According to Ken Rosenthal, the Pittsburgh Pirates have placed relief pitcher Jared Hughes on release waivers. The Pirates avoided arbitration with Hughes this off-season, agreeing on a one-year deal for $2.825 M. They were hoping for a bounce back season after he posted a 3.03 ERA and a 1.42 WHIP in 59.1 innings over 67 appearances last year. The ERA wasn’t bad, but his FIP was 4.68 and tells a different story. He struggled this spring, with a 11.57 ERA, .348 BAA and a 2.14 WHIP in 9.1 innings. Hughes was supposed to pitch in today’s game. Along with the demotion of Drew Hutchison earlier today, the active Spring Training roster is now down to 31 players.

Unless someone picks him up, which is very unlikely because they would assume his entire salary, the Pirates will release him and pay him 45 days termination pay. That works out to exactly 1/4 of his salary.

UPDATE: 2:00 PM: The Pirates announced that Hughes has cleared outright waivers and has been placed on unconditional release waivers for the purpose of granting him his unconditional release.

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  1. Hate to see Jared career ending, but that’s life AND baseball. Jared pitched a lot of top quality relief for the Pirates and his entrance running, along with his facial grit and determination while on the mound, won’t be soon forgotten. Good luck Jared.

  2. Its a shame to see him go, but when the GM says that he is available for trade, and no one bites, then there isn’t much choice.
    Which brings me to the other member of the Pirates that was said to be available for trade. Alen Hanson, it will be a glorious Pirates Twitter day when he is released. Twitter might explode, but the meltdown beforehand will be remarkable.

    • My hope, too. Williams won the battle, give him the job. If Glasnow progresses in his growth throughout April, revisit the decision.

  3. I’m a little surprised that they just released him, but I’m not sorry to see him go. He had a decent season or two, but overall I didn’t have a lot of confidence in him. I think Williams will get his spot in the bullpen….

  4. I’ll miss him. Over the past 3 years he gave Pirates fans 190 innings and a 2.41 ERA. That’s outstanding. His 3.1 rWAR over that period is better than that of fellow middle reliever Brett Cecil, who the Cards just gave $30M.

    Not saying it’s a bad move going forward, but he provided a lot of value to the Pirates, and I’ll miss him.

  5. Glasnow won’t pitch as a fifth starter that much for almost a month. Send hm down to Indy for more seasoning and no problem with keeping him down to gain a year of arb. Bucs with saving 2 million on Hughes and Kang on restricted and Bastardo in my estimation getting 3 million from the Mets, Bucs are down to 93 million payroll correct.

  6. So Neal Huntington pretty much officially told all the management hating folks with an axe to grind to STFU today when he got rid of both guys that certain folks guaranteed would make the roster because of stupid reasons like the “GM needing to save face” etc. etc.

  7. leblanc and webb are the same pitcher pick one, shugal gets the nod and williams goes to indy for starter depth, glasnow #5 and the last spot goes to edgar santanna .probably won’t happen ,just trying to get the best bull pen.

  8. God is Good!! Hughes had a nice run with us!! I thanked him for his service and he will always be a Pirate in my mind!! I will root for him just like I root for Grill Cheese!!! Just good folks!! But on the Baseball side….my God he was AWFUL!! He get a nice 700k check and moves on!!

  9. He seems like such a great guy. Hope it works out for him in the long run. That said, it was time.

  10. So does this definitively put Glasnow as the 5th starter? Seems logical to think Williams will get hughes spot and then Glasnow is the only starter left, unless they go 4 spots and carry an extra reliever. Man, if Glasnow gets the spot, i am opposed to it since he really needs more seasoning.

    • I asked this in another thread and didn’t get an answer, but doesn’t TG need a few more days in AAA to guarantee the 7th year of service time a la Kris Bryant? According to B-R, he’s got 0.066 years of service time, which equates to 11 days.

      I’d have zero issue with giving him a week in Indy to get that extra year of control.

      If the Bucs do that to ensure the service time while also making TG eligible for Super Two, I hope that says at least something about not pinching pennies. It’s a start.

      • If I remember right, I thought he had 60 some odd days of service time. He’d need to be held in AAA until June sometime to get an extra year.

        • yea my understanding (and someone can correct me if I’m wrong) is that a major league year is roughly 180 days (I think 183, but not important). I think players need to end the year at like 170 or so days to qualify for a full year of service. At that point you’re at 1.000 service time. That’s where the 2 wks in AAA to gain an extra year comes from. If a player is at 66 days of service time, it would read 0.066 like you’re seeing. You get service time for active time on the major league roster or the DL which is why TG has more service time than you might think.

