Pittsburgh Pirates Reassign Josh Lindblom to Minor League Camp

The Pittsburgh Pirates trimmed down the active Spring Training roster on Tuesday afternoon, reassigning Josh Lindblom to minor league camp. Lindblom will be assigned to Indianapolis. He made six appearances and three starts during Spring Training, posting a 4.22 ERA and 1.41 WHIP in 10.2 innings. The active roster in now at 36, though more cuts are expected to be made today. Check back for updates.

Alan Saunders, along with the rest of the Pirates media, had a chance to talk to Lindblom after the move was announced. He talked about how his Spring Training went, his role going forward, living in Indianapolis with his family and the experience he picked up by playing in Korea. Alan Saunders provided a full transcript of Lindblom’s answers below.

His Spring Training Performance

I felt like I got a lot better. Coming in to mini-camp, there were a lot of things I needed to work on. Mechanically, I’m getting back to where I feel comfortable with. I’m getting back to where I was in 2015. I think I’ve accomplished that. That was really important to me.

Coming in as one of the very few non-roster guys on the pitching staff, just seeing how much they care about guys here and seeing how much they care about guys’ careers. They them to get back where they were and they want them to be successful, not only if that’s here, or somewhere else. Coming in not really knowing what to expect, being in the situation I was in when I decided to come back, the support they’ve given me has been a pretty unbelievable experience.

Role Going Forward

They said they’re going to send me down and have me start, get me stretched out. Obviously, there might be a trickle-down effect depending on what happens with the Major League roster. As for now, I’ll get stretched out and possibly be a multi-inning reliever.

I’m comfortable with starting. I’m comfortable with relieving. Like I said the other day after the Philly game, I just love getting the ball and I love competing, no matter what role that it’s in. Wherever they hand me the ball, it’s just about going out there and getting outs.

On His Family Living in Indy

It’s a pretty cool worst-case scenario when you go to Triple-A, hang out with your kids, sleep in your own bed and live at home. Obviously, you want to be in Pittsburgh, you want to help the big club win. But there’s also work that needs to be done in Triple-A. There’s guys that I can help there. There’s things I can do to get better. It’s really a cool perspective to have.

Experience in KBO (Korean Major League)

Coming back here, you realize that there’s some really good players over there. I got better in two years over there. I learned a lot about myself and how to pitch. Bringing that back has been really beneficial to me.

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When he didn't make it as a lefty pitcher with an 80+ MPH fastball and a slider that needed work, John turned to covering the game, eventually focusing in on the prospects side, where his interest was pushed by the big league team being below .500 for so long. John has covered the minors in some form since the 2002 season, and leads the draft and international coverage on Pirates Prospects. He writes daily on Pittsburgh Baseball History, when he's not covering the entire system daily throughout the entire year on Pirates Prospects.

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Nice piece about Lindbloom. Hard not to root for a guy like this.


His comments about how the organization handles NRI guys is a pretty strong endorsement of the “Pirate Way.”


Two games left in Florida and then a flight to Montreal probably on Friday, and the Pirates still have 36 on the roster? Waiting for the last minute hoping they can slide guys through waivers without anyone making a claim? Forget it – there are probably 20 teams sitting out there waiting because they still need help at key positions. The Pirates have failed to make trades to at least get value for the talent they will have at risk.

Alan Saunders

As far as I know, Tyler Webb is the only guy that they can’t just send to Indy that they might want to.


Just curious who you may be referring to that they needed to trade? Or who will be at risk of losing through waivers?


With the depth the Pirates had at RP, I was surprised they tendered Hughes in the first place, but I would put him and Bastardo as people who should have been traded. I would have also traded Josh Harrison and John Jaso, and/or not traded for Gosselin, because we had a lot of talent at MI already and Kevin Newman should be up in June.

The way it is now, the Pirates have very little leverage in any trade. With 5 RHSP’s I would have kept Brault in the mix in the BP. That would have been Watson, Hudson, Rivero, Nicasio, and Brault – the last two would have to come from Webb who we lose if he does not make the active roster, LeBlanc, Bastardo, Hughes or possibly even Pat Light.

Jose Osuna has been very strong for at least the last year and led the team in just about every offensive category in ST. Our 5 bench will come from Stewart, Jaso, Frazier, Freese, Gosselin, and Hanson – take out Jaso and Gosselin and add Osuna and I think that would make the Pirate bench stronger, deeper, and with better power. Play for today and tomorrow at the same time.

They have options – just send them to Indianapolis. The name of the game is winning and the Pirates doubt that is possible with young players. If we do not take our best North, we lose. We have seen clubs win with youth, but the Pirates refuse to believe that can happen in Pittsburgh.


Again just curious but what were you expecting in a return for Hughes in a trade.


I think you are overrating the guys and ignoring injury risks.
First, I don’t think Newman is coming up this year at all. He will start in AA and probably just get promoted to AAA in June.
Second, in trading Harrison, you would have traded our starting 3B. Kang is stuck in SKorea and Freese can’t play everyday at his age.
Third, Brault, Williams, and Glasnow will probably all be needed as starters this year. So you need them stretched out not in the bullpen.
Fourth, it is just dumb luck that not a single bullpen guy has been injured. That is a rare event.
Finally, no position player has been injured on either (at least hopefully Polanco is not injured). Any injury would result in Osuna making the team. But without Gosselin and Jaso, Osuna and Rogers would be making the team right now with a bar cupboard in AAA

Bobby L

Print media has listed Hughes and Hanson of late and Bastardo earlier as possible trade names.


What were you expecting for Hughes and Bastardo in a trade? Hanson is not a trade option with the issues surrounding Jung Ho, just saying.


I hope everything works for josh and his family.

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