MLB Pipeline started their rankings of the top ten prospects at each position on Tuesday morning, and Tyler Glasnow was named the second best right-handed pitching prospect. Mitch Keller got mention for falling just outside their top ten. Glasnow was also the second best RHP prospect on last year’s list.

While this list was compiled by MLB Pipeline, it matches the list they put together two weeks ago when they surveyed Major League General Managers and Scouting Directors. In that survey, Glasnow got three votes as the best pitching prospect in the minors, trailing only Alex Reyes from the St Louis Cardinals. Lucas Giolito from the Chicago White Sox was the only other pitcher to receive a vote as the best pitching prospect and he finished third on the MLB Pipeline list as well. Giolito was ranked first overall last year by MLB Pipeline.

Keller was one of only two extra pitchers mentioned just outside their top ten. Alex Reyes is only four innings away from losing him prospect status, so that could mean that Keller jumps into the top ten during the first week of the season.

The rest of the positions will be covered over the next ten days, with left-handed pitchers tomorrow, followed by catchers, each infielder position, then only one for outfielders. That will be followed up on January 28th by their top 100 prospects list.

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  1. Why does every comment section for almost every article on this site turn into a discussion about wether we should or shouldn’t trade for Jose Quintana? I’m going to try to just stay on subject here.
    It is good to see Glasnow maintain his prospect status while having a “down” year. I just saw on Twitter that there is an article out now about Glasnow and his stride length/extension. I hope this is what it says….he is shortening his stride to be quicker to home in order to better hold runners. That, theoretically will give him a higher angle to the plate, allowing for more deception.
    Anyway, it seems as though Keller isn’t much of a secret anymore either. Jonathan Mayo, on Twitter, says he will break into the top 10 RHP list very soon as well.

    • Well if you look at Glasnow’s stats- there was no down year, he dominated AAA. All I see is down sentiment, his ERA with us wasn’t even that bad, low 4’s as a rookie making his first 5 starts in the MLB isn’t bad. I mean we wanted Giolita or whatever his name was from the Nats, and he had an ERA over 6 last year didn’t he?

      • I don’t think he had a down year either, hence the quotes around down. Also, I am not down on Glasnow at all, I think he will be a very good pitcher in the future. Probably not next year, but possibly in the next 2-4 years.

  2. Looks like baseball realizes that Glasnow is one of the best pitching prospects in the game, maybe that will stop the dumping of him in every trade. Let him pitch and learn as the number 5 starter in this year’s rotation. He will win at least 10 games, maybe 3 less then Quintana if they traded for him, and they will have years of control at a reasonable price by keeping Glasnow. So stop the drum beating of giving him up. Even with Quintana the Bucs are not in the same class with the Cubs. The Pirates should only give up the future if the trade would make them a sure shot Champion and all this trade will do is make them a little more competitive.

    • IMO I don’t think it is a knock on Glasnow that he could be traded. RHP is the one area of depth they have. Meadows is slated to take Cutch’s spot, and could be star too. I don’t think they should trade Newman since good hitting middle inf are tough to come by. So that makes Glasnow, Bell and Keller the top prospects who are most likely to go in a trade.

      • Guys that hit .280 and have 10 homerun power at best are pretty damn common dude……are you expecting newman to be a batting champion?

        • If that was the case, then Mercer would not have been the starting SS the past several years. I think every team would love to have two middle Inf that hit like that, and could play D. Jack Wilson never hit like that, but player SS for a long time.

          • That argument makes zero sense. Just because we don’t have it, its not common? We don’t have it because we refused to draft any shortstops above #4th round for 10 years, and teams don’t trade good prospect shortstops……..not because they aren’t common.

            By the way- below is Jack Wilson, 2004 12 homers, hit .308 his dwar was also 1.8 that year. He also hit 12 homers and hit .296 in 2007 with another 2.0 dWAR that year. In 7 Full years with us, Jack did it twice.

            Do yourself a favor, sort by shortstops and make a list of how many “different” shortstops in the majors did it in the last three years.










        • There were 14 2b/SS which hit 280 or better last year with 10+ HRs. there are 60 jobs. That is less than 25%. 25% means it is not common. That is why I don’t think we should trade Newman. He could be a an annual top 10 player at SS. Assuming his D is at least average with neutral to positive metrics.

          • I think we are arguing about semantics. There are roughly 30 teams, sol scrap the idea that there are 60 jobs, noone is going to project Newman as a bench player or they wouldn’t be excited about him in the first place. If 1/3 of them did it- it’s pretty damn common. If he isn’t going to be in the top third of starters at his position, why would ANYONE care about him as a prospect?

            • I was looking at middle inf (2b + SS). When I looked up the numbers for last year, there were 7-SS and 7-2b who were 280+ and 10+ HR.
              there are 30 teams each needing 2 middle inf. thus 60 jobs. If we go by just SS then there are 7 of the 30 who are 280 & 10 or better. if you lower the BA to 270 you pick up 3 more. One is Carlos Correa. Another is one the Pirates wanted, Didi Gregourious. He hit 20hr for the Yankees. Damn that park is a launching pad. One thing this made me realize is that Mercer is in the top 15 SS in baseball in offense. i would not have thought a few days ago. I know the metrics say his D took a step back, but maybe that was a one year thing. A few days ago I thought he’d make an excellent platoon SS and late inning D replacement.

              • EWS- solid comment all around. I appreciate you actually taking the time to do a little research. Different perspectives can always find a common ground with facts, and I appreciate that. I think Newman’s hitting will be more valuable at 2nd base just because I don’t think he will be an above average shortstop, but may be an above average second baseman (i could be wrong, I’m no middle infield coach/scout)

          • Sorry I made the mistake there. Please focus only for shortstops at least at this point since that’s really where he plays. I understand he may move to second, but at this point, he’d have even less value there, so lets avoid that for now.

