WBC Notes: Tournament Ends for Francisco Cervelli, As Team Italy Loses Tiebreaker

Team Italy took on Venezuela on Monday night in a tiebreaker to decide which team would advance to the second round of the World Baseball Classic. Venezuela took home a 4-3 victory, ending the WBC run for Francisco Cervelli and Italy. Cervelli went 0-for-4 in this game, leaving him 4-for-16 in four games, with two doubles and a walk.

Tuesday’s schedule will see Starling Marte, Gregory Polanco and the Dominican Republic take on Team Puerto Rico at 9:00 PM on MLB Network. Ivan Nova hasn’t been added to the Dominican team yet, but he is eligible now.

Team USA with Andrew McCutchen and Josh Harrison, will open up the second round against Venezuela. That game will take place Wednesday night at 9:00 PM, also on MLB network. These four teams make up one bracket, with two teams advancing to the final round. Both the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico went 3-0 in the first round.

Jared Lakind and Israel lost 12-2 to Netherlands on Monday morning. Their next game will be at 6:00 AM on Wednesday morning. They’re playing in Tokyo, so it’s actually a 7:00 PM game there.

Besides Cervelli, Eric Wood also saw his WBC play end when Canada lost to Team USA on Sunday. Sam Street and Luis Escobar were available in the second round for Australia and Colombia respectively, but both teams were eliminated in the first round. That leaves five Pirates left still in the WBC, with Ivan Nova as a possible sixth player.

  • OT but Gajtka at DK on sports had great piece on Glasnow. Not very encouraging imo but sheds some light on his outing yesterday. Really hope Glasnow is able to come up and contribute as a starter by late June but not sure how realistic that is at this point in time.

  • speaking of world baseball classics, anyone know what Kang is actually doing in the way of baseball activities while he’s cooling his heels overseas?

    • If Kang’s legal issues drag on for a few months this team has major issues. A starting infield of Freese, Jhay, Mercer, Bell has to be one of the worst projected infields in MLB and depth takes a big hit.

      That doesn’t address the fact that outfield depth is laughably thin. I’d say Frazier is the first in line for both infield and outfield depth.

      So if we have to use Frazier in infield we are looking at something like Hanson, Jaso or Osuna as our next up in outfield depth.

      If Frazier is needed in the outfield we are looking at Gosselin, Hanson as starter in infield.


  • ‘Cutch had 13 AB in ST before joining Team USA, 2 in the first round of the WBC, and I expect he will start the game Wed and get 3 or 4 AB’s. Since he usually only averages about 40 AB during ST, he is right on schedule. Also, the Pirates have 5 home games in ST from 3/24 through 3/29, then 2 more in Toronto 3/31 and 4/1.

    Cervelli, OTOH, needs to get back with the Pirates to get some rest.

    • Cervelli was the DH one day and had an off-day during the tournament and the day before it started, so he has caught three days out of six. Considering that today is an off-day for the Pirates and no rush to get back, he should be fine. If he was with the Pirates, instead of catching full games, he would be putting in pre-game bullpen work and catching 5-6 innings every other day. The total work isn’t much different, just more of it was on paper.

  • McCutchen and Harrison need to come back to the Pirates so they can get some at bats!

    • If USA wins it all and they take an extra day to get back, that would still give them eight games to get their at-bats. What the Pirates could do is send them to minor league camp, where they would bat lead-off every inning. I’ve seen players do that and they can get in 10-12 at-bats against live pitching in game situations by switching between games

    • I’m worried about Cutch’s defense.