right now. The first position was third base and Jung Ho Kang ranked eighth for all third basemen.

These rankings are based on what to expect for the upcoming season. Each show has two hosts who submit their own top tens, plus a panel of experts (usually 3-4) who give their top ten. The main list for the show though, is submitted by “the Shredder”, which is just their name for the list put together by the show’s researchers based on offense and defense, using “analytic methodology”.

Kang was listed last year as the seventh best by the Shredder. Once they went to the hosts and experts, he made just one of those six lists, finishing tenth. Bill James, Vince Gennaro, who is the president of SABR, and Mike Petriello, who is a baseball analyst for MLB.com, were the expert panelists this year. They all left him off their lists. So just like last year, the Shredder seems to favor Kang more than everyone else.

This show is currently on now and we will post updates as they go along, including the third base lists from the hosts, who are Brian Kenny and Mike Lowell. Also at 10 PM, they will have the top ten for second basemen if you want to tune in to that show. Josh Harrison also got rated high by the Shredder last year, then didn’t do well when they went to the hosts/experts. He was ranked fifth on the show’s list and no one had him in their top ten.

UPDATE 9:55 PM: Kang was ranked ninth overall by Brian Kenny. He didn’t make the list for Mike Lowell. This year the show has a list voted on by the fans as well. Kang didn’t make that list. Not including the fan list, Kang finished up making two of the six lists, getting ranked eighth and ninth. Harrison updates to come. The second base show will be hosted by Kenny and Harold Reynolds.

The shows final top ten list for third base (listed 1-10): Josh Donaldson, Kris Bryant, Manny Machado, Nolan Arenado, Justin Turner, Adrian Beltre, Kyle Seager, Kang, Anthony Rendon, Evan Longoria.

UPDATE 10:50 PM: Josh Harrison was left off all six lists. All throughout the show they mentioned that second base is the best/deepest position right now, so Harrison had a tough group to crack. His name wasn’t even mentioned as a just missed.


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  1. Every article that mentions Kang is followed by comments implying that Kang will likely miss a significant chunk of the season this year because of legal issues. Why? A quick google search seems to show that MLB hasn’t suspended anyone for a DUI in the past and suspensions for other non-PED infractions have been pretty short anyhow. Also, last I read anything new about it the Chicago incident doesn’t look like it will affect anything either considering the alleged victim has decided not to cooperate with the police. Why then are people acting like we need to brace ourselves for him to miss half the season or more?

    • I think the concern here might be with the possibility of him having his work visa revoked. I’m just speculating here, but I believe I remember that being mentioned in news reports.

      • Perhaps but, a quick google search of DUI’s and visa’s doesn’t make it seem very likely that this will be an issue. If anything he may need to reapply for his visa and have a medical check andor counseling. And MLB will make him go to counseling also.

        Honestly, team be damned, I hope he faces some sort of suspension because his actions were dangerous and warrant one but based on MLB precedent I wouldn’t expect it to be very long at all. If there even is one.

      • We have to assume his agent and the Pirates have a legal team with immigration and MLB disciplinary expertise working hard on his issues and the ramifications.
        The positive impact of a healthy, worry free, full season from Kang seems to underestimated by most Bucco followers. In my mind he is just as important as Cutch and Cole bounce back seasons.

    • I wonder if the Pirates have actually been apprehensive about trades due to Kang’s troubles. For instance, if Bell is part of the package for Quintana, it would mean Freese and Jaso would man 1B. But if Freese has to cover 3rd there would be no platoon partner for Jaso.

  2. A lot of us were watching the Pirates/Brewers replay from last season on Root Sports (Sunday nights at 8:00 when not disrupted by hockey), and what a great game it was. The sun was shining, by the way, and it looked warm.

    • It is, but how he finished rated above Rendon and Longoria is a mystery to me. Both of those guys had stronger offensive numbers than Kang and were #3 and #5 rated defensively with .976 and .975 fpct. Kang was .934. Hard to understand the criteria being used.

      It is what it is with Harrison at 2B, and not mentioning him is probably kind. Remember those cartoons where the artist depicted money with wings attached flying away?

  3. I do realize many people are watching some football game, but I have no interest in that sport, so I’m still doing the live updates anyway.

    • I gave up on football about 8 years ago, people look at me weird when they ask me about the game and I reply, I don’t follow football.

      • For some reason I am the same. I have watched roughly 20 minutes of the NFL this season and about 2 hours over the past three seasons. I cannot tell you anything about specific players.

      • Me too! I used to have Sunday Ticket & watch football ALL DAY on Sundays. The recent rule changes make it look like a video game…too much scoring. It’s unwatchable. “Hey look! Drew Bree’s threw seven touchdowns…against a team that isn’t allowed to play defense.”

      • Same here. I haven’t watched the NFL for at least 5 years. All the breaks in game play make the game extremely boring in my opinion. Most of my friends have quit watching too. The only ones who do only watch because they still play fantasy football.

        • What killed football for me was the DVR. I worked night shift and would record the games to watch after I woke.

          It didn’t take long to realize the pattern:
          One 10 second play, two slow motion replays, 4-8 plays later, a two minute commercial break.

          If I woke up at 3 PM, I could be totally caught up with a one o’clock game in twenty minutes.

          A boring sport…now I mostly just check the highlights and scores out of habit.

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