BRADENTON, Fla. – The Pittsburgh Pirates have released a statement about Jung Ho Kang, via president Frank Coonelly. Kang was sentenced yesterday in Korea to eight months on a two-year suspension, meaning that if he has no incidents in the next two years, he won’t serve the sentence. Here are Coonelly’s comments:

“Now that Jung Ho’s legal case in Korea has concluded, we will continue to work with him and his representatives in an effort to secure his work visa so that he may resume his career as a member of the Pittsburgh Pirates. We look forward to meeting with Jung Ho as soon as he is able to travel to the United States and having a serious discussion with him on this issue and how he has and will change those behaviors that led to the very serious punishment that has been levied against him in Korea. We will withhold judgment on what Club discipline, if any, is appropriate until we have had an opportunity to have that discussion. We will also withhold from further comment until we have an opportunity to meet with Jung Ho. Regardless of our decision on the disciplinary issue, we will do everything that we can as an organization to assist Jung Ho as he works to change his behavior and grow into the man that we know he can be.”

The key takeaways from this at the moment are that the Pirates have withheld judgment on any discipline for Kang until they’ve talked to him. They also are working with him to secure his work visa at the moment. Don’t expect any update on this until Kang is able to make it to the US and talk with the Pirates.

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  1. Give me a break Pirates? The guy committed the sins in Korea and now we, the Pirates, have to “interview him” to see if more punishment is necessary? This is silly. Let the man begin playing. Help him along the way. But let’s not set ourselves up as necessary disciplinary arbiters.

  2. This has nothing to do with he article but I was looking at the stats for today’s game and saw Miguel Rosario, I’ve barely heard anything about him but his stats other than high walks look pretty good, why haven’t we heard more about this kid

  3. He will do some time by MLB. But I don’t think it will be more than say 10 to 15 games. But the understanding will be one more event and he is gone.

  4. He may be the Pirates best hitter and to lose him for any amount of time would be terrible but taking away salary as in fine and I mean a substantial amount of salary donated to MADD that the union will not dispute would seem appropriate. I am not a fan of this type of behavior and he shows his immaturity by his actions. He has to grow up and think before he does these things. If he is suspended by the team I would be surprised but if MLB suspends him then he gets what he deserves.

  5. I’d be surprised if the team hasn’t already been talking to him the whole time — like phones work b/t Pgh and S. Korea. What’s left to discuss? Keep your nose clean and come play some good baseball. I say they take away his interpreter and allow all of his 2017 commentary be on the field. That would be a relief.

  6. I will be surprised if MLB doesn’t discipline him in some way for the alleged assault in Chicago and the DUI.

    • He very well may get a suspension for the DUI. But you cannot discipline for an ‘alleged’ assault. The lady disappeared for 1 of 2 reasons: she was paid off, or Jung Ho was set up in the first place.

      • Yep, those are the only two reasons someone doesn’t want to press charges against a public figure.

      • I don’t recall the details of their cases anymore, but Aroldis Chapman and Jose Reyes both received suspensions. I don’t believe either was convicted in court.

          • What they did was also much more serious than a DUI, Chapman hitting his girlfriend and Reyes hitting his wife, I’m not sure but I think that that was it

        • Bad judgement is one thing, putting your hands on a woman is entirely different. Chapman and Reyes are thugs in my opinion and should’ve been suspended for the entire season. Kang *needs* professional help, not a slap on the wrist by the Pirates or MLB.

          I’m thinking out-patient alcohol rehab and laying on the couch talking to a professional once per week would be appropriate.

  7. Good luck to Jung Ho on getting his sh!t straight. He needs a support system and it sounds like the Bucs understand that loud and clear. Bottom line is…he will be a target on road trips, and needs to not be out alone. That was the suspicion in Chicago.

  8. I hate to say this because it will hurt the team in the short-term, but he needs to be suspended. I don’t know for how long but it needs to happen. The guy has 3 DUI and could’ve seriously hurt someone. Maybe that’s a week suspension or 2 weeks, I dunno.

    Also, assign the guy a chaperone or something to keep him out of trouble.

    • Treating a man like a child is not the right answer. Encouraging him to make wise choices and holding him accountable to conduct himself as any other member of the organization is the course of action they should take.

      I would be shocked if Kang receives any more or any less punishment than any active player who has his 1st DUI while a member of MLBPA. I don’t see how MLB can hold previous 2 charges against him since they occurred before he joined the league.

      • Not sure wht you mean about “treating a man like a child.” The guy obviously has an issue and requires a lot of help, but there also needs to be consequences. I’m not familiar with the punishment other players have received but I agree that his should be similar to that.

        Sorry but drunk driving is a very personal and serious issue to me. I have seen too many lives ruined as a result of it.

        • The comment I made was in response to the comment suggesting Pirates provide him a glorified babysitter to ensure he stays out of trouble.

          As for drunk driving and consequences, my comment was not meant to suggest he should avoid punishment from MLB. However, I can’t see MLBPA standing idly by if MLB tries to punish him as if this is his 3rd DUI since joining the Pirates.

          • I just don’t want to see him go unpunished, is all I was saying.

            I guess I really wasn’t thinking about a babysitter but if the guy can’t drive he’s gonna need someone to drive him around at least.

            • I understand your sentiment. It’s perfectly reasonable to expect a man found guilty of DUI to face consequences. Just don’t expect too much of a punishment or you may be disappointed.

              As for Pirates hiring a driver, if I was Nutting, I wouldn’t pay a nickel more to transport him than any other player. Pittsburgh has Uber right?

              • I’m assuming they gave Uber but i don’t live there anymore so I wouldn’t know haha. Will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

  9. As long as the internal discipline isn’t missing games, have at it. Wind sprints, push-ups, community service, whatever… As long as his bat is in the lineup… Who needs to get paid at the MLB office to sweep this under the rug?

  10. Thanks much, Tim. I’m hoping at least there might be an update on any difficulties obtaining the visa to make it over here. Coonelly’s comments strike me as appropriate for right now. Notice he used the phrase, “if any” regarding potential discipline.

        • Could not agree more. Thankfully the comment section on this site usually keeps baseball as the main discussion. One of the many reasons I enjoy pirates prospects.

        • I take no responsibility lol. My original comment was snarky but not political. Of course this is the kind of thing I would do if I owned the PBC. I would make the guy with a DUI on his record address it just to make a point.

      • Or who ever investigated Bill when he lied under oath about Monica or who ever investigated Hillary when she lied about her email. There’s nobody believable in politics. Now back to baseball.

      • Yeah like the paragons of integrity who held that position the previous 8 years. What’s that old one about tossing boulders in fensterated domiciles?

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