    • I am starting to think along these lines as well. I have been fine with trading Glasnow in a Quintana deal, as Quintana makes him expendable. But pretty sure Quintana isn’t enough to overtake the Cubs next year, so why give up the two extra years of control? Very difficult decision, glad NH hasn’t jumped as yet.

    • I’m just not down with the, we won’t compete with the cubs if we do this anyway thought. You have to start chipping away at the gap between the two teams otherwise we wait for 10 years before we make a move.
      All of that said, I’m not advocating for a trade, I’m just saying I don’t like that thought process. A key injury or slump from some Cubs players and they are very catchable.

      • You didn’t get the memo? Don’t you know the Cubs are pencilled in to have 100+ wins for the next 108 years?!!!

        Heck, they may not lose a series this season based on some of the comments about them on this site.

        You know what I say? F the Cubs!

        • I’m not sure I see any reason to think they’d be worse. Okay, so they win 94 games this year…..they still win the division, but that’s no reason to not get a wildcard spot. Lets put together a playoff team and see what happens. Win 86-90 games and we’ll get in the wild card.

          • I’ll tell you why they’ll be worse, 2016 was the year the curse was broken and Donald Trump was elected President! I’m saying it’s an anomaly.

            How’s that for sound baseball logic?

            • well anything COULD happen, but short of a bus or airplane accident or 2 suspensions of key players, they are going to win 90 games at worst

    • You’ll have to forgive me if I don’t join you who is kneeling at the alter of the church of the Cubs.

      They’re a couple of pitching injuries/setbacks from being just another team fighting for a playoff spot. Not unreasonable considering the age of their SP’s.

    • I’m not sure Glassnow wins 10 games next year. Taillon won 5 games last year and had a tremendous first year.

  3. the first question are the Pirates at the very least a WC contender after that trade. My answer is probably not. But if one thinks Meadows will emerge in 2018 to be a very good player and Bell is also ready to play and his bat plays, then Glasnow, Tallion, Cole and Nova will be as good as starters in MLB. So do I trade prospects for a pitcher who may not top out any better than Glasnow. Maybe not. Cutch traded for prospects is probably at a simmer but I have no problem if a deal is done and prospects from that are traded for Quintana.

  4. I don’t know what’s been offered or demanded in the rumored discussions b/t the Bucs and White Sox but if the WS can get Glasnow and Bell for the Q, they should be very happy with that exchange.

      • I actually think Glasnow and Bell is the most likely package (with one more lower level prospect with upside) currently on the table. Tim wrote a good article several weeks back arguing that Glasnow + Bell was the only thing that potentially makes sense for both the Sox and the Bucs.

        My guess is so far the White Sox said no (rumor is they demand Meadows) and NH is not budging. Which I think is a good thing.

          • The sticking point was the WS wanted Meadows and the Pirates said no & made several others available. That was/is a sticking point.

            • a sticking point involves a negotiation. if one player is not available and that’s all they want………then there wouldn’t have been much in the way of talks. We want Quintana- we want meadows-No-how about any other player-no- okay nice talking to you………….. that doesn’t take long

    • The White Sox would be ecstatic – but it would be a horrible trade for the Bucs. Quintana even up for Glasnow might be too much.

        • That has been his floor for sometime. I wonder how patient the Pirates are with him as a starter. And at what point he moves to the BP.

        • AJ went basically his whole career with 2 pitches. A 3rd pitch is great to have, but it’s not an end all or else BP. You do need command & 2 really good pitches though. Having 3 didn’t help Locke

            • Locke ‘s command wasn’t all that bad. He was a mental midget on the mound. When he got the calls a couple of inches off both corners he pitched ok. If umps made him throw strikes he was done. No confidence in his stuff. At 1st glance Brault looks like Locke 2.0. I really, really hope I’m wrong. It’s hard for some guys to ever get that confidence.

              • Locke’s command was that bad. He was MISSING a few inches off the plate, consistently- that is not where he was aiming.

                • See I think he was aiming there because he didn’t believe his stuff was good enough to go in the zone. He hoped he’d get a wide strike zone & if he didn’t get it he’d hope for chases. If he didn’t get either he was done. That’s why he looked like a deer in headlights & my mental midget comment.

                    • The reason I say this is if you remember the gem he threw in Colorado the ump was giving him those calls just off the plate & he hit those spots non stop. In games he sucked he didn’t get those calls, but kept trying to get chases. Just glad I don’t have to watch it anymore

                    • I’m not saying he never did that…….but generally speaking he was aiming for the corners and missing…….when he missed off the plate he walked people, then he had to come into the strike zone and got lit up.

        • To quote myself ” I’ll give you several careers to think about : Sandy Koufax, Nolan Ryan,and Randy Johnson.”

      • Quintana is in the top 10% of possible outcomes for Glasnow, 3+ years from now…….so that statement makes little sense

    • I think the pirates should go into the season with the rotation they have and see if glasnow progresses. They can always make a deal in June or July once they know what they have with a lot of guys coming back. They rarely even need a #5 in April anyways. I think they are in a nice spot where they don’t need to jump on a deal. Quintana would be nice, but they have a lot of options.

  5. I really liked this on Keller:

    After missing much of 2015 with a forearm strain, Mitch Keller saw his prospect stock skyrocket last season as he earned Most Outstanding Pitcher honors in the Class A South Atlantic League before making two eye-opening postseason starts for the Florida State League champion Bradenton Marauders. A second-round Draft pick in 2014, he has the makings of three average-or-better pitches, including a heavy mid-90s fastball and a swing-and-miss curveball, with control to boot.

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