Baseball Prospectus released their list of the top 101 prospects on Monday morning, and the Pittsburgh Pirates have five players on the list. This is the fourth major list that has had at least five Pirates among the top 100 prospects, with Baseball America and MLB Pipeline putting five players on their list, and Keith Law added a sixth player. I’ve included the other lists below, as well as an average ranking at the bottom for the top five Pirates.

Austin Meadows leads the way for BP, ranking sixth overall. That’s the same spot that he held with Baseball America on Friday night. He’s followed by Tyler Glasnow at #14, Josh Bell #25, Mitch Keller #27 and Kevin Newman #65. You can compare that to the other rankings here:

Keith Law

9. Austin Meadows

14. Josh Bell

16. Mitch Keller

25. Tyler Glasnow

33. Kevin Newman

74. Ke’Bryan Hayes


MLB Pipeline

9. Tyler Glasnow

10. Austin Meadows

27. Josh Bell

48. Mitch Keller

59. Kevin Newman


Baseball America

6. Austin Meadows

22. Mitch Keller

23. Tyler Glasnow

35. Josh Bell

55. Kevin Newman


As mentioned numerous times before, the same four players rank in the top four for the Pirates, just not in a set order among everyone. Kevin Newman has been fifth on every list. Our own rankings from our 2017 Prospect Guide have the same players in the top four, with Newman fifth. Below, I’ve included the average rankings of these five players from the four major prospect lists.

1. Austin Meadows 7.75

2. Tyler Glasnow 17.75

3. Josh Bell 25.25

4. Mitch Keller 28.25

5. Kevin Newman 52


It’s interesting to note that Glasnow would be the top prospect on 19 teams for Baseball Prospectus. Both Bell and Keller would be the top for 14 other teams. Kevin Newman would even be the top prospect on eight teams according to this ranking.

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  1. I wonder if a top-heavy system like ours might make it harder to deal for a player like Quintana. E.g., if Bell and Newman were our top two prospects, would Hahn be quicker to accept a trade? That shouldn’t be the case, but there is a PR component and it’s a lot easier to sell your fans on acquiring a team’s top two prospects than their 4th and 5th prospects.

    All that should matter is a front office’s evaluation. Maybe that’s all that does matter. It seems to be the way Huntington operates now which is why we ended up with Hearn even though he was 27th in the Nationals’ system.

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