When we released our first Prospect Guide back in 2011, the release date was right before Spring Training. This was fitting, as most of the big moves had taken place by that point, and the book provided a nice preview of the minor league season. We moved the book production up for a few years, releasing it right before Christmas, and running the risk of missing out on a few big moves. This year, we decided to go back to the original approach, releasing the book at the start of Spring Training.

And since the start of Spring Training is today, I am happy to announce that the 2017 Prospect Guide is officially released! Everyone who purchased the book during the pre-sales period had their order shipped out by yesterday, and most should receive their books this week.

If you haven’t ordered your copy yet, you can do that on the products page, with discount codes for our Top Prospect and Annual subscribers.

This is the seventh year we’ve released the Prospect Guide. The book includes profiles on every player in the system, along with our top 50 prospect list, which is exclusive to the book. It is the most comprehensive resource you can find on the Pirates’ minor league system, and now is the perfect time to get it with Spring Training underway.

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The eBook Version

If an actual physical book is not your thing, we also offer an eBook, which is now available on the products page. Every year we keep the eBook simple and release it in PDF form. That’s not the most secure form in terms of preventing file sharing, but we do this to make things easier on you. The PDF version allows you to access your book on any device, and on multiple devices. The eBook is $15, with discounts for subscribers.

Subscriber Discounts

Subscriptions are the lifeblood of the site, and while the book still provides a nice boost that allows for more coverage, the subscriptions are what fuel our live coverage throughout the year. For that reason, we like to thank our long-term subscribers with special discounts on the book each year.

This year, all Top Prospect Plan subscribers (three-year subscription) get $10 off both the book and the eBook. All subscribers under an Annual plan get $5 off both the book and the eBook.

If you aren’t a subscriber, this is also the perfect time to sign up. We have articles every day of the year covering the Pirates’ system, which is something that other sites can’t say. But when Spring Training rolls around, we have the most live coverage of any site, with several articles per day, and live coverage of MLB and minor league camp (with the latter involving me being the only media member at Pirate City for about 90% of the days in March). And when the season begins, we will have coverage from every minor league affiliate.

You can subscribe to the site on our subscription page. If you sign up for a Top Prospect or an Annual plan, your Prospect Guide discount will be added to your account following the purchase. Or, you can sign up for a gift package on the products page, and get the discount already built-in (you will then receive a code to activate your subscription).

Clearance Items

We’ve got some copies of the 2016 Prospect Guide remaining, and to celebrate the release of the 2017 book, we are selling the 2016 book for $1.99 as an add-on item. You can order the 2016 book alone at this price and pay shipping, or you can have it shipped for free if you purchase any other product in the store.

We also have a few Pirates Prospects logo shirts available at discount prices. Both of these clearance items can be found on the products page.

Gift Packages

We always offer gift subscriptions and gift packages for special occasions. You can buy a gift subscription and a book on the products page at a discounted rate, giving your friend, family member, or significant other the 2017 Prospect Guide and a subscription to the site in order to prepare them for the season. After you purchase the gift, send an e-mail to tim@piratesprospects.com with information on who the gift is for, and the occasion.