          TL:DR version: TG’s time on the major league DL accrued service time, so he’s not a candidate for the 2 wks in AAA treatment like Bryant was

    • Perhaps, but where is he going to acquire that necessary “seasoning”? Sending him back to AAA will likely result in him dominating the hitters, double digit strikeouts per game, not really having many baserunners, so he won’t get much work holding runners on, which is one of the things that he needs to work on. I suppose it would give him some time to develop more consistency with his change up, but overall, I think that he has achieved all that he can at AAA. Maybe it is just time for him to make his needed refinements at the MLB level. I don’t know; it is a tough call.

    • Not exactly, On Williams, I think he hould remain a starter for the time been, in AAA or with the Pirates. The bullpen might be Watson, Hudson Rivero, Nicasio, Bastardo, that leaves two spots, LeBlanc, Webb, Shuggel could easily claim those spots.

    • Nah, he needs to be challenged by major league hitters. He’s dominated at Indy too. He’s the best option for 5th starter and has one of the highest ceilings in the sport. It’s time for him to prove himself in the majors.

    • Glasnow needs major league seasoning. Today is the blueprint of what they need to do with Glasnow and Williams. If Glasnow goes out and struggles in the 1st inning you pull him for Williams. After the game Ray looks at the tape and they have 4 days to go to work and get it fixed for next start. The Buccos need Glasnow to break through this year if they want to make it to the World Series this year. If there are bumps in the road the first half of the season so be it but for the 2nd half we need Glasnow to mature and become comfortable in Pittsburgh and become the beast he can be.

    • Virtually every young Pitcher needs more seasoning. If they’re not going to keep him down until June 19, or whatever the date is, to get an extra year of control, then I say let him run w the big dogs!

    • Williams killed it today after Cole let us 3 HR’s. 4 scoreless innings with no walks and 6 strikeouts. Think he is making his case.

    • I understand whT everyone is saying. I really like Glasnows approach this season with figuring things out. It also makes sense for him to get major league seasoning, but I want him to work on his control and the changeup just a little longer. It doesn’t need to be 3 months or whatever, but being able to put together both, in longer spurts than last year, will go a long way. I personally would rather have Williams to start the year and then Glasnow later. Can’t forget it is better to get more control of Glasnow for later.

    • I think this is an ideal situation for Glasnow. He does need seasoning but the AAA batters aren’t giving a challenge. On the MLB roster he gets the benefit of working with Searage and his time can be managed. Fifth starters aren’t needed every fifth day, at least early in the season. If they want to control his innings, they are in a perfect position to do that..

      • That’s a really good point about limiting his innings: in order for Glasnow to have impact late in year, perhaps NH sees the lack of action in April as a positive. Sorry if this point has been discussed before , I just hadn’t considered it previously, makes some sense

      • If they optioned him, his MLB salary was guaranteed. If they re-sign him, it would be for less money. Basically re-signing him would mean he made it beneficial to them. He can just take his termination pay now and sign elsewhere, which will likely happen.

          • I don’t think he pitched well enough for that to matter. Even if they kept him in the minors all year, he is still pricey. You can’t pay a player less than 60% of what they made the previous season.

          • I don’t think the prospect of Jared Hughes pitching for another team should frighten any Pirates fans. If anything I hope he signs with an NL central team so he can piss away a 4 run lead in the 7th.

      • Sorry, but its hard to have sympathy for a guy who got paid alot to play baseball the past 3 years or so and is now getting paid 1/4 of 2.85 million to do nothing the next 45 days. I for one am ecstatic. Maybe he can join the circus and make that dumb expression, that should pay something

        • Go ahead and let income guide your feelings of compassion if you choose, I’ll choose to be grateful for his contributions and wish him and his family well during this time of transition.

      • While I agree that it was time for Hughes to go as a pitcher for the Pirates, he is a class man who added more to the Pirate chemistry than anyone likely understands who does not suit up for games. I wish him well and thank you, Jared, for what you have given to the club and the city.

  11. Hate to see it but it had to happen. So I’d guess Williams gets Hughes’s
    bullpen spot. Now just need to get rid of a few lefty relievers.

    • Yeah, he was one of my favorite Pirates, and I remember a few years ago when he first emerged as a reliable option, sprinting out of the bullpen and making that face of disgust on the mound…but the time has come.

      I’d like to see Bastardo moved as well, which would leave LeBlanc, Schugel, Webb and Williams fighting for the three final spots.

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