The World Baseball Classic rosters were announced on Wednesday night for all 16 teams. We knew ahead of time that a few big names from the Pittsburgh Pirates had committed early to the rosters. Andrew McCutchen announced his participation early, followed by Starling Marte and Francisco Cervelli at the same time. The rosters will include prospects Eric Wood, Luis Escobar and Jared Lakind. In total, they will have nine players listed for the tournament. Here is the list of Pirates, with an asterisks next to pitchers who could be added to the roster after the first round, but aren’t eligible in the first round.

USA: Andrew McCutchen

Dominican Republic: Starling Marte, Gregory Polanco, Ivan Nova*

Italy: Francisco Cervelli

Canada: Eric Wood

Colombia: Luis Escobar*

Israel: Jared Lakind

Australia: Sam Street

The games will be shown on MLB Network starting on March 6th and they will run until the finals on March 22nd, though half of the teams will be eliminated by March 12th. The full schedule can be seen here. The game with the most interest for Pirates fans would be the March 11th game (6:30 PM) between USA and the Dominican Republic in Miami. We will have coverage here during the tournament, usually listed among the Spring Training notes at that time. The busier days may have a separate article.

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  1. I wish they wouldn’t do this. I feel like it messes with players’ routines. Especially pitchers. It’s just like the hockey world cup. It cost Sid 6 games to start the year. It’s a useless injury risk.

    • Well, he can’t pitch in the first round, so the earliest he could make an appearance is exactly one month after Spring Training starts. A month into Spring Training under normal circumstances, a starting pitcher is usually throwing four innings in a game. He should be fine to pitch by then, especially knowing he is supposed to be ready earlier. He probably got a week or so head start as well.

  2. Any word on why Taillon isn’t pitching for Canada? Also nice to see Wood getting a spot on the squad.

    • He announced a couple months ago that he wouldn’t be playing.Don’t remember the reason if one was actually given.

      Wood was added about a month ago, we mentioned it in a winter article. In fact, the only one we didn’t mention was Ivan Nova, first I heard about him, although it’s possible he never plays since he’s a reserve.

    • Why is the hell would you believe it to be a brilliant idea for him to pitch on extended innings 1 month early? Those innings count on his arm genius!

      • The WBC has some pretty strict pitch limits. Pitchers usually go three innings in their third Spring Training start and the first WBC games line up with that start. These are just innings in different places, not extra innings. Most guys started their pre-season throwing around Christmas and they’ve already been throwing off a mound before they get to Spring Training next week, if they aren’t there already like many players are.

        • It’s an honor to be called a troll for the 1st time old man! I figured 6 months off from here was a good vacation

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