The Pittsburgh Pirates announced that 1B/OF Jose Osuna will take the place of Starling Marte on the active roster, after Marte was suspended by MLB for 80 games on Tuesday afternoon. Osuna will be available for tonight’s game in St Louis.

Osuna nearly made the Pirates out of Spring Training, where he put up a .407/.492/.759 slash line in 22 games. He has hit .250/.341/.389 in ten games with Indianapolis this season, boosting that average 62 points in his last game with three hits. He had five homers during spring, but didn’t hit one with Indianapolis. His best position defensively is first base, but he has played games in both left field and right field since 2015, including some added outfield time in winter ball. He doesn’t have the best range, but a very strong arm helps his case out there.

We will have more on Osuna later from Brian Peloza, who is in Indianapolis tonight covering the game.

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  1. Ok, we now have 3 of the same type of player.
    Also, the bench is about as weak as I ever remember.
    Can they send Gosselin down to get some AB’s
    and maybe find the stroke he had in spring training?
    Might as well give Ngoepe a try. Maybe he won’t
    go 0–fer at the plate. In the meantime, Hanson
    is being used like a rule 5 player. Every once in a
    while, I tell myself, they should just give him a
    chance, see what he can do and go from there.
    As it is, the bench is just so weak. Going to have
    to have Cole and Kuhl ready to PH almost every
    night. Heck if Brault was here, he’d be good enough
    to be our 4th outfielder right now when he was
    not pitching if the Pirates have not “cured” him
    of his ability to hit and field. (they seem to do that
    with pitchers)

    • When Hurdle doesn’t like you (Tabata, Pedro & Hanson or just about any other young player) they will know it & it will show, but when Hurdle does like you (Barmes, Srod “the 1st year” & Barajas) your chances seem limitless.

  2. I’m glad this guy will get his name in the book. He has always been the fourth fifth best guy on whatever team nad has quietly made himself a big leaguer.
    While I’m bummed about Marte, I’d love for sound to go on a Mark Johnson Garret Jones type run.

  3. Wow… I didn’t think this would be the move. Over .340obp right now but just not a lot of ABs in his minor league career against higher level pitching. I swear, they’ve put this guy in more bad situations than any of their other top tier prospects. Hopefully O has another rabbit in his hat to show he can stick for the next 6 to 7 years in Pittsburgh.

      • I don’t disagree. But as I was talking with a buddy this afternoon… I thought they may have went outside the box to keep grooming him and bring up a gloveman knowing that JHay could move back to the OF to spell a game a week with Frazier and give NH the time that way instead. Like I said though, I don’t disagree with what you’re thinking though at all.

      • They already new this was coming, probably sometime in spring training. Without Kang & Marte or knowing what Cutch, Jhay & Cole your going to get I wouldn’t go shopping. Ride it out until AS break or deadline, then act accordingly. But please get rid of Gosselin & get someone who can PH.

  4. While all the complaints about ‘Cutch’s D in CF last year….. and how excited we all were at Marte in CF. Who goes there on Cutch’s day off. Coffee? EW.
    For that reason, I thought they may go with Danny Ortiz

  5. Rather than being angry about Marte (Ok, I am failing at that), I am looking forward to this kid getting an opportunity. I am looking forward to the write up I know this site will post later on his upside.

    • What if we just re-wire our brain and take it as a serious injury for Marte that makes him unavailable for 80 games… and provides osuna a shot at the show.

      Sort of statistically equivalent?

  6. I’d go with the best defensive set up. It seems to me that Bell has more outfield time than Osuna. Osuna better at 1B than outfield. In any event, the outfield defense will take a pretty big hit b/c I assume Cutch will be moving somewhere other than RF.

    • It’s two weeks into the season and FG already has Cutch at -0.5 dWAR.

      With Polanco having groin and sore shoulder issues, I don’t think it’s wise to throw him into CF at this point. Cutch wins.

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