Team USA played their opening game of the World Baseball Classic on Friday night and defeated Colombia 3-2 on a walk-off single from Adam Jones in the tenth inning. Andrew McCutchen was in left field for the first eight innings before leaving for a pinch-hitter. He batted eighth and came to the plate twice, grounding out and striking out. Josh Harrison didn’t play.

Colombia took a 2-0 lead in the fifth inning of this game and starter Jose Quintana, who everyone here should know from the constant trade rumors all off-season, held Team USA hitless for the first 5.2 innings. He faced the minimum during that time, allowing just a walk, which was immediately erased on a double play. Team USA starter Chris Archer threw four no-hit innings of his own.

Former Pirates prospect Tito Polo did this in the first inning…

Tomorrow’s schedule is a busy one for Pittsburgh Pirates in the World Baseball Classic. The first three games listed below will be shown on MLB Network.

Eric Wood and Canada start the day against Colombia at noon. Canada lost their opener to the Dominican Republic.

Francisco Cervelli and Italy will take on Venezuela at 3:00 PM. Italy won 10-9 on Thursday over Mexico, scoring five runs in the bottom of the ninth without making a single out for the walk-off win.

Starling Marte is scheduled to return from his minor ankle injury tomorrow. Along with Gregory Polanco and Team Dominican Republic, they will take on Josh Harrison, Andrew McCutchen and team USA at 6:30 PM.

Jared Lakind joined Israel for round two and they will take on Cuba at 10 PM. That game will be streamed online.

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  1. I haven’t seen much of the Pirates performances so far in the WBC, but did see Wood take Betances to the warning track only for Polanco to make a relatively easy play of it. Still an impressive AB for him against one of the best relievers in the game.

    Too bad (though understandable) Taillon isn’t pitching for Canada.

    • Heck, I didn’t even know of his Canadian dual citizenship. I knew he was born in Florida and went to high school near me in Texas. So with that said, screw our northern brothers, too bad he isn’t pitching for team USA lol

  2. Maybe it’s a matter of picking your own battles, but Cutch should be in Pirates camp working on his defensive routes.

  3. mistake no 1 was tendering hughes
    rather than arb
    going to arb he could be cut in the spring
    for a faction of his salary
    but tendered they screwed the pooch.
    is that correct?

    • Hats off to him – he was electric. I liked the way ‘Cutch looked against him in the 6th. Right on one of the few changeups thrown by Q on the first pitch and right on the fastball that followed, fouling off both. Not too sure about the FB below the knees being called for the 3rd strike, but when a pitcher is that sharp, you get a few calls along the way.

      • Nice comment for the Pirates during the game when Tito Polo came to the plate. The Commentator stated he was involved in the Ivan Nova trade, and that the Pirates had already done very well in that trade – the Yankees may see benefit later. I wonder how much NH paid for that?

      • During the off season, when the rumors began, I went back and watch a few of his game, his fastball command is outstanding.

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