According to Jon Heyman, the Pittsburgh Pirates are among a handful of teams that have made a contract offer to free agent outfielder Angel Pagan. Heyman writes that none of the offers have been acceptable and Pagan is currently playing in the World Baseball Classic for Puerto Rico.

The 35-year-old Pagan is an 11-year veteran in the majors, spending all of his time in the National League. He played for the San Francisco Giants in 2016, where he hit .277/.331/.418 in 129 games, with 12 homers and 15 stolen bases. A majority of his Major League time has been spent in center field, although he played almost exclusively in left field last year. According to Baseball-Reference, he has had a negative dWAR in each of his last six seasons, which is likely why he moved off center field at this point in his career.

Pagan is coming off a four year deal with the Giants, which paid him a total of $40 M, including $11,250,000 in 2016. The Pirates are obviously set for starters this season and top prospect Austin Meadows should be ready for the majors at some point this season. They don’t have a true fourth outfielder ready to step in, so that role will likely be filled by utility players such as Adam Frazier and Alen Hanson. While you can make a case that Pagan would help the bench, he would have to be willing to accept a limited bench role and a big salary cut to sign with the Pirates.

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  1. no – you know what this is…this is the pirates trying to replace Cutch on the cheap until Meadows works out…I would love the bench that we would have with pagan there, but, you know this organization and how they are always looking to cut corners (including outfielders) to save a buc (not a bucco)….wish we could make one move that doesnt involve saving faqin money!!!

    • I’m not understanding the rationale of your post. Pagan isn’t going to replace Cutch – because Cutch is still here, and likely will be for most of 2017 at least. And Meadows will be ready by mid season.

    • Yeah, when we got rid of Marte and Palanco last year in order to cut corners, I was upset in my parallel universe too.

  2. I think Pagan would be a great addition if we are serious about winning- at 35 he can’t expect a full time gig and 10 million per year…..but i wonder what we offered. I’d throw 2/10 his way or 1/6

  3. Neil, you have $17.25 left in your opening day payroll budget, what do you want to do?

    Send me an Angel.

  4. Last three seasons total – 1500+ ABs and a total of 0.6 WAR. Gosselin has 500 career ABs and 2.0 WAR.

  5. i might be tempted if he accepted a 2 year, $7 M deal. serves as 4th OF for now and solid insurance against meadows for whenever cutch gets dealt.

  6. Freese 34 ($6.25 mil), Jaso 33 ($4 mil), Stewart 35 ($1.4 mil), and Pagan 35 who will cost $5+ mil. Do you think we can talk Sean Casey out of retirement?

    Dave Littlefield? .

  7. Pagan would be a great signing. Certainly would raise more questions as to the offseason rumors….

    • No joke with Osuna….his .815 OPS in 200+ at bats in Indy is starting to look legit. I wouldn’t keep him on the roster at the expense of losing Hanson, but if there were an injury to an outfielder, I would give him a shot.

  8. Love it. Been wanting this move for months. I’d go $3-4M. Would push Hanson or more likely Gosselin off the roster.

    • Dumb post. Clearly the issue here would be playing time. It isn’t about outbidding someone else. If he was being offered a good contract he’d be signed already by another team